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  1. Bouncer walked into the mining town of Phandalin, the snowcapped mountains overseeing the mining town before her. She sighed with relief at the smell of the smoke from the forty to fifty small houses, warmth was here. Mountains were already tough, but in the winter with not enough equipment. She was surprised she had survived where she could find a town before freezing to death. Walking down the dirt road, Bouncer noticed among all the newly made houses and shops were crumbling stone ruins, signs that a much larger settlement was here beforehand. Bouncer noted how the town was small but bustling with activity, shop keepers giving her a smile to speculate how much coin she had to spend. The cheery busy workers, each one had a weapon that was easy to grab, which she found intriguing by the lack of walls or soldiers. They had a desire to protect themselves from something, but what? Bouncer looked down at her own rags that were barely keeping her warm in the mountains and her empty satchel, at least with the current coin she could find some new equipment and get some warm rest as she figured out what the new town had held before her. Quest of the week: One needs to make sure they have enough rest to be able to explore a quaint town. This week I am focusing on getting enough sleep, because I know I am fatigued. My desire is to start my bedtime routine at 7 pm, This has been a goal I’ve been working on forever, and I need to make it strong enough so it's a thing I do not a “ifs, butts and coconuts” thing I do. The result of getting more rest, the more Bouncer can get to know Phandalin. 0 - wasn’t able to explore due to not resting well enough, you are starting to look suspicious to the local town folk. 1-7 days: Each day I sleep, I can explore one key establishment (5 is the goal), with extra wins Day 1: Stop at the Inn for needed rest (Day 1 is enough to bump into a new random party member) Day 2: Stop at Lionshield Coster for new armor and weapons Day 3: Visit Barthen’s Provisions for extra equipment and Gear (I get to know enough of the town to choose my NPC party member) Day 4-5: Visit the other points, and I can make a Custom Party member race with random stats Day 6: Get to know the town enough to make a Custom NPC I want to make (may have bunny members) Day 7: Surpassed my own expectations and my party member has a loyalty bonus and maybe with an extra coin just for me FYI for behind the scene goals that are strong: Going to the gym twice a week for Coach made strength training workouts (Tuesdays after work and Saturday mornings), trying to find ways to have extra movement every day (goal is 15 mins a day.. This is meh). I meal prep every weekend, and eat a balanced plate. I’m also working on trying to make habits for cleaning my home with the Flylady system. Side goals I would like to get done this challenge: -Pickup my living room enough to move my table closer to the kitchen (unknown reward) -Do my taxes (1 gold piece reward) -I’ve joined a weekly group that requires me to show up Sunday (Add a new party member at the end of the challenge) -Going to my estranged family member's wedding shower in April... (reward Fairy trinket) Current life goals: -Get strong enough to have an easy move in June/July to upgrade my home for cats (also have a clean home to display for pre-move) -Get strong enough to enjoy a day at an amusement park with my long-legged brother (get a tad slimmer to enjoy the epic rides a bit better)
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