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Found 3 results

  1. Big mood right here. With health, with finances, with everything. Quest: Lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021 [46 weeks] Progress: 0lbs Sub Quests: - Aim for 1700 calories / day Track calories daily Veggie or fruit with lunch + dinner 1 starch per meal (2 slices of toast, 1 cup rice, 1 cup pasta, 1 medium potato, 1 serving cereal) - 2 extra movements / week Good Morning Workout weekday mornings Cozy Up Sofa Workout once during work day Walks on Saturday + Sunday - Do something creative every day (paint, doodle, digital art) Passive Habits > 2L water / day > Floss + brush teeth every night This challenge is about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to move forward (as it always is). I want to apply this to multiple parts in my life. I really want to keep chiseling away at the definition of my ideal life and what I will need to do to make that a possibility. In my ideal life I have a fantastic relationship with food. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I appreciate my food and enjoy every bite. In my ideal life I am a strong and able woman. My body is useful and can do many things. I get to spend more time outside doing active things and exploring nature. My gyms are lakes, oceans, forests, beaches, meadows, mountains, and deserts. In my ideal life Mr.R and I don't need to work a traditional Mon to Fri 9-5pm. We have time to do things we want to do and the resources in place to do those things. We live a flexible life where the jobs we choose to work are because we think they are fun. In my ideal life I am creative and make fun, bold, colourful paintings that invoke feelings of whimsy and nostalgia. I experiment and play with my art. Ideal Me I am continuing my goals for eating at a calorie deficit and getting more active minutes. I am asking myself a little mental checklist of questions when I eat... especially if it is impromptu snacking. On top of my 90mins of exercise from horseback riding I am looking to do 2 more active things (ideally this will add up to 1 extra hour of exercise). I am thinking my main form of exercises will be walking or DDR. Ideal Life I am taking steps towards getting other streams of income aside from my day job. I started investing in 2020 and last challenge I took the leap and set up an Etsy shop. This whole small business thing is scary but also exciting! It will help me gain money for my investments and I am hoping it will help burn some of my random pandemic energy which might help me snack less. Plus its creative! My first goal for the store is 160 sales so that I can use that money to purchase an iPad Pro + apple pen. That goal seems huge right now haha but if you don't try then it won't happen right? My very good friend was actually my first sale on Etsy! I am very appreciative towards her because this has been such a learning experience and now I only need 159 sales! I am also going to take my original art more seriously and really work on being more creative in my life by painting, doodling and making "sticker" designs. I am looking to get my online portfolio up and running and I can put stuff up for sale on their too. 2021-02-08: 250lbs (Zero week starting) 2021-02-11: 249.6lbs 2021-02-18: 252.6lbs 2021-02-25: 252.2lbs 2021-03-04: 248.2lbs 2021-03-11: 2021-03-18: Sales Goal: 2/160
  2. Battle Log Previous Challenge Overall I was very happy with last months challenge. It was my first time getting back into it in a while and I feel like I nailed it. I also felt really busy. This challenge is designed to push me farther AND still give me more free time. Sort of. I'll be going back to the gym. I'm also hoping to set up a routine that will be somewhat sustainable over the next few months when I have a new baby in the house. Ya, it's going to get interesting. The new bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive on April 4th. And I'm not going to lie, things really went down hill for me fitness wise when our first was born. But that was also around a time that a LOT happened in life including a big move and a big job change. Hopefully I can keep on track this time. ON THE CHALLENGE!!! Fitness and Health: 1a) Go to the Gym after work (scored out of 12) -I will go to the gym after work each day I work (3 days a week). -I'll be doing a push pull legs routine. -if there is a work meeting after work I will not go the gym so as to get enough sleep -Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1b) Angry Birds on Wednesdays (scored out of 4) -Angry birds will simply be a stop gap because 4 days off is a long time. 2) Biking Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri (Scored out of 16) -Tue/Thur will be HITT style. 2 min low, 1 min High -Wed/Fri will be the same as what I did last month, going for max distance -this will be done while watching TV shows for the duration of the show (40-45 min) 3) Track Food in MFP and stay within 0-500 Calories Under goal (scored out of 26) Life: 1) Serve 10 Clients or have 10 tickets in the month -Last months challenge was to spend 15 minutes on my business every day, this meant that I would spread simple tasks to two days or do things that didn't really need doing just so I could say I did something. -This will force me to focus on what's important: Finding and serving clients -I hope to do some FaceBook advertising, and get my website out there more. I might also advertise more on Kijiji (Craigslist type site) Well, there we have it. Shifting my main Strength workouts to the weekend when I'm already out of the house will allow me to relax more during my days off. "Relax" - work on business, work on house projects, work in the yard, and maybe even get out to the travel trailer that is in sore shape.
  3. Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm looking for find my Jedi Council. I'm hoping to find people who can have done any of the following things to help me out and be helped out in return, hopefully. Starting a small Business - I'm currently working on starting a small home business doing computer repair. Anyone with experience running a business would be great to talk to! Big bonus points if you did so in Canada so the rules and laws will be the same. I want to do this all on the up and up.Weight loss - I've got weight to lose. I know how to do, I've done it before and even helped others do it, but then I got lazy, gained it back. Really just looking for other people to journey withComputer Repair/IT - I know there are dedicated forums for this all over the web, but just someone to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck working on clients PC, or even just to vent to for stupid issuesCool people to chat with?Business Accounting - This might just go with the first one, but anyone that knows a lot about Business accounting in Canada. If you have experience with any of these and feel like becoming my mentor, I would be forever grateful. Or if you feel I could be of any help to you in anything, just let me know (I've always wanted to be a Jedi master!!) Y-Not (Tony)
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