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  1. Character Class: Rogue Hey sports fans, fellow cool-cats, and...snickers-bars...? (I couldn't think of anything great-sounding for the last one, heehe!) Friendly neighborhood Tabby-Cat, here! (^__~) Ya know, I almost forgot I joined this website. Golly. I was a major lurker for the longest time! WELL YA KNOW WHAT? I lurk no more! *Cue confetti, falling from ceiling, much fanfare* WOOT! In my bid to 'get my shiz together' (Which reaches it's height every new year, and rolls around every few months) I have decided to become an active member of a bunch of different forums, including this one! YAY! It's a way to keep myself accountable, I guess ya could say. Not to mention, it helps hone my writing skills and develop the discipline of writing every day (Which I'm trying to get better at, ESPECIALLY since I finally started a blog!) I wanna keep myself accountable not just for fitness, though. But also for every other aspect of life. So, I'll probably gripe about the occasional thing and talk about my addiction to all things coffee related *Nervous gulp*...it's uh...*Eye twitch* A problem. *Eyes nearby empty coffee cup* But, back to fitness! I'm a gal who definitely could be described as 'Skinny-Fat'. At 5' 2'', and 106 pounds, I've been told I look like a- well, like a gust of wind could blow me over, heheh! Not a lotta toughness in these ol' arms of mine! My boss frequently says, "You're killin' me, smalls." *Makes huffy sound* So my goal is to get toned, (^__^) To get a little muscle on me, ya know? And to DEFINITELY stop eating like a bear preparing for winter. I.E. Enough pizza to kill a hippo. And this site is full of so many wise, intelligent peeps, I know I'm gonna learn a lot from you all, on the way! And hopefully I can entertain with some of my adventures~ *Raises sword in the air, staggering beneath its weight* O-oof!
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