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Found 4 results

  1. So, I've been having a tough time getting back in the saddle. It's not that I haven't been active. I'm still doing parkour class at least once/week, and I've been walking a lot. But, I've had a ton of adulting to handle in the last many months, and I've really found it difficult to set aside any time for real workouts. The plan for this challenge is to do a few small things every day, just to get back into having good habits. I've also been stuck in that unfortunate place where I've hit a huge plateau in parkour and don't feel like I'm improving, so my motivation is low. But the low mot
  2. Journal 1 out of 29 I was doing so good, then I crashed and burned when just school "prep" took the life out of me. And reason why I didn't just move on to a new challenge, I had the worries and anxiety of starting or continuing goals I broke. So my plan here, is just to journal daily. Anything really. My goal is to try to do every single day on here or in one of my real life journals. Just to give me an idea where I'm at for the next 29 days. So yeah, I finally wrote it.
  3. Last time I tried something new, and it went fairly well. It was just all the same ol', same ol' stuff I had trouble with... After a month of not getting enough sleep, and suffering the consequences, redeveloping my sleep habits will be my main focus this time 'round. My new job is shift work, and with 2 on-call nights/week (essentially means I'm 'working' for 25+ hours straight twice/week) and keeping a couple of shifts/week at my old job, I really feel like sleep is the key to my happiness, my sanity, and my success. For reference, my weekly schedule looks (more or le
  4. My last challenge went better than many of my other recent ones, but improvement can still be had! This challenge will be more of the same, with some focus put on not cramming at the end of the week to get all the things in (this is a hard one for me, it's easy for me to choose instant gratification over long term gratification...) I will also focus on keeping up with The Count, to help me keep better track of my progress. My inspiration for this one is Wall-E, for no other reason than that I love Wall-E. I apologize in advance for the giant videos taking up space, but I have no id
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