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Found 11 results

  1. So I haven’t given up. I don’t feel I am getting anywhere, but hey, I am still here and last challenge went pretty well. Spoiler has basic background info. So winter is very much here. While it will warm up at the beginning of the challenge, that doesn’t make the things coming up easier, but rather harder. The good news is, my dad is returning to work this week for the first time since his stroke. My birthday is in this challenge and we are in our new normal of what things will be with my parents. The family drama is still here and I am actually kinda of worried about
  2. Not the best title for a challenge, but honestly, I haven’t given up yet. This is not going to be a fun gif challenge, but more a “I just need to keep trying but I really like the idea of giving up” challenge. Spoiler has the basic background, but basically, I am just trying to remember that trying is worth something. The big thing that isn’t in that spoiler was my dad had a small stroke the Monday after Thanksgiving, and that changed everything. He’s doing better now, but we still have a long road to get from where we are to where he wants to be and when things return to whatever no
  3. Well I'll start it off with today even though I did better yesterday Work in progress that I will update later further along in the day. No breakfast Lunch: A slice of extra cheese pizza, some leftover steak, and ~half a can of LeSueur sweet peas /w less sodium 500mL bottle of water x3 Dinner: Will be making paleo spaghetti for the first time. (I bought some regular spaghetti noodles in case I don't like the squash). Posted picture of spaghetti have 5 bowls leftover! Was quite yummy!
  4. I know that I've been yo-yo-ing here on challenges a lot lately, but I think I figured it all out. I stretched myself a bit too thin, trying to take on too many things at once. So, I'm here to start from the very beginning, with what I know works best for me . Because in the end, all that matters is what works for me. And so here it is: I'm going to start my official Kamen Rider Training. Yeah, I know it's pretty obnoxious and childish, but it can get me really excited and motivated (read: HYPED). Part of my goals for the year include being much more authentic, even over here on th
  5. This will be the second time that I've re-spawned here. I'm not really upset about it. In fact, I'm quite excited. There's almost no better feeling that a fresh, clean start. I've struggled for the past six to seven years to get this right, but I've finally come to truly realize and accept that "right" and "perfect" don't matter, only what works for me. I have a tendency to do too many things at once, big or small. I stretch myself too thin, keeping up with so many places where I've set goals. I forget what those goals are very easily. I lose sight of my commitments, and therefore
  6. This will be the first time (I recall) not taking a break during Week Zero. I'm rolling with the same basic habits that I was working on last challenge (and practically forgot to keep tracking). I've added a few more ways to gain bonus points, but they're not really required. Just some things I would like to work on once the basics get easier. Eat Well: Continue brown bagging lunches on work days. Bonus points for eating at home on the weekends and in the mornings. Sleep Well: Be in bed by 10:30pm. Bonus points for staying up after alarm in the mornings. Move Daily: Conti
  7. Lets start with Today. I had an omelette for lunch, egg and onion. It was delicious.I emptied my email inbox (over 900!!).I replied to an email that I've been meaning to do for 3 months.I downloaded all of the stuff that I will need for the rest of my course, assuming I havent failed.I posted on here.I soaked my new piercings.I was on time to work.I had a pretty good day. Small steps. Just keep swimming and breathing and we'll be fine.
  8. I had no idea I would relate to Gnomes in such a way until I read NF's 15 common mistakes article. I do this all the time, with everything...step 1. collect all the info on subject! step 2. ??? Step 3. Magically Be a better Parent, person, more fit, smaller, whatever. I've never quite made it to step 3. So, it's time to gather the best underpants, and wear them! I will be a Gnome no more, but the Satyr I was meant to be! (Never knew I could be a Satyr either until another NF page said I could. Satyrs don't know what to do with underpants either, but I imagine some have quite a collection
  9. Hello my name is Theatresara and I am a workaholic. This fact has driven the better part of my past year, especially the past few months. I've lost track of how to take care of myself, how to say no to work, and what it means to actually have a relationship with the people in my life except for the ones I work with day in and out. Because of all of this, it's back to basics for me. I need to not obsess over going paleo or working out all the time or anything like that. Right now, it's all about the small steps to build habits that'll stick with me, even when I'm working 100 hours/week.
  10. Sometimes, a hero is a hero because they choose something that makes them so. They're self-assured, confident, sure of themselves. People look up to heroes, they shine. They have an inner light. I was a hero once. I lost my way. I Lost that light, that spark, that confidence. I got injured. While it's not quite taking an arrow to the knee, my knee problems have always given me trouble since they started after the injury, sapped my confidence. My will. It's time I started getting that back. it's time I started gaining confidence and control of my life, so I can be that hero again. "There
  11. Hello! No one was in the top spot for this team so I snagged it...because I think it will help me be more accountable. I'm more likely to do things for other people than myself. Here is my initial thread: I'm getting ready to search for the listed members, but if you see this first please add your thread to it so we can see what our challenges are. I would have to say that my first small step is remembering to do this 'getting healthy' thing. I have created many bad habits over the years that have become true habits...and I forget that I want to change them, usually after I've eaten
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