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  1. The Intro Spiel Phase One started off as a means to build a little bit of money up, to have something to fall back on or even just some disposable income. While in the strictest sense it might seem like I’ve failed in that goal, that isn’t entirely true. Extra hours, reduced expenses, and a concrete goal with a fixed target have come of this phase of my life. So begins the third and final chapter of Phase One, and while the focus is still slowly saving money, this one is also building on the lessons learned whilst fighting Lyssa and her Maniae. I had a few low points last chal
  2. change everything you are & everything you were your number has been called /me pins *guest* badge to her shirt as she steps into the Assassin’s Den. YES! Welcome to the first challenge of my brand new themeset! (In a brand new guild, even?! WHOA NELLIE) Hi, I'm Shaarawy, a barbell loving uber-nerd journeying over from the Rangers because my goals have become much more... Assassin-ly. If you’ve followed any of my previous ventures you’ll notice I’m moving away from having a specific “thing†for each of my challenge themes - instead, each 6 weeks I’ll choose a s
  3. Five weeks, you say? FIVE WEEKS?! So since CAMP NERD FITNESS falls directly in the middle of this challenge, I am hereby dubbing this a five week challenge. Because my challenge for camp week is going to be JUST ENJOY CAMP! Period. I don’t want to have to think about goals or grading when I’m kayaking or on some ropes 60 feet above the ground or swordfighting someone or leaping through a waterfall. NOPE! Five weeks. Let’s do it. So I’m sitting here trying to come up with a theme that has to do with the number five. Hmm. Lots of thinking. What am I currently into nerd-wise
  4. Like the movie namesake, I'm starting over. All the way to the bottom. Current Motivation: Weightloss challenge at work, based on percentage lost. Had our first weigh in and I came in second with 5.1% lost in a month. The challenge ends Sept 1st, and I think I can win the long term. No more weigh ins until the end of the challenge, so we'll see, but over the long run I think I might have the advantage. The others have the most to lose, as I came in at the lightest. So how will I do this? Goals: 1. SL5x5 My training has been without a structure for the most part the last few months, d
  5. Short and sweet this time. Last challenge I bulked a little over 7 weeks. I think it went pretty well, I enjoyed the time I spent, but the chore of overeating was hard, and the bodyfat went straight back to my waistline. I spent the last week trying to get back into cut mode... it is turning out to be MUCH harder to get to that place mentally again. I think this is actually a good thing for me though. My body has had a taste of properly fueling muscle growth and it LIKES IT. So I set myfitness pal to 1800 calories and eat about 2700 a day anyway. i get hungry and my body won't hear other
  6. I've been busy the last couple of months and missed a few challenges, so I figured it's about time I get back into it and really push myself again! My main quest this challenge is to lose fat and gain some more visible muscle mass Cutting whilst trying to keep my lifts up is going to be a bitch, but it wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy! Goals are: Eat clean and at least 4 times a day I haven't been eating enough through the day and been eating more poorly at night, so it's time to do some meal planning and start eating smaller and more often. Cut caffeine back to once a day, pre work
  7. So, last challenge, I got started late because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and went on vacation with my parents for a week and then didn't finish because of a short period of no internet and the fitness room at my new university not having barbell plates for a week and then stressing out about stupid assignments, so I'm trying this again. Main Quest (nerdy phrasing): Achieve my next form (the first one where people can comment on how much more in shape I am so that I can reply "This isn't even my final form.") Getting Focused Part 2 again Objective 1: Stick to my diet, and try to get
  8. "The time has come" the walrus said, "to talk of food and things; of peppercorn and mustard seed and other seasonings!" - Lewis Carrol I want to start this off by saying I have no experince deliberately bulking. To me that's the best reason to do this. I've been dropping weight consistently and steadily for 10 months. A couple of weeks ago I finally looked at myself in the mirror and didn't have to convince myself I'm not fat anymore. Instead I said: Jesus I'm small. This isn't the goal. I didn't want to be a waif or street urchin. I wanted to be He-Man. I could feel my abs through my skin
  9. I'm horrible and am just now making a post. For a while, I wasn't sure what my goals should be this challenge. I knew generally what I wanted to do, and have been working to keep up with it anyway but wasn't sure specifically. This week, I just got back from a vacation with my parents. The hotels that we stayed at had gyms, but neither of them had barbells, and one only had dumbbells up to, I believe, 45 lbs. This made me realize how much I love lifting with barbells, especially squats and deadlifts. There's something about the feeling of how a bar fits to one's back while squatting that I l
  10. Hey all, this is my second challenge though I'm little late to start. I've been lifting SL 5x5 for the last few weeks (love it!) with some light back work on off days (I have scoliosis) and want to get stronger whilst keeping fat down. My main quest is to get damn strong, whilst keeping to a good bf %, with my main goals being Be able to squat my own body weight Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night Eat around 200 grams of protein a dayAlso do any of you guys who do (or had done) SL do any isolation work at the end of your workout? I was thinking of adding some stuff but I'm not all that s
  11. First challenge as a member of the Warrior Guild, having just completed the level 1 Rebel challenge I'm looking to maintain and continue to build some momentum towards completing my Main Quest (being in the best shape of my life by my 35th birthday – 25 June 2015). In the past, when I've abandoned fitness, it's usually been because working out changed from being fun to a chore. So, in the spirit of keeping things fun, I've devised a point based game for me to complete this challenge and “level up.†My reward for successfully leveling up? Increasing my badassity quotient. My penalty fo
  12. All, thanks in advance for looking/commenting. Just started SL 5x5, so weight is pretty light (155 lbs.), but I need to make sure the form is good first! Sorry for the up-close-and-personal...not much space, and I didn't want to put shit in the walkway on the other side of me...maybe next time I will use the rack next to me, and get a longer range. Thanks again!
  13. Goals: Eat Cleanly at a deficit Lift Heavy Rucking Train Several things are going to occur during this challenge though Nerdster - 4/195k - 4/26GRL - 5/10 At work we're spooling up all the construction for pending circuits and the completion dates will hit actually starting next week. It's going to be a lot of work, and a lot of long hours. As such I'm keeping this pretty straight forward and simple this go round. Strong Lifts5x5 3x/week. Eat clean macros150g P / <50gC / 100g F ~1500kcalRuck twice a weekLife wise, much more general: stay on top of everything and don't get bogged down
  14. Nerd confession time. I deliberately tanked my overhead press during my strong lifts workout this morning. I had stalled out on the last set twice before, and I should have just deloaded for this workout, but I tried it at the old weight. I got the first set in but struggled on the second and chose to just take zeroes on the rest of the sets. I could feel that I was arching my back, my right arm was trying to compensate for my weaker left arm and I saw no clear benefit in continuing to lift that weight incorrectly. Later when I was in the shower I realized that I should have deloaded either fo
  15. Just started SL5X5 a month ago, before that I had never done a deadlift before in my life. On friday I hit 225lbs for one set of five! My long term goal is to squat, bench, and deadlift my weight. I'm now officially a third of the way there!
  16. I stalled early at squats, 140 lbs. I deloaded to 125 and worked back up, only to be derailed by a sore shoulder. After a 2 week layoff, I started back at 125. I have not stalled or missed a rep since then. I completed160 today. However, my 1RM was 170 on Monday. When I do fall short of 5x5, what do you guys suggest I do? Thanks
  17. I am only up to 115lbs on the squat and definitely had to push today. Saw butt winks on video even though I focused hard on pushing from my heels. If rest of form looks good, do I just keep going until I fail tor what?
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