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  1. Hey there, I'm The Dungeon Crawler and this is my first time posting here (long time lurker, first time poster) and my primary goal for this challenge is to reduce my Body Fat Percentage by 5-10%. I plan on doing this by adhering to my exercise plan, conforming to the Paleo Diet, and waking up earlier every day. My side quest is to write 700 words a day so I can be at least half way through my first novella. My motivation? I want to be able to look into the mirror without thinking "Wow... How pathetic..." Anyway, I'd appreciate any motivation and advice you guys can give me. Thanks for reading
  2. Third Challenge here on the forums first with the Assassins. The reason for the titlle is that Rock Lee is my favorite Naruto character and I find his story extremely inspiring.Now on to the goals Goal One A Shinobe has to be physically fit in order to carry out his missions. For this constent training is required. My goal for this challenge is to do something active every day exept Sundays. This can range from something as simple as a walk to a knock down drag out multi hour workout. Some sub goals I would like to reach are Three strength workouts each week with a focas on body weight Thre
  3. Ferngirl

    Flying Again

    Hello, all! This is my second six-week challenge. My first one was the time before last. Except I only got through about half of it because I got sick XP And then when the next one started, I realized far too late when it started and never got myself to jump in late. But now I'm here at the beginning again! So, basic background info. I'm healthy, and pretty strong, but I would like to get rid of some extra weight. I think I can aim to lose between 5 and 10 ponds during this six-week challenge. I'll try to keep a sort of record of what I eat and my exercise and such. I'm going
  4. Main quest I just got my very first pokémon. But we've got much training to do before we're ready for the road ahead. So lets get ready! To become all-around healthier so that I can direct my focus towards something more specific next time Quest 1; Feeding my new Fennekin Drink 2L of water daily A. Average of 7 days a week (by end of challenge) B. Average of 6 days a week C. Average of 5 days a week Quest 2; Winding down after a hard day of training Yoga 6 times a week A. Average of 6+ times a week B. Average of 5 times a week C Average of 4 times a week Quest 3; Pokémon league, here w
  5. Off to the second challenge we are. And this time I decided to join up with the assassins! Hello, my fellow assassins and everyone else of course who wanders into this thread So, what is my main goal this time? I have not yet given up on losing bodyfat and gaining muscle/strenght. But I think this challenges goal could be better summarized with just improving myself on a general basis. Yeah, I know that this is very vague and that i really shouldn't be that vague. It's the journey that matters though and not the goal. The interesting part is going through the story and taking a bit
  6. Main quest: to get better at crossfit. I know this is super general because crossfit covers basically everything, but I want to improve in all aspects of my fitness And the title is just because I think Princess Leia is super BA and cool plus she's a Jedi soooo Goal 1: Drink 2 water bottles everyday (+2 CON, +1 DEX) A: 72+ total (36+ days total) B: 60-71 total (30-35 days total) C: 48-59 total (24-29 days total) D: 36-47 total (21-23 days total) F: 35 or fewer (fewer than 20 days total) For some reason I have so much trouble drinking enough water. My boyfriend always says he has no idea how
  7. Greetings and Salutations; I am JR, and I am very excited to be part of this 6 Week Challenge. A 6 week challenge seems like an awesome idea. It's not too long so people get board and fall out, yet it is long enough that participants can achieve pretty significant goals. I am glad I found Nerd Fitness, and ready to meet this challenge. A bit about me. Last May I was an obese man, not just overweight but pretty fat. I was also pretty sick. I had an incurable lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), and it was killing me. I was on oxygen 24/7, and high flow oxygen whenever
  8. Rioghain takes a deep breath and fingers the Blood Opal jewel which hangs around her neck encased in an elaborate and time-darkened silver frame, attempting to center herself in preparation for the start of her training. She still finds it difficult to believe she is even here, on the steps outside the hall of one of the oldest Blood courts in Askavi Terreille. A world away from her home in Chaillot, she knows only an inkling of what her older brother had to sacrifice to secure her a place in this court and its training program to strengthen her mind and body before making her Offering to the
  9. First thing first thanks for reading. It really helps to have accountability. Second challenge here at the Rebellion so I figure I should do a better job of it. I didn't do as well as I wanted on the last one and I didn't workout at all in the weeks in between so I'm not where I want to be right now. I'm going to be working out either more or less depending on how it goes. First goal. 2 strength training workouts per week. 3 STR Second goal. 2 cardio workouts per week. 3 STA 1 DEX Third goal. 2 martial arts training sessions per week. 1 STR 1 STA 3 DEX Life goal. Practice guitar 1 hour per w
  10. Ok, I'll be honest, the title is pure click-bait... This is my first 6 week challenge on here, so here goes: Main Quest Run a Marathon A friend and I (slightly drunkenly) put our names into the ballot for the London Marathon next year. We won't find out until October if we're successful, however as a backup plan we've identified a marathon in Poland around the same time, with the agreement that if we don't get London we'll do Lodz. I'm currently a 5k in ~28min runner, and the furthest I've run in a race was a 10k off road event a few years ago. Obviously I can't just turn up on t
  11. The title comes from my response when a co-worker asked me why I was trying to get into shape. Without really thinking about it I said, "Bears." Now I feel a responsibility to follow through on my answer, at least for my first challenge. So: Main Quest: Get into shape, in order to defeat bears (including both social and physical combat) Quest 1: Outrun a bear. I will settle for: run twice a week, including one timed 5k per. My co-worker has autism, and there's a 5k in his name each year. I'd like to get my time under 21:00. a: 12 runs b: 10 c: 8 Quest 2: Lift a bear. Depends on the
  12. Hello! I'm a new Recruit. I'm interested in Ranger, Druid, and Scout professions, but since I can't decide I'm going to settle for Adventurer for now. :-) Specifically, my favorite fitness activities are: bodyweight strength training, yoga, running, hiking, bicycling, and brewing beer (shhh). I recently graduated from grad school, which took a toll on my health (mental, physical, spiritual), so now I'm on a quest to Level Up all those areas of my life I've been neglecting (for the sake of academic levelling up). I think I'm supposed to wait to post this until the next challenge begins,
  13. Hi, so I'm going to start off by saying I have no idea what I'm doing. Seriously, I first posted this in the wrong challenge section (thanks so much to the kind soul who pointed that out to me, I might've gone forever without noticing). I've never joined or posted in any forum before, ever, not just on Nerd Fitness. However, change is good, so I'm trying, even if I am starting late. Since I'm new, I'm just going to break this down into parts. Intro: Right, so, my name is Rose, I'm 23 and in college, but I work on the weekends. I live in Thailand, but I don't speak and am not Thai. I'm about
  14. Hi. So this is the first challenge I'm going to partake in. I'm Achillessehne or Denise and I'm looking forward to the next six weeks and what I will achieve in that time. Background I'm a Larper who is currently not too happy with her strenght, flexibility and admittedly also looks. There is quite a bit of fat especially around the hips and upper thighs that I'd rather be rid off. Also I want to build some strenght and muscle for practical and aestethic reasons. On my own I'm quick to start but also to end things which is why I want to join the nerdfitness 6-week challenge. Main Quest My
  15. Hello! I am new to nerd fitness - well, I have been reading the website and receiving the emails for a while without ever committing to anything. But finals are done and I am done with excuses for being lazy. My Goals for the Next Six Weeks: 1.) To be active everyday! This may include yoga, walking, biking, going to the gym, swimming, etc. 2.) to eat a vegetable everyday! (I just really dislike vegetables) My Goals for the Year: 1.) To be happy and healthy - cheesy, I know. 2.) to lose 10 lbs - however, if i gain muscle mass and gain weight, that is okay, too.
  16. Hi all, I have been receiving the Nerd Fitness blog updates for a while now, but never really wanted to get actively involved until now! I have recently started working out at the gym again. In the past 5-6 years I have always been active, mostly in the gym, doing all sorts of workouts. I even exercised with a personal trainer for a while. However, as life goes, in April of last year, my husband and I have started bulding a house. That lasted for 6 months and then we moved in (huraaaaay:). The nex logical step was decorating and where I come from, receiving people in my home who came to se
  17. Hi I'm Anna, I've been reading NF blogs since December-ish. They have been super inspirational and motivating for me. I've finally decided to step it up a notch and participate in a 6 week challenge. Main Quest: I want to have more energy and feel healthier Quest 1: Attend fitness bootcamp 3 times a week consistently. I have been going to the bootcamp for over a year but have really slacked off lately Quest 2: Plan and make simple, healthy meals including lunch to take to work Quest 3: Build a greenhouse frame for my vegetable garden and add in some more plants Life Quest: I would
  18. Six week challenge for Feb. 23rd - Apr. 5th Main Quest: Eat healthy 90% of the time and drop to >10% body fat. Fitness Plan: Monday - "Push" workout + cardio Tuesday - Cardio Wednesday - "Pull" worjout + cardio Thursday - Cardio Friday - "Legs & Abs" workout + cardio Saturday - Cardio Sunday - Rest Nutrition Plan: 90% healthy eating Two cheat meals a week max Challenge #1 - Lift weights three times a week. - Reward = +1 STR Challenge #2 - Do cardio six times a week. - Reward = +1 STA Challenge #3 - Eat healthy 90% of the time, two cheat meals a week. - Reward = +1 CON L
  19. I have decided to finally level up and accept a six week challenge! This is my very first challenge and I'm stoked to actually be starting this new chapter in my life. I am a 26 yr. old @ 5'3 and 198 lbs and I feel completely unhealthy. My highest weight had been 237 lbs and my lowest weight was 157 lbs. I told myself I'd never go back to being at my highest weight again and when I started climbing back up towards that number reaching 212 lbs I just stopped and said "That's enough I deserve better than this" I was stating to get headaches, fatigue, and depressed since I felt uncomfortable in m
  20. Hello, I’m Tami and this is my first challenge! Over the past couple of years I’ve been consistently adding on the pounds. Currently, I weigh 25 pounds over my ‘normal weight.’ I lack motivation to do anything. Usually start off great with most things and lose steam mid-way! This time I am really going to try to accomplish something (six week challenge) with results (losing 5 pounds)! I like the idea of ‘accountability’ and hoping this will help me stay on track and focus on what I want to achieve. Main Quest To lose 10 lbs by the end of the six week challenge. My Plan
  21. Hello, I’m Tami and this is my first challenge! Over the past couple of years I’ve been consistently adding on the pounds. Currently, I weigh 25 pounds over my ‘normal weight.’ I lack motivation to do anything. Usually start off great with most things and lose steam mid-way! This time I am really going to try to accomplish something (six week challenge) with results (losing 5 pounds)! I like the idea of ‘accountability’ and hoping this will help me stay on track and focus on what I want to achieve. Main Quest To lose 10 lbs by the end of the six week challenge. My Plan
  22. I'm moving this here because I think I posted in the last challenges board. Oops. Main Quest To get stronger while building muscle and losing fat. Support Quests Follow Stronglifts 5x5 every week (three workouts weekly). Get eight hours of sleep every night. Eat quality calories following the Paleo lifestyle Life Quest Try approaching more problems by finding solutions and not excuses. Fitness Side Quest Incorporate yoga and meditation into my routine to promote mental wellness. Motivation This has always been my struggle to find, but this is my best shot. I want to be both physicall
  23. Let's see if I can get this.... Introduction: Hey! Where do I start? I'm 18 years old and I discovered Nerd Fitness three weeks ago. I signed up for the free emails and have honestly had a terrible beginning at leveling up my life. Today I noticed the fact that the new article up mentioned the six week challenge and I thought "What the heck...why not?" Why shouldn't I try again?!? So here I am...trying again. My username has a lot of meaning to it because that's who I want to be. Ever since I was in third grade, I've had the dream of living as Rowan, the champion of a billion worlds
  24. Challenge Continues: Main Quest: Superhero Skills/Strength/Conditioning. Quest 2.1: SKILL (Monk) Combatives training BJJ/MACP (graded on three classes a week or 1 hour of solo training if a class missed for some reason (Tai Tsabaki, Capoera, Striking Drills) Reward: (STR/DEX/STA/CON), max 1pt each if A, A=minimum weekly for six weeks. Quest 2.2: STRENGTH (Ranger/Warrior)-Get strong and flexible (Graded on at least 3sets to negatives of each major muscle group at least once a week, stretching and primal movement with each workout) Reward: (STR/CON), max 1pt each if A, A=minimum weekly for si
  25. Hello! This isn't my first challenge (though it is my first as an Assassin) but I failed miserably on my last one and disappeared for a while. Now I am respawning and getting back in the game! I've been doing pole dance classes for over a year now and I've really plateaued when it comes to improving even though I still love it. I got my own pole for Christmas which is going up as soon as I move to a place that has room for it (hopefully by March). In the meantime I need to get to classes more often to make sure I'm building those muscles and practicing. I have climbed to the ceiling on the
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