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  1. Hello! My name is Cleatorus, same as my WoW handle, and this is my second challenge. I would consider myself a Mountain Dwarf type at 4'11" and 165lbs. I am looking to be a warrior/ranger hybrid for strength and stamina. I want to be an adorable nature-loving, hiking, gardening person as well as a strong self-sufficient badass. I used to play ITG/DDR constantly to keep in shape but after getting married and having a child my dance game routine has fallen to the wayside. I hope to get in more with motivation and encouragement from NF. I have been using the beautiful riverside park outside of my office as a place to run or just get moving under the sun. I have been getting into hiking and gardening as outdoor activities to be more active without scaring myself into being inactive again. While I was going to start on the Warrior side I sustained an arm injury recently and will be focusing more on stamina and gaining lvls in my hiking skills. I am taking night classes in addition to working and commuting with my daughter so my schedule will be varied. Main Quest: Learn to be a better hiker, lose 50lbs, gain muscle mass and strength, continue healthier eating habits. Quest 1: 1hr cleaning or 1hr exercise 2 days a week Measurement: A = 1hr for 15 days, B = 1hr, 10 days, C = 1hr, 5 days Quest 2: Cut out as much sugar as possible (additional, non natural sugars) Measurement: A = 20 days/no sugar, B = 15 days/no sugar, C = 10 days/no sugar Quest 3: Go on a hike every weekend. I want to incorporate my daughter and husband into hiking. Measurement: A = 8mi, 4wknd; B = 4mi, 4wknd, C = 2mi, 4wknd, Life Quest: Lead an active healthy lifestyle for myself as well as a role-model for my family. Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 36 days, C = 30 days Motivation: I have already lost 35lbs on my own and see what a huge change that has made. I see the difference in how i'm treated both by myself and by strangers. I notice how I can interact with my daughter easier. I have more energy to do the things I enjoy and I have depressive thoughts less often. My motivation is to continue this feeling of accomplishment and to lead my life in a positive way.
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