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Found 2 results

  1. Here I am. I said there would not be a challenge thread this time, but things went otherwise and I have to start my streak over, so I might as well start a new thread There will be another attempt to get a 100 days streak on my everyday tasks, with a modified list. I've learnt some things on my first 26 days and I have perfected my approach (see previous challenge). I would also like to retake two goals that do a lot for my well-being: going out, and sitting pauses. Lately I've been spending too much time inside the house, and worst, most of that time was sitting time. And the way you live your days is the way you live your life, remember? 100 days challenge · 10 minutes meditation · at least 1 vegetable in every meal · 10 minutes of reading · 10 minutes of icelandic · 10 minutes of cleaning/decluttering · teeth brush and floss twice a day · 1 kegel exercise · 1 relaxing moment (aside from meditation): breathing, laying down, Feldenkrais, working on jaw tension... · spend some moments upside-down to help with handstands practice · stress thread. This is the only task that is not a daily one, but that must be done at least 3 times a week 100% achievement on 65 days: C ------ reward: a necklace 100% achievement on 85 days: B ------ reward: a nerdy t-shirt 100% achievement on 100 days: A ------ Ástríkur og Kleópatra Rewards are accumulative, so I may get only the C reward if the streak is short, but if my streak is long enough I can win all the rewards as I go through the different stages. Sitting pauses Not many surprises here. Just getting up from the chair at least once every 20-30 minutes when I'm reading, doing computer work, etc. to do something that implies movement: going upstairs, stretching for a while, going on an errand... Go out I said it before: "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing". Days are shorter, and getting sunlight and going outside the house becomes more important as winter approaches. If I want to avoid winter blues, the best thing to do is to spend time outdoors being active. I'll start easy: two walks a week, four a week by the end of the challenge. I might as well spend some time in the terrace (reading, meditation, relaxing moments...). By the way, my 30 minutes - 30 days Doppler challenge is still on (16 days so far) and getting results. Points 100 days challenge. 1, 2 or 3 WIS points, depending on how long the streak. If/when I get to achieve the 100 days streak, I immediately go up TWO levels (aside from the level I might be going up from the challenge going on at that moment). Sitting pauses. 1 CON point. Go out. 2 CON points. Attending all my self-defence and acrobatics lessons: 2 STR, 2 STA and 2 DEX points max. Special points for meditation: 1, 2 or 3 WIS points depending on the streak.
  2. Hi everybody! For those of you who don't know me, brief introduction: I've been here for 2 years and a half now, trying to change my life after almost 30 years of sedentary lifestyle. I began my journey with Steve's "one mile a day", and I've slowly built up from there. I've spent many challenges in other guilds (mainly adventurers and druids) but as my main focus has slowly shifted to mobility and bodyweight I feel this is the place to be. Here are my goals for the challenge: Sitting pauses – move all day long I'm keeping this goal from my last challenge because I'm liking it a lot. It does lots for my back and also my productivity (less sitting=less internet). The only rule is that every time I work on something that requires sitting for long, I'll get up every 20-30 minutes and use the pause to move for a short while. Same as last challenge, there will be assorted pauses to choose from: neck stretch short/long routine hip mobility routine shoulder mobility routine self-defense practice any stretch/routine from focused flexibility drinking water going upstairs and downstairs short errands short chores gmb inspired movements: frogger, monkey, bear squatting/squats push-ups feet, shoulders or neck trigger points whatever floats my boat Go out! Same as last challenge too. I want to expose to sun and light everyday. It doesn't matter whether I go for a walk or I just sit to read in the patio. What counts is to spend time outside (time spent going to work and back doesn't count). Have fun! Parallettes! Acrobatics! Jeet kune do! The goal is to strengthen myself and to get more control over my body, but above everything, to have fun. I have to assist to every lesson planned and to do at least one parallettes workout a week, better if two (unless I get to go twice to self-defense). Side quest Small everyday actions towards excellence There are several areas of my life that need attention. But I always get overwhelmed or stole time from other activities for this, the result being that I quit, because of saturation or because of guilt (when stealing time from anything else). So I am going to adopt the approach I took last summer with my music practice and that revealed itself so productive: 10 minutes periods, not more. Not even everyday, but will try to make it frequent. · Cleaning. I am pretty good at keeping my kitchen clean and ranged, and laundry is usually at bay, but since I abandoned my 15 minutes of everyday cleaning/declutter, the house is not ok and I'm forced to suffer long cleaning workouts when I don't want to. So I am back to it, but with 10 minutes this time (at least until holidays). · Pedagogical project. There are several books I want to read and take notes from, one course at coursera I want to follow, and a new homework notebook I want to prepare for the youngest. There are many new things I want to apply to my teaching for the next year. Also, students had fun with the technique competition I organized this year, and are eager to know which game will they be playing next year, so I have to start planning something. · Feldenkrais. I've recently bought a guide book with a whole month plan to follow and that's what I intend to do to make my practice a bit more organized and to learn new exercises. I've skimmed through the book and it seems there is a different activity for each day, but also recommends to stay for a few days on it if it is difficult, interesting or there's need to go deeper, so there is no pressure to end the book with the end of the challenge. · Icelandic. I don't think I'd be able to say more than "hvað er þetta?" right now, so I'll better retake it. There is no pressure on this side goal. It's just that it would be nice and I could get extra points. I think that 10 minutes now and then are totally doable and really worthy. Let's do this!
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