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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, so if no one minds overly, I'll just park this here instead of over in the assassin's guild for a change. Goals to come while I think about how to deal with an ongoing injury (apparently sticking my head in the sand and just working through the discomfort isn't the right approach). But just quickly if anyone is interested: I joined NF almost exactly a year ago (first challenge of 2014) and then because of lack of money for a gym membership I joined the assassin's guild while I did bodyweight stuff. Then about 3 and a half months ago, I joined a gym and started on the SL 5x5 program. Since
  2. Hi everyone, I have been playing in the gym for a while, lost the "easy" weight and have just started to get serious about lifting. I have lost about 60LBS in the last 18 months and started StrongLifts about a month ago. I did what it suggested and started fairly light and concentrated on form - I flew through the first 3 weeks building confidence and form. My form is coming along okay, but this morning I reached the point on my squat and overhead press where I could not get the last few reps with good form, in fact I was not sure I was going to finish out without a long break. According to
  3. No personal history lesson needed...just started SL 5x5, so weights are light (135 pounds). All comments are welcome and thanks in advance! 4th Set-Side View (currently being edited on the World-wide-intratubers to rotate right) 5th Set-Angled View
  4. #1 "Healthy Skin" Diet This has become the number one issue in my life. It is not that the skin looks that bad, but I know it is an indication of a bigger health problem. I am not going to be following any particular diet for this challenge. I need to go food by food to note reaction. Everything I eat I need to check for a reaction! No exceptions! Then I need confirm reaction with a second or third testing. My symptoms; hives on face or break outs, red cheeks, itching skin & scalp & palms, dry eyes, soreness under arm pits, dry scratchy throat, post nasal drip, swollen lips and to
  5. I am focusing on one goal this challenge. Make a total of 800 lbs on the big three by 4/6, two days before my 50th birthday. I last played high school football way back in 82, for you young people that was back in the 1900's. I was at a small school, class of about 50 kids. We didn't have much of a weight room and lifting was not emphasized as much as today. We had an "800" club for the big three lifts, but there were not too many in that club, and since I never took it seriously, I never made it. To make that club at 50 would be an awesome accomplishment, especially for someone like myself w
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