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Found 9 results

  1. So, @Jarric I blame you. Let's see how much awesome I can summon in 12 days, because that is how much challenge there is left over and that is what I am dealing with. I did the sleep deprivation mastery class two frikkin nights in a row, so I am essentially running on fumes atm. What does that mean for my challenge? Yeah: BEDTIME ROUTINE is priority 1 and because of the short challenge duration, I think HOW CAN I BEST SERVE MY FUTURE SELF - SET HER UP FOR WIN? That's my 2nd priority. Service. wwmfstmfm? = what whould my future self thank me for most? Live
  2. So 2020, eh? This is exciting! I can already kind of see the light returning to the world. The dark of the year is behind us. And as someone who has been doing kind of okay, managing s.a.d it still fills me with joy. I am 36 yo female from the north of Germany, Katrin irl, going by the handle Morag or Katrin Morag most everywhere online. I weigh 100kg, which is way too much. And I don't much like how bloated and stuff I feel. On a less depressing note: I did really well throughout the holiday season and into the new year. I am leaving break week wi
  3. I have decided at least for now to switch to a battle log since it seems that is mainly what my challenge logs have become... I have a few goals for 2015... I am gonna figure out this place and what my goals are and whatnot... anything goes here... this is a place for complete transparency
  4. I still haven't really thought of a coherent challenge idea, but I know it starts today, so.... here's a thread. One thing I know I want to do this month is list three things I am grateful/thankful for every day. They can be repeats from day to day. I am hoping that by focusing on the good things in my life it will help with the depression. I am totally open to challenge suggestions. I'm at a point where I feel like I'm on routine with tracking and step goals, those things aren't really "challenging". I may do the shower/taking care of myself challenge again, that
  5. As those who followed by last challenge know, my depression has been getting worse. I have decided to make simple, achievable goals this month. This will keep me on the right path, and won't set me up for failure! I couldn't think of a cool theme this time, so, just basics. Goal One Track all my food on MFP Con +2, Wis +2, Cha +1 Goal Two Exercise three times per week Str +1, Sta +2, Con +1, Cha +1 Goal Three Do not drink soda except at work, and if used in mixed drinks at my brother's bday party Con +2, Wis +2,
  6. Back for another challenge! I feel like this month, I'll be advancing in some ways, and going backward in others, but it should all be helpful! 1. Clean up my drinking! I was doing well with cutting soda this earlier this year, but as soon as I dropped it from my challenge goals, I lost sight of it. For this month, I will only drink soda at work, or in a mixed drink at a social gathering. I have maintained my (not listed as of yet) goal of only drinking alcohol in social settings. This month I am making it official. The last couple weeks my depression has started
  7. Figured I'd start one of these so I can ramble on and on and have some accountability to boot. My primary goal for this year is weight loss and mindfulness. I want to be good to myself. I'm unsure if I'm aiming low or high, but I'm making 199 by 1/1/16 my goal for the year. That's 60 lbs. 5 lbs a month... I think that's doable. Especially at first, I'm mainly going to work to accomplish this by rehauling the way I eat and drink. The past few months in particular I allowed myself to stress eat like crazy - donuts, cookies, candy, all sorts of sugary badness. My soda and alcohol int
  8. For successfully completing my Feb challenge, my reward was changing my NF name to something awesome. I chose MichiruSedai because it represents two of my big fandoms: Sailor Moon (anime) and Wheel of Time (books). I like it! For this month, I'm going to try and challenge myself a bit more. Nutrition goal: Cook one new recipe per week I was just gifted two awesome cookbooks for my birthday today! So between these new resources, and of course the interwebs, I can add some new tasty dishes to my normal rotation, and put a little adventure into the kitchen!
  9. Over the course of this challenge, I will power myself up from typical woman msblt82, to super-powered awesome Sailor Neptune! At then end of my challenge, assuming I succeed, I will change my forums name from msblt82 to something cool aND Sailor Neptune-y NEPTUNE PLANET POWER! 1. Eat a veggie with lunch & dinner every day: +1 Str +1 Wis *Week one: 100% *Week two: 100% *Week three: 100% *Week four: 100% DEEP SUBMERGE! 2. No soda after work: +2 Con +1 Wis *Week one: 100% *Week two: 100% *Week three: 100% *Week four: 100% NEPTUNE CRYSTAL POWER! 3.
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