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Found 22 results

  1. Respawning 5 years his after last post, with starting stats 50 pounds heavier than his last character, Stag looks to the sky and finds inspiration in the form of a technicolor nebula: 18 constellations, 18 skills to level up. He picks a few stars to follow for 4 weeks, and sets off on a journey toward holistic vitality. Goal 1: Bike Across Connecticut. Go to the gym and stationary bike for 6 miles 3 times a week. Gain ~6 EXP Hours toward Biking. Goal 2: Day to Savor the Flavor. Mindfully eat for 24 hours: Mindfully savor 2 meals a da
  2. Wonder: n. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Respawn. In my head, this takes place as a horse-drawn wagon ambles along a mountain road. My wrists are bound and I think (again), 'who am I to be this time.' Are our lives driven by the gods or fate, or do we act as the architects of our destiny? Maybe both? Either way, I am here now and an entire unwritten tale calls to me. Calls me to become greater. So let us go then, you and I...and remember: do or
  3. Hey Druids All of my previous challenges have been with the Assassins, but I hope you don't mind me visiting, since my goals this go-round are closer to this group's style. After some adventuring... I seem to have taken an arrow to the knee, and to let my body recover I'm going to lay off of high-impact workouts and stick to yoga, pilates and meditation along with tracking my food this challenge. I'll have to see how my knees and strength are doing after this challenge to know if I'm ready to go back to running around and jumping off of things, but for now I need the (deceptively, I know
  4. It's been quite a while since I posted on the forums. I spend a log of time on social media and lost in my own thoughts, but I need a space to work through the cluster quark that is my life. I have a lot of stuff going on - personally, professionally, emotionally, physically. My plan is for most of the entries here to have some structure, but some may turn into just a stream of consciousness. I plan to update at least twice a week, probably never on weekends. At first, the posts maybe more, possibly multiple a day. This morning, I hit a 'new' all time high on the scale. I kn
  5. Hello everyone! This challenge shall be themed after one of my favourite games evah, The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim. I’ll be channeling 3 in-game groups of characters: The companions, The Restoration Mages at the College of Winterhold and the Graybeards. The Companions: Tamriel's Fighters Guild has no presence in Skyrim. Instead, warriors seeking adventure and kinship may join the Companions, in Whiterun. The members of this brotherhood favour honor and physical prowess. The Companions represent training, 2 Crossfit classes and 2 Bodyweight sessions a week. The
  6. If video game characters just had one chance to fight the boss,video games would suck. But we get to respawn any number of times. Just like I am doing now. Hey,it's just my second try. After my respawn about a year ago,which started off tremendously great(http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/65325-skinny-nerd-completes-25-push-ups-in-a-single-workout/), I got sidetracked by a number of reasons all of which I won't bore you with here. I guess my colossal undoing was mostly because of my constant need for motivation to do something. If I didn't feel l
  7. Time to make myself at home... Disclaimer: I make liberal use of four letter words and skyrim geekery. Ah, Whiterun... So, I survived my respawn and I've come to the first major city in my journey. While it might be temping to blow through the next points in the main quest line (I mean dudes, there is a dragon to slay and everything) there is a whole city to explore, side quests to be had, and grinding to be done. Keep it simple, asshole. You can't do this... Until this stops happening...
  8. Last challenge I sustained an injury to my shoulder; too many weeks later, I finally recieved a diagnosis: AC Separation. I was not informed what grade of separation I have, so I'm assuming it's somewhere between a 1 and 2 (based solely on my observations in the mirror on how large of a bump I now display). I am currently in the process of trying to begin physical therapy - that is to say, I'm waiting for the powers-that-be to re-exam me and make their magical medical computers spit out an appointment date. In view of the aforementioned injury, I have determined this challenge's title w
  9. Placeholder for now, but yep... I'm joining this challenge!! Right, let's do this, 2015: time to finish strong! I'm a little wary about forum challenges, because I tend not to be a prolific forum poster. I'm in need of a little extra boost/respawn, though, and I'm really enjoying the facebook community of 2015 campers as well as interacting with the awesome folks at my battle log, so I'm going to give it a shot! I'm not going to worry about strictly compiling my challenge for now - to quote your friendly neighborhood pirate, "They're more like guidelines, anyway." There are 3 areas I'll
  10. It's time for me to face my fears. I will no longer stand and watch in silence as the Imperial oppressors enslave our homeland. As a Nord, it is my duty to fight, even though I am not yet strong. I am joining the Stormcloaks in their fight for the freedom of Skyrim. To become a valued member of the rebellion (and not die in my first battle), I have to improve my strength and endurance, so that will be my main quest for this challenge. Quest 1: Become strong! How am I supposed to fight with that big two-handed axe if I can't even lift it over my head? To become stronger, I pledge to go
  11. Main Goal: Finish a 2nd challenge. Subgoals: 1. Bodyweight workout 3x a week I already know I have to keep my right arm out of the mix. I also know that I don't want to work just my left arm and risk creating more of an imbalance than I'm already going to have by the time its partner is finally healed. Ergo, the following: Focus on what I can do, sans my arms - squats, lunges, calf raises, flutter kicks, bicycle/regular sit-ups, V-ups, leg holdsTrack progressRecord progress on Fitocracy and NF 6WC threadScoring: Every workout for the week tracked and recorded = 3 pts -1pt every workout not
  12. Full Disclosure: I have yet to finish a single 6WC that I've started. Main Goal: Finish the challenge Subgoals: 1. Weight lifting 3x a week Work with PT to determine personal weight lifting planTrack progressRecord progress on Fitocracy and NF 6WC threadScoring: Every workout for the week tracked and recorded = 3 pts -1pt every workout not tracked and recorded 2. Running Cycling Walking x5 a week Run Attend spin class Walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill 5 days a week (hashing does not count, due to the walk/run nature of following the trail)Track progressRecord progress on Fitocracy a
  13. Hey everyone, this is my first challenge with the Warriors and I am both really excited and nervous. I tend to get a "little" geeky with my challenge designs FYI, but tends to be the only way I can have fun with them. Please share your thoughts and comments! I wish everyone a great challenge! Also, I am super stoked for ESO on PS4 Becoming the Dragonborn In this challenge all main quests reward XP and all side quests reward Rep the goal of this challenge is to get enough XP to level up: XP to level up: 717/1,000 XP 71.7%71.7% Stats for Leveling Up: STR-4 DEX-2 STA-4 CON-2 W
  14. Cultist Have Attacked You And your only Hope is to unravel the mystery of the Dragon Cult This quest is to unravel the mystery of the Dragon cult and defeat Mirakk, the original DragonbornTo do so you must become strong and unbreakableThis will be done through the quest of PLP (Push-ups, Lunges, and Pull-ups)If you can do 10 of each: on day one you do. Then day two you do 11 and so on. No rest days, it is time to become unbreakable!If you can not do 10 of each: start with one and add one each day.The quest will take 60 days-Please update the thread with your progress, as you complete quests
  15. Hi All! I'm about to start medical school (in July!) and during the rest of my time off I want to make sure I solidify some of these good habits and be at the top of my game during school, when I'll have less time for everything. I joined a gym at the end of February to prepare myself for a recent ski-trip (my first challenge) and now I'm looking toward being able to do a pull up and being able to do longer distances when I run/hike/cycle. I've also started to dabble in yoga and I hope I can explore that more as well. I also love the culture I've seen here so far I am a huge fan of Skyri
  16. Dearest fellow Assassins, Please forgive my late posting. I have been largely involved in the Civil War and so most of my time last week was devoted to that but now I have climbed the 7000 steps and my training has begun. Unfortunately, I am no dovahkin and so the Greybeards- who have so graciously offered their assistance- tell me that I must train hard if I am ever to learn the Thu'um. My first goal is the basic shout known as Unrelenting Force. I will work for the next several weeks focusing individually on each of the three words that composes the shout as well as the entire shout as a w
  17. ... but then I ate all the cookies. Long term goal: clean up the diet and complete 3 sets of 20 pull-ups. Be happier and stop comparing myself to others (ahem, social media). Expectations for this challenge: Get rid of the sugar and complete 3 sets of 20 pull-ups with the thickest pull-up assistance band. Stop mindlessly checking websites. Atmosphere: Work is insane because my workload has essentially doubled by taking over other projects and learning new skills. I'm working long hours and my schedule is unpredictable. Right now, my life is work and the rest of my life needs to be flexib
  18. Yay, new DBL for Evicious! So the Army is now sending me back to Korea for a year. I had been notified that I would be deploying to AFG to take the place of a piece of shit warrant officer who should never have deployed in the first place another member of my unit who was returned for no fucking reason other than the fact that he's a piece of shit minor medical reasons. I was all spun up, packed up, and ready to go, only to end up waiting on orders for the next few weeks that never came. I learned later that was because orders had already been cut to send me back to Korea before the unit tr
  19. This will be my first challenge outside of the Adventurers, and I'm excited to join the Druids for the first time this round! "I Used to be an Adventurer Like You, But Then...." Like the guards in Skyrim, my adventuring career is being cut short because of my knees - though my problem wasn't quite as painful as getting hit by an arrow.... Quick background: A sedentary accountant wants to lose 20 lbs and searches the web. He finds DietBet, MyFitnessPal, Nerd Fitness challenges and the Couch-to-5K program all within a week and decides to try all of them simultaneously. He took the 8 wee
  20. Hi my already favorite people!! This is my second challenge outright, but I have a habit of lurking. I'm breaking that habit now!! Based off Panczo's thread, I like the division of the different goals, so I'm gonna shamelessly copy him on his four points (and I'll update this with a photo later): 1. Philosohpy: "One thing at a time"- focus on the task at hand- I have a horrible habit of not being able to just do ONE thing. I feel unproductive only focusing on one activity. Movies drive me INSANE. "Good is the enemy of
  21. I found a really good walking stick; but that's not what this is all about. Before I get started with the story I'm going to explain why the following was a big deal for me. It may sound like a sob story at first but you'll just have to bear with me. I was born with a genetic disorder known as Marfan Syndrome. Now, if you Google this condition you're going to get a lot of pictures of very deformed individuals. I, however have a mild case of the disease in comparison to the advanced cases you are likely to see. I have multiple skeletal deformities which have caused scoliosis and hip dysfunc
  22. Is that cool, or what? I know it's been around forever, but I stumbled on it again and just thought I'd share it here. Both Lindsey and Peter are incredibly talented people, and what I find really inspiring about them is how they do their own thing with their music - not seeming to care if they fit in with the mainstream genre, they make the music and music videos that they want. That concept can be applied to most other areas of life, but is often lacking in ourselves for a variety of reasons. These two are a great example of what tends to happen when you take control of your own life and put
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