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Found 3 results

  1. This challenge - elemhh – Slays the slayers. When I set up my profile I decided that my race would be vampire. I have loved vampire stories since I was a kid and when left to my own devices my sleep routine levels eventually has me going to bed around 7am and getting up around noon. Even though there are lots of fandoms I would like to play in, it seemed appropriate that my first two themed challenges be vampire related. So this challenge is me slaying the would-be vampire slayers before they can come for me. Each slayer will represent an area that I am working on. I set my previous challenge up to be a pass or fail, I had to work on it every day or fail the whole challenge. I will be doing a slightly less strict version of it this time too. Rather than missing one session making me fail the whole challenge, this time it would only make me fail the quest relating to the activity that I've missed. It may seem like I have a lot of quests, but 3 of them are just continuing on from my last one. Each quest will be represented by a vampire slayer that will need to be defeated in order for me to be successful. Quest 1 – Strength For this quest I will be continuing to work on my push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and squats. I will be alternating days. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be Sit-up & Squat days. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be Push-up and Pull-ups days. During my last quest I set a number of reps that I had to achieve in order to pass the quest. This time I am not setting a number, just working on improving. As long as my number of reps at the end is better than when I started, I'll consider it a win. Strength represented by Blade. Quest 2 – Dexterity I will be continuing my flexibility work. During the first challenge I worked on Elements from GMB. During this quest I will be redoing some of the Elements sessions or using Gravity yoga to continue getting more flexible. Dexterity represented by Buffy Quest 3 – Stamina For this one I will be working on a general fitness course Tapp Brothers: In-home parkour fitness. It is a 6 week course, five days a week. Stamina represented by Werewolves (The vampires natural enemy). Quest 4 – Constitution Daily calorie limit of 1,800 (max). I will be carrying on with my Lose it app, following the calorie limit given (but can go up to 1,800 without failing). If my weight loss continues to slow or freeze, I will up my calorie allowance to see if I am eating too little and putting my body into calorie efficiency mode. Represented by Raziel Quest 5 – Intelligence (I don't have an INT stat, so the points for this quest will be split between CHA & WIS) Learning a new skill will be my intelligence quest. I recently got a cheap keyboard and plan on teaching myself to play. I only need to practice for 5 minutes a day (although any day that I feel like doing more than that is a plus) to be successful at this quest. It would be nice if I could play a recognizable tune by the end of the challenge. Represented by Van Helsing Quest 6 – Charisma My charisma quest will be writing. Like my intelligence quest, I don’t need to do much work to pass this one. The emphasis on these two quests is building the habit of doing them daily. I need to write 100 words per day to pass. The last time I started writing 100 words a day, I quickly started building up my word count more each day, the more I got into what I was writing. Within a couple of months I was writing 1,700 words per day. I'm not expecting that to happen again now, but if I do start writing something that I have fun wuth, I do think my word count will end up increasing. Represented by The Frog Brothers (Ok, not the epitome of charisma, but how can I have a vampire themed challenge and leave out The Lost Boys?) Quests completed - Wisdom At the end of the quest I will be facing Harry Keogh from The Necroscope. I chose him because he had to exercise strong control over himself by book 5 of the series. If I manage to complete this challenge successfully, I will have exercised control over my own worse side. Current Stats To be filled in day one of the quest Ongoing tasks Additional to my increased reps for my strength goal, I will also be using some of the progressions in Convict Conditioning to further increase my strength. Running 3 mornings per week. Walking (+ running) to Mordor. Trying to improve my sleep habits.
  2. This had to Happen. Letta Slaya' Slay What? Another Television theme where Cheechoe defeats a different opponent each week of the Challenge? I guess she does that... Come on, it's Buffy. She is The Chosen One. She is hot. She kicks ass of all kind. She looks great in a sports bra. She is tiny, but fierce. She has super strength. Did I mention she was hot?? My Overall goal this challenge is to become more like Buffy. I Must Defeat The First. To do this, each week I will defeat a Big Bad and in doing so, I will have achieved the goals of the lowering my weight class in boxing (Buffy wouldn't give up when she failed, so neither can I) and increasing my strength by 15%. Though I will be fighting a different Big Bad, these three goals remain the same: 1. Primal Diet Buffy, in order to discover the extent of her awesomeness, had to reacquaint herself with her roots: Sineya, The First Slayer. This primal female was The First chosen to defend the world against the forces of darkness. To get in touch with my primal awesomeness, I must change my eating habits to that of a Primal Diet. That is, Paleo including dairy. Strict. People. Strict. 2. Starting Strength What would our hero be without her super strength and superior healing abilities? A little girl, that's what. I MUST get stronger. I started lifting heavy again last challenge and I want MOAR. Therefore, I will follow the intermediate guide of Starting Strength and measure my gains. Also, since muscle burns fat, I feel it will help me with my overall goal. This is not to replace my typical Monkery: I will still continue to do TaeKwon-Do and boxing workouts. This program is intended to supplement my usual workout to get me over my plateau. My initial numbers for Bench Press, Back Squat, and Deadlift will be posted on my first workout on Monday. 3. Portion Control The Whole30 offers a portion control guide which I will maintain throughout the 6 weeks. This is basically a visual guideline as to HOW MUCH food I should ingest per meal. I feel this was the draw back of my last challenge: I ate pretty clean (aside from all the October brews) but only lost a couple of pounds. (Damn you, almond butter. I hate to love you!) I refuse to count calories, because that's just exhausting, so I will refer to The Mummy Hand for my guide. This should help me get a HAND on my weight loss. I hope I can HANDle the cut-backs. I hear portion control is the best diet regulation, HANDS down. Don't get mad at me; you're the one still reading this. Moving on the the Big Bads: Week 1: The Master I will "Master" the Primal Diet by having strict portion control as well as timed meals. Depending on when I wake up, I will eat a small, but nutrient rich meal every 4 hours. This should be a good kick start for my eating habits. Week 2: Spike/Angelus/Dru These three enemies I shall fight at once: Bench Press (Spike), Deadlift (Angelus), and Back Squat (Drusilla). My initial numbers for the Starting Strength should be making linear gains. My focus will be on technique of these lifts. Week 3: The Mayor This week I will gain more spunk. Moar cardio. running, biking, rollerblading, etc. Week 4: Adam This week I will do army exercises. Train like Adam, beat Adam. Week 5: Glory Glory is a God. How do I beat a God? You can't. You have to wait until she is Ben form. For this week, I will PvP some Ben out there. Could be one of you Monks, or some other nerd. I will see who wants to step into my ring. (speak now, nerds! ) Week 6: Evil Willow Willow is like a sister to Buffy. When willow turns evil because she gets addicted to the Magics, Buffy must defeat her loved one with the hope of not destroying her. This week, I will enter in the Pre-Thanksgiving race with Devyn, the Kender assassin and hope I don't completely destroy her. Muahahahhaa. hah. ha. .. heh. Let the Slaying Begin!! Grrrr.....Arrrggghh.
  3. So, in my first challenge, I tried to fly. I gathered courage, I spread my wings, I jumped off the tree. And I went straight down to the forest ground. Ouch. Maybe I should've picked a shorter tree. But, you see, it wasn't that bad, I learned a lot from the fall. And I saw it. That huge dragon whose wings are so big that the wind they make when they flap is so strong that nothing else can fly while it is in the air. My first powerful enemy: Fatlord Lazybreather! I also realized, while on the forest's ground, that the dragon had chained everything under it's domain. It wouldn't allow anyone to break free from that sad situation. Silly dragon. At least it gave me an idea for my future: time to become a dragon slayer and free my forest! Guess which will be my first target? My Quest: To get to 64kg (about 140lbs - 141,1, more specificaly) That means losing 28kg (61,73lbs). I'll be though, but I'll make it! Ever since I was seven - which is pretty much ever since I can remember - I know that I've been struggling with my weight. That always made me be shy, ashamed of my own body. Besides, it's one of the reasons why I was never really good at sports. Enough of it, I say! It is time to take these chains of fat that have been holding me back and throw them at the neverending fire of the Fire Mountains - and, while I'm there, I can wonder why they have such a name. It's time to be free. My goals: - Snack only when truly hungry, not when bored or thirsty, and never less than one hour before a meal. (+2 CON, +3 WIS) - Eat Paleo 4 days a week. The other 3 days are for those days when my mom makes her magically wonderful soup (with rice pasta) and when the college restaurant has no gluten-free meat options, in which case I'll have rice and beans. And for any eventful event that may pop-up, if unavoidable. (+5 CON) - Work out for at least 15 min everyday. Any workout. Any time of the day. I'll just have to move, with no excuses. (+3 STA, +1 DEX, +1 STR) My life goal: To write at least one page of the same story everyday. I want to someday become a publisher writer, therefore, I have to write down a whole good story. No half-assed whole story. No halfway-through good story. One. Whole. Good. Story. And I'll start that with no less than a page a day. My motivation: I've never been good with anything fitness-related, nor quite very healthy, but I want to change that. To do so, I believe the first dragon I have to slay is the fat. Well, say your prayers, Fatlord Lazybreather! You won't keep me from soaring into the night sky anymore! --- And, unless you are Fatlor Lazybreather, I would like to thank you for your support, by either leaving a comment or simply reading this, and to give you a HUGE friendly bear hug!
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