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Found 6 results

  1. At the end of week 1, my job will be moving up to London, and I've decided to follow my job which is going to be a big change in my life. I'll be going from a short drive to work to over an hour on the train each way, I'll be working in a new office with new people I don't know, the work itself will likely be changing (although I've got no idea on the plan or timescales for that). It's going to be a busy month, but I want to keep a challenge running to keep me from going off the rails, and also to give me more excuse to keep up with you wonderful people. Going to try and keep it simple and jus
  2. What constitutes a Ranger? Is it the cloak and bow? Surviving in the outdoors? Adaptation? The urge to do ALL the things? It's all that and a lot more. Rangers come in so many versions that a concrete definition is practically impossible. Which is fine, because that's just how we like it! This thread is not about defining so much as describing and celebrating the concept of being a Ranger. This is a place to: Share your opinions and experience on what it means to be a RangerTell us about your Ranger heroes and archetypesDiscuss Ranger skills and how they can be applied by a modern-day humanSh
  3. Generally speaking, most of us probably know how to survive without depending on fast food and/or take-out. My cooking skills, and abilities, tend to fall in the realm of "apply fire, add tobasco, eat. If burned, add more tobasco." Ok, I kid - but not by much. With that in mind, the thought occurs that there might be others who are in a similar situation and actually want to improve their skills in the kitchen. So, post what you've got - websites, blogs, tutorials, whatever. I also wanted an excuse to post this neat website of "knife handling gifs (calm down - for the kitchen)": http:
  4. Welcome to my 8th challenge thread I've now been on these forums for one year (anniversary on January 3rd) so I'll start with a motivational list of some of the things I've accomplished in that time:recovered from a shoulder injuryimproved Spanish listening and speakinglearned to walk across a slacklinetracked macronutrients for a weeklearned not to set overly-ambitious challengesheld a 10-second handbalancecreated a YouTube video of my handstand progressjoined a second gymnastics gymbought climbing shoes so I can go bouldering properlyentered a Spartan Raceincreased strength in the bench pre
  5. Hi Everybody, I came back last challenge, after a long break. I succeeded; in the last challenge, rebuilding my healthy habits that I had let decay. I started my vitamins (everyday) again. I made strength training (3 X a week) a priority. I also made sure to eat right (paleo, and in a calorie deficit.) I am very excited to participate in this challenge and keep the momentum going. Goal: 1 Eat Right​This is absolutely critical to my success. I want to get into the 1XX's for my weight this time, and eating right is 80% of my weight loss. So I signed up a food delivery program, that de
  6. Greetings all! Just like the other logs, this Battle Log will help me keep track of things, but they will be outside of my first 6-week challenge, as I'll be updating that on this post here. My first entry into the Battle Log is something I whipped up: my skill tree! I put this together today and wanted to plop it in here to see what everyone thought. In keeping with traditional RPG logic, this one's simple: I know it's a bit big, but I'm happy with the tree and will be adding to it/changing things as needed. Let's do this!
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