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Found 2 results

  1. The Story Until now (or the about me section) Last challenge went well. Not perfect, but so much better than the challenges before it. The Agents of Chaos last day of school is today, and this means a different level of chaos. Less activities, more being home, but I will still be working, but in the evenings and less days. However, this means I have time to really try and get myself together. However, summer classes half way through this challenge, but its only one class, but it is twice as fast. Plus summer means trying to keep Agents occupied and the garden being in full swing. The garden is only half in, and the clock is ticking. I have a million things that need done, a bunch of fun things planned, and in the end, I hope I can keep making progress in the right direction. My goals this challenge have changed slightly. Instead of just the same thing over from the challenge before, I have a few new habits I want to develop and life has changed. And if you don’t change with it, things will not go well. That being said, the next week or 2 are a transition, then I start back to school, which transitions again, then another transition half way through June. Here is working to a new routine that we will settle into easily. My challenge started Mon Okay, goals to work on May 20th because my spread sheet was ready and so was I. Now to get this up. Strength (2 pts) · Newer strength exercise (1pt) – Balance ball crunches This is great for my core and I really do feel it. Plus I have the ball so I may as well us it. · Continue other exercises (1pt) – I have done these all before. Time to get back to them. No hoping to reach a goal with them this time, just trying to do them. Doing all of them totals 1 pt. they don’t have to be done at the same time. o leg lifts o reverse sit ups o sit ups o Knee to elbows o pushups. o Balance ball push ups Flexibility (2 pts) · Newer stretch (1pt) – Warrior 1 When looking for another stretch, this one seemed interesting and I thought I could do it. So far, it’s going okay. Will have to see how my knees take it. · Continue previous stretches (1pt) –All of these help my back (which is not great due to an injury I took years ago) and wrists from carpal tunnel due to homework. These are Key o Wrist Extension o Dog and child yoga o Meditating Groot o butterfly o ballet bar (with the half wall) and Toe touch o Sitting fix/Shoulder stretch Life and Family (6.5 pts) · Soak Up The Sun (1pt) –Now that its warm, this should be easier to do. Goal is to just go outside and breathe for a second. No stressing, no worrying, just take a second and enjoy the day · Spend Time with Agents (1pt) – Should be easier now that they are home for the summer, but I want them to remember they are important. · Plan (1pt) –Make a plan at night for the next day. Otherwise, who knows what if anything will get done each day. · Bed by 11:30 (1pt) – Big goal, hopefully get back to energy mode and get enough sleep. Really, I just want to not wake up asking if I can go back to bed. · One Good Thing (1pt) – Remind myself good things happen. Every day · Walk gardens daily (.5 pt) –I need to walk the gardens and harvest, and weed and check for anything looking off. Ideally it should be twice a day, but once a day is the goal. Then the weeds won’t get as bad if I pull as I go. And its steps. · Do a brain dump daily (1 pt) – This is to help with my anxiety. My goal is just to start writing out everything swirling in my head and make a master list. I still have a notebook to write down things as it occurs to me, but this is a way to stop the spin and just figure out what needs done next. Fighting Chaos (3 pts) · Clean off Counter over dishwasher (1pt) –All the work I do, my kitchen still isn’t clean. But, its looking better the more spots I work on. I decided to do this one since we are getting ants in the sink and this should help that too. Plus the kitchen slowly going to be clean most days. · Keep other surfaces clean (1pt) –Spots I have proven to myself that take no real time to keep clean and I feel better when it is and things run smoother. I need to clean it once a day o Peninsula and island in kitchen o Clean the table and half wall o Clean my desk off o Clean my bathroom sink o Clean downstairs bathroom sink o Clean off Long dresser · Spend 5 minutes in at least one room (1pt) –These are places that need decluttered/organized and while It won’t happen overnight, if I spend 5 minutes (or 2 or 20) a day, it will get done. o Our bathroom (I finished the bedroom) o Computer room o Basement Keep Moving (2.5 pts) · Walk 10,500 Steps a day (1 pt) –Summer can get a bit harder to get my steps in since its so much easier to just sit around. Need to work on that and make sure I am doing STUFF. · Walk 15 minutes a day (1 pt) –This may be easier or harder. There will be no more walking to school, but hopefully at least one walk daily. · Walk to Mordor (.5 pt) –Made it to Rivendell last challenge. Hoping to make it to Lothlorien by end of the summer. UPDATE It daily (Prefer both on NF and my file, but at least my file). Fuel (4 pts) · No eating after dinner (.5 pt) –Time to end the “well, before I go to bed” snacks. I have gotten better, but still a good reminder · Log breakfast daily (.5 pt) –I need to get back to logging food, but logging all the meals is slightly overwhelming. Ideally I will log 1st and second breakfast, but at least first breakfast · Drink less than 3 bottles of tea (1 pt) –I am down to 2 a day most days, but not ready to go down to one. I can see me trying to do the whole “well, I have nothing going on” and drinking more. · Drink 120 oz of water a day (1 pt) –My water has gotten so much better, but still need to remember to do it · Intake goals(1 pt) –Blood results came back and the numbers were good with my potassium. Time to keep it up. o Eat Yogurt daily o Eat banana daily o Eat Dried apricots daily o Eat Breakfast o Eat Lunch This sounds about right for my life this challenge. Now off I go to do something
  2. Hey, everybody! I'm new here, but I wanted to share an achievement I'm pretty excited about. Tomorrow, I test for my red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Assuming I pass, that means I only have one belt before testing for my black belt. Over ten years ago, my wife talked me in to trying a tae kwon do class at a local school. I wound up dropping out before I took my first promotion test. Years later, I went back when my daughter wanted to start. It has been several years since I went back, and there have been times when I've taken a break for a few months. But I am really excited to reach this milestone.
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