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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I'm Ever, and I've been a Rebel for a little over one year. Being here has helped me accomplish a lot of things. I've been off soda for an entire year, thanks to a PvP. I'm not super competitive, but the encouragement of others was a big help in that regard. Several challenges have helped me lose and keep off 20 lbs. I discovered keto, and learned I'm too tall for aerial, but that walking is actually really nice, and lifting heavy stuff once in a while can be fun. For the last month, and the next two, there's been some divorce process that's taken up a lot of my emotional resources. It's probably the dumbest and most needlessly stressful thing I've done in quite some time. Beast has shown little interest in how this has been affecting me, arguing "You cast me in this role", so it's somehow now perfectly acceptable to act like a Disney villain to one's former partner. If I end up ranting about this, I'll use spoiler tags. Last year saw a lot of great things, too. March was getting my second tattoo. April was my first live show of Night Vale, and the first time I've traveled on my own since college. June, Ifrit got to see Titus for the first time, and I loved introducing him to the comedy of someone who really helped get me through some dark places. July was the trip to the Sand Dunes with Ifrit, someplace I'd been meaning to go for several years. I could go on, but it's easily one of the better years I've had in a while. Staying positive and keeping my health on track will help manage the stress, and ensure that I'm taking care of myself.
  2. Apfelstrudi apprenticizes with the Starks Quick TL;DR: Main goal: Study with Tony Sub-Goal 1: The path to MIT (Ace all my exams (Grades allowed: 1/A and in emergencies 2/B)) Sub-Goal 2: Take care of Tony's law suits (Study for English exam (6 units in 6 weeks)) Bonus Goal: Join Tony's research and invention team (Write down 5 ideas about something every day) Side Goal 1:Own your body with Arya Sub-Goal 1: Dine with the Hound (Breakfast and tea, every day.) Sub-Goal 2: Water dancing with Syrio Forel (Funcercise) Sub-Goal 3: Deep, calm breaths (Continue easing off of smoking) Side Goal 2: Off to King's Landing with Sansa Sub-Goal 1: Embrace the traditions (Keep up with the skin care) Sub-Goal 2: Make demands (Assemble (and share) skin-care wish list) Sub-Goal 3: Quality time with Shae (regular salon visits) Here's my story: After mixing up with pokémon and Hogwarts witches and wizards, a recent break-up has left me trying to hold it together, and failing utterly. My last challenge has been relatively successful - in fact, I only really sucked a bit at the fitness goal, but I'm still having a super hard time commenting and supporting others. It feels to me like nothing makes sense, and as I have to be super friendly at work all day, I'm exhausted and not in a good mood by the time I'm home. And if I can't support other people, then I feel bad for posting on my own thread - thus it all fails. Here goes another try. This time, since my dual education has to be a raging success this time around, I need to focus on just that - and still feel good about myself, my body and all that jazz as well. So one teacher/role model isn't gonna cut it this time. I need a whole (extended) family - the Starks! Long version of my goals: Main goal: Study with Tony Sub-Goal 1: Path to MIT I'm the nerd in my class. Seriously, all the girls come to me for help. It's mildly annoying but also proves I've been working my butt off. I need to continue with that. I have the habit of starting out super strong and then getting lazy. This can't happen. I'll have a big, big exam in almost exactly 11 months - this exam will decide how long I have to do this apprenticeship. If I get a good grade, I can shorten it by half a year, or perhaps even a whole year, which I'd absolutely love to do. This semester is really short. We've already had one exam (I'll know the grade after fall holidays) and there are 8 more to go. Here's the schedule so far: Nov 20: People & Companies (seriously that's what it's called) Nov 24: Politics Dec 1: Payments Dec 4: Economy Dec 11: Typing & Editing And there's also criminal law, excel and German exams coming up. All of this between the start of this challenge and christmas. Ideally I want to be the best in class for every single one of those exams. I'll settle for having a 1 (German equivalent of A) in every exam. And if all goes wrong, I'll be kinda okay-ish with a 2 (German equivalent for . If it gets any worse than that you may as well just shoot me. This may sound harsh, but seriously we just started this, we've got 1 lesson per class per week, there's not much that we can even have the exam about and it should be fairly easy, I can't get a bad grade and miss this opportunity. Sub-Goal 2: Take care of Tony's law suits There's an English exam specifically for apprentices. You cannot take this exam after or before an apprenticeship, it must happen during it. There are a ton of different ones, for different jobs and stages. I'm currently preparing for Legal English Stage 2 (out of 3 stages). I'll take the exam end of Jan/start of Feb and I've got a book called Legal Matter for preparation. It has 10 units and I want to work through 1 unit per week. It should be easily doable as I reckon I could get a pretty good grade even without preparation, as stage 2 isn't exactly hard. But I want to ace this as well, so preparation can't hurt! Bonus Goal: Join Tony's research and invention team I read this thing about how it'd be super useful to write down 5 ideas regarding one topic/matter/whatever every day. So that's what I'm gonna do, only I'll tone it down to 5 instead of twenty. I'll get a notebook and fill it with 5 ideas every day = 35 every week = 245 during the challenge. I'll at least try This is a bonus goal that I'd love to do, but won't force myself or feel bad about it should it fail. Also making a spreadsheet for topics to have ideas about, as 42 topics seem just a little much right now! So if there's a topic you want me to think about, please put it riiiiiiight here! Side Goal 1: Own your body with Arya Sub-Goal 1: Dine with the Hound Two habits I'm already getting into. I drink tea at work every day, and I also eat breakfast. Now, I've never been a breakfaster, so this makes me ultra happy. I gotta stick with it! Sub-Goal 2: Water dancing with Syrio Forel Can be done with the hoop or other things. I just need to find joy in movement again because I'm currently lacking both. There's no set parameters for this, as I want it to be fun and not because I need to do a certain number of sets. Side Goal 3: Deep, calm breaths I recently tried to stop smoking. My blood pressure didn't like it and I very nearly fainted. I had to leave work early because I was seeing black spots until I couldn't even make out words anymore. It was bad. So, cold turkey is obviously not for me. However, I've transitioned to an E-cigarette. It tastes sucky, but it's cheap and doesn't stink/make a mess, plus you can lower the nicotine-percentage. I'm at 12mg currently, and would like to be at 6mg or at least 9mg by the end of the challenge (ideally I'll not smoke at all, but as this is my side goal, I don't want to set myself up for failure). Side Goal 2: Off to King's Landing with Sansa Sub-Goal 1: Embrace the traditions I'm doing great with this and I'm feeling it turn into a habit - and I love it so much. I'm also starting to see changes - good changes - and need to keep doing this. I also like the ritual-feeling it gives me every evening before going to bed. Sub-Goal 2: Make demands My grandmas each give me 50€ for christmas. They give it to my mom before christmas so that she can buy me something that they can then give to me so they're not empty-handed. This year, I'm ordering more Korean beauty products. I've assembled a wish list on amazon, but I'm at something over 150€ at the moment, which is too much. So my small sub-goal is trimming this down to what I need most/what's best for my skin and what isn't just "omg a face spray in a kitty container I so need this" and then ordering it so it arrives in time for christmas! Sub-Goal 3: Quality time with Shae This includes: Getting eyebrows plucked and lady-stache waxed. But it also includes modeling. I'm the model for this super nice girl who's a first year apprentice (just like me!) in my hair salon. She did my eyebrows the other day and then asked if I'd like to model for her - because she can't do anything on customers but needs someone she can try things on. This will mostly be make-up and waxing/plucking right now, as she's not advanced enough for hair-cutting yet, but she might dye my lashes or something like that. Either way, it'll be loads of fun, it will most likely make me feel good and it'll be nice social interaction - all things I can use really well at the moment. I want to go to the salon at least 3 times during the challenge, no matter what for. This looks extensive. But it really isn't. Apart from the third sub-goal, my main quest consists of things I need to do anyways. The first side goal is just the same - maybe apart from sub goal 2. And the second side goal is seriously just for making myself feel good. Have a happy challenge, guys and gals.
  3. Hello, assassins! I am Kat, usually a Scout, but here to try a challenge on more of a strength note. I find my strength routines easier to fit in my schedule, and frankly more fun. But this challenge, they need an upgrade. Required challenge listening: (although the video is a little dumb, Freud would have something to say about everything in Bey's teeth) Main Goal: Pull up-grade Learn to do a pull up, work on general strength and badassery -Step 1: 3 times a week, work on nerd fitness progression http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/04/25/do-a-pull-up/-- starting at 3A EDIT: I'm starting solely with step 2 (below) and doing the pull up progression starting the last two weeks of the challenge. I can't do the workouts that are in the challenge AND pull up stuff or I'll be exhausted! But the workout challenge is already strengthening my back and arms so it still goes to the total goal. -Step 2: workout every day with the 30 day total body challenge http://www.pinterest.com/pin/58687601369478657/ -Step 3: switch out chair for medicine ball, starting at 2 hours a day, increasing one hour a week Total possible score: +10 STR Secondary Goal: Makeup-grade It's time to get serious with my skincare, particularly since winter is coming. A couple things to do: -Step 1: Put on face/hand lotion twice a day, body lotion once a day -Step 2: Put on makeup on weekdays -Step 3: Start oil pulling in the mornings, this is not really makeup related but doing it will be part of a routine so it sort of fits Total possible score: +3 CHA Final Goal: Skill Upgrade I'm getting married in August of 2015, and I want to do the calligraphy myself, so I need to be practicing before it's time to actually address them -Step 1: Practice Calligraphy once a week Total possible score: +2 CHA These will all be graded on a week by week basis. If I do 75% of each thing (except calligraphy, that's sort of a yes or no thing), then that week is a check in that category. So weeks with checks/total weeks will determine my grade.
  4. Fit Intro: As a kid, I sucked at everything sport related and was known at my school for failing almost every time on P.E. The last couple of years I have discovered that I actually do love to push my body, but that I'm not a fan of team sports. I love dancing, yoga and strength training(free weights and body weight). Nerd Life Intro: I recently graduated as an Android and Java Developer, but still taking on extra courses like JavaScript. Programming is computers + puzzles and therefor awesome. I love reading fantasy and scifi and playing RPG's like WoW and Divinity (it's Belgian!). Civ V is another favorite (and The Sims, but sssh). My gaming skills are not nearly what I want them to be but I enjoy myself. I also love drawing, painting (both mostly nudes) and spending way too much time on Tumblr. Main quest: A nicer face I have always had pretty problematic skin and it is mostly my own fault. I have troubles sitting still and one of the things I do is touch my face all of the time, this causes my skin to break out and off course I can't stay away from those spots either... The circle continues. count: 2 for CHA for progress Missions: Clean: Every morning I will clean my face with water and apply tonic and day cream. Every evening I will clean my face with coconut oil. count: 2 for STA for doing this every day Don't touch: I am only allowed to touch my skin when I'm doing one of the above routines. count: 3 for CON More new faces: Last New Year I got a large easel from my parents and although I choose this present myself it still hasn't left its' box. I love painting but I don't do it often enough and it's a shame. Therefor I challenge myself to make at least 3 new paintings on my easel in the next 6 weeks. count: 3 for WIS Life quest: Get a job and move out First job, then move out, so this mostly means applying for a lot of jobs, creating stuff to add to my resume and improving my skills count: 3 for CHA, 2 for looking for jobs, 1 if I actually get one Side quest: Create my own android app and publish it in the store I didn't finish it last challenge, so I'm doing this again. count: 2 point for WIS Motivation: I want to be amazed by what my body is capable of, what I am capable of. I want to proof that I am not lazy and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. This will be a serious challenge of persistence but I like challenges! Why be less when you can be more? Important notes: "You tag this with fatloss but I see no fatloss related missions?" I am continuing this pvp and will post progress on that here as well."What about your flexibility? No more scary gifs?" I love training my flexibility but it is has become a habit instead of a challenge. When I post about what I did that day a report on my human snake progress and some gifs might still be included.
  5. (TL;DR in second post) Previously on Apfelstrudi’s journey: I set out to become the very best. Like no one ever was. I got 4 pokémon from Professor Oak, kicked Gary in the nuts, and set out to defeat Brock. On my way, I encountered lots of trainers and wild pokemon that challenged me every 5 steps. And they helped me level up so I could win the boss battle. But what’s even better: They showed me what I’m passionate about, and made my path forwards much, much clearer. Once Brock had been defeated, I continued wandering, once again being challenged, but now I had a deathly weapon with me, even deathlier than my pokemon: My hoop. It worked better than repel, better than strength and cut together. It made my way easier and much more entertaining, and showed me what to focus on. But now I face a new battle, and I must use what I’ve learned, and become a better trainer and hooper, in order to defeat Misty and not become Misty-fied. Let’s start this off by looking at the dictionary: In other words: Misty is a minx. Now that I know what to focus on, Misty the little punk will certainly try to lead me astray. And she’ll have an easy job, too! Not only does she have boobs, she also has junior trainers in speedos surrounding her! How is that fair? I must focus on happiness, but not the kind of happiness that speedos bring. Instead, I’ll concentrate on something that brings me even more happiness: My hula hoops. As I said in the recap - I want to be the very best. And now I’ve finally found something that I feel like I can progress steadily, with lots of effort, but not effort that leaves me frustrated and demotivated. To be the very best hooper, there are many things I must work on. Main Goal: Become the very best! - Defeat Misty Battle 1: Horsea HP Horsea: 50 HP Pikachu: 50 Defeating Horsea will be relatively simple. Hoop it up! 5 times a week. Can be anything from 5 minute waist-hooping to skill-work to hoop-workouts to stretches. But the hoop must be used. Every time I hoop, I’ll take 1 HP off Horsea. Working on a new skill every week gives me an added bonus of 5 HP off. If I don’t work on a skill, those 5 HP will be taken away from my Pikachu. If I don’t defeat Horsea within 5 weeks (to allow for fail), I can either use the 6th week normally, or go into boss battle mode. (stop being cute, you're gonna die D: ) Battle 2: Shellder HP Shellder: 50 HP Charmander: 50 In order to defeat Shellder, my weakest Pokémon must come forth. Fire against water usually doesn’t end well for fire, but I can’t let that happen to my poor Charmander. On my way to become the very best, I must do things that aren’t directly related to hooping, but that offer assistance. This can be anything. I must do 5 of those things a week. Each workout (using the term loosely) will take 1 HP off Shellder. An additional HP can be taken off for reflecting and naming how I’m helping my hooping by doing said workout. Example: Chest/shoulder openers - help prepare chest/shoulder hooping. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Battle 3: Goldeen HP Goldeen: 50 HP Squirtle: 50 Pikachu needs to adhere to a schedule in order to defeat Goldeen! Because the only way to get past her is to dance. But not just any dance! A different dance must be tried every week. This includes listening to fitting music, watching videos of pros dancing, and doing a tutorial. All this tied together will take 10 HP off Goldeen. If I do more than one tutorial, or do some freestyle dance in the “style of the weekâ€, it counts towards Charmander’s battle against Shellder. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Dance styles: (don't want that happening!) Battle 4: Staryu (diet quest) HP Staryu: 50 HP Bulbasaur: 50 Bulbasaur likes his food - and he’s gotten quite chubby lately. So he must plan his meals better, in order to stay away from evil foods. One meal plan a week = 10 HP off Staryu. If I stray from the meal plan, that’s 1 HP off Bulbasaur per day that had wrong food. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Battle 5: Starmie (life quest) HP Starmie: 50 HP Magikarp: 50 That’s right. I’ve caught myself the lamest pokemon ever. But in this case, it’ll be worth it. Because I’ll fight those boobs and speedos with my own boobs and speedos - kinda! In order to feel better about dancing, hooping in front of the camera, and general movement, I must feel better about the way I look. They’re trying to divert me with their beauty? I’ll find a way to use mine. I recently (at the end of last challenge) started a new skin care regime. My skin has never been exactly great, but it's starting to annoy me like crazy. So when I read this article about Asian actresses and their masterful skin care, I decided to just give it a try, even though I haaaate spending lots of time in the bathroom. Ah well - if done properly it's like 5 more minutes a day. What I'm doing shall be in the third post to counter information-overload. I want to stick with it a minimum of 5 days a week. Each day gives me 1 HP off Starmie. Additionally, every week, I have to do something that makes me feel pretty. It doesn’t matter what it is, but can’t be something as simple as ‘take a shower’, obviously. For every project, I take 5 HP off Starmie. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Week 6 / Boss Battle / Evolving I’ve specifically assigned points so that I can have a successful challenge even if I don’t do every single workout, every single day and week. If all goes perfectly, I can defeat pokémon in 5 weeks. If not, I can continue normally in week 6. OR I can do a boss battle. A boss battle will be done in case I’ve failed miserably and need more points than I can possibly gain through normal battle. I will only determine what a boss battle is if necessary though. If by the end of week 6, I’ve not defeated a pokémon, I can use up the remaining HP of my pokémon. Example: End of challenge stats Battle 1: HP Horsea: 10 HP Squirtle: 40 -> Horsea: 0; Squirtle: 30 If I manage to keep my pokémon’s HP at 25 or above, they will evolve. Which would be particularly important for Magikarp, obviously.
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