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  1. I have thought about how to get out of my funk and found an easy cure: new beginnings are what I live for. so today I start a new challenge. the game is to get out of different wards in a hospital, win and move in with the girls or lose and dissolve slowly at "Shady Pines" orthopedic goals: walk a minimum of 30km each week. Do this just like last challenge, by hiking 2 to 3 times with dogs and friend and moving the dog daily. do an early evening session 3x/week of the NF bw circuit or kettlebell workout. I may be alternating
  2. Hi Everyone. Been lurking for a while. Decided I wouldn't join until I chucked my vape. I smoked for years. Then I went to vaping. Vaped for years. Then I switched from 18mg of nicotine to 12. Then from 12 to 6 three months later and then from 6 to 3mg. Then on to zero! 15 months all told from "Reduce" to "Quit". I've been nicotine free for 4 months as of today. The mechanical habit has also really dried up as well since going zero. A week ago I decided that today would be a logical day to give it all up, even if it was nic free. Chucked my kit
  3. Hi there. Hope to receive some help. Will tell you my short story. I was a heavy smoker and one day I've decided to give up that habit. It was 2 weeks ago. I was doing my best to manage, but now I'm almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I became too nervous and too irritating. I started eating too much, but then I've realized that I didn't want to be fat and ugly. I decided to go to the gym to leave my energy and bad emotions somewhere. BUt guess what? I came to the gym with vape. One of my friends recommended it to me and I thought it would be a good alternative not to smok
  4. Greetings! Just finished reading up on this 4 Week Challenge plan, so let’s give it a shot. First, a quick introduction. I posted earlier in ‘Rebel Introductions’, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. My name’s Chris. I’m (almost) 32 years old. Currently active duty military in the Navy. Looking to shed some weight and become a legitimate parkour athlete. Currently catching up on “Game of Thrones” (NO SPOILERS!!! I’m only halfway through season 5.) Replaying “Horizon: Zero Dawn” to get ready for the new DLC. And working my way through “The Wheel of Time” series (NO
  5. Duhigg's habit formation process has been working extremely well for me. So far, I have achieved: KH1: Exercise 7 days/wk. Never missed a day since 11/17/16 KH2: No M (Something private). Kept everyday since 12/28/16 KH3: No RR (road rage). Kept everyday since 02/07/17 Although the above habits were difficult and all required a lot of effort, they pale in difficulty next to my biggest demon, which is smoking. KH4 will be the keystone habit of NOS (no smoking). I quit smoking on Mar 7, 2017 and I will be using this challenge to keep my focus on ensuring that
  6. Although it's the fall season, in terms of phases of my life, I've realized I've been in a season where I've done a shitty job taking care of myself. Not physically, my lifting goals are chugging along, and while diet can always be more consistent (might sneak a goal in on that front actually), apparently there's more to being a whole and healthy person than picking up iron bars and putting them down again (sounds wrong, I know, personal worth and your wilks score are supposed to be interchangeable!). This month I'll be channeling my inner hobbit because those guys have life figured out.
  7. So I'm finally posting my new challenge! I've already started today, but finishing the last one yesterday buggered up the preparation side somewhat. So without further ado.... Why have one festival themed challenge when you can have two? At the end of week 1 I'm off to Ramblin' Man Fair: Not a camping weekend this time, just two day tickets, so shouldn't be quite such a pause in my goals for this. I love a bit of classic rock and prog, so this should be a great weekend out with my Dad. To Goals! The Final Countdown - 25XP
  8. Officially met the bench mark of 1 month of NOS (No Smoking). Mar 11 - April 11 How I did it: 1) Built up a bunch of small successes unrelated to smoking in the 3 months prior to my quit. Most of these were fitness related. That built up my confidence. 2) Started taking Wellbutrin. Not sure how big an affect this had. I tried it before and failed to quit. But I was using it this time so it probably helped. 3) Committed to quitting and stayed focused. Decided this was my only measure of success for the last month. Everything in life was second to this. 4)
  9. Well, I was doing pretty well on the "not smoking" front, but it's exam week and I was really jonesing for one...or a whole pack. I'm giving myself until the end of my semester on Friday to smoke, and then it's over! Forever! I'm getting rid of my lighters, I'm not buying more cigarettes, it's just not going to happen. But it's hard!
  10. So I figured since I have been dorking around on this site a whilke it is time to make a log and put a little solidarity to my goals. I have a tendancy to be flighty A little back story... I spent almost 3 years working steady night shift and fully living on nights. I usually spent my off days in my basement playing games so as to not wake the rest of the house. I also have a very very sedentary job, like I can't believe they pay me to be here sedentary. So all those factors led to me being very weak, out of shape and flabby. Back in March 2014 I had my moment when I had to dig some pet
  11. I had been a smoker for about 4 years, a pack a week until about six months ago. My religion was telling me to take better care of myself and I listened. With my own strong will, I stopped smoking cold turkey on December 21st. I'm pretty darn proud of myself!
  12. About the time I started working at McDonald's, I suddenly lost the desire to drink pop. I've been sticking with it ever since. I quit smoking much the same way a few years ago. I've also started eating salads at work for my employee meal. I've just been levelling up all over.the place! I finally.checked my credit score, and this month will be my first payment towards play tuition so I can go back to school. Guess.who feels like a real grown-up?
  13. I half-failed in my previous attempt at a 6 week challenge, I stopped completely after about a week when people started cutting into my workout times. I think I was trying to move too fast, too soon. However, it wasn't all for nothing. In the time since I began my first quest, I have partially achieved some of my goals. 1. I have dramatically cut down my smoking to about 7 cigarettes per day. This may seem like a lot, but a month ago on August 13th, I was smoking a pack and a half to two a day. That is equivalent to 30-40 cigarettes in a 24 hour period. and 2. I did not drink pop
  14. So about 6 weeks ago I decided to actually do something about the way I looked and felt - for real this time. - Joined a gym through awesome discount at job (works out to about $24 per month with a rebate, which is fricking fantastic in NYC) and have been going at least twice a week, if not 3-4 times. May not be the highest intensity workout ever, but at least I'm not sitting on my ass. - Made it a thing to eat all my CSA veggies and generally eat less crap and take out (especially for lunch). - And probably most importantly, I quit smoking. From a pack a day to an e-cig to nothing at
  15. I'm new today I just joined the Rebellion today after following the blog for a few weeks. I am a science teacher in London so a total nerd, although I have an active social life. I have was motivated to do something about my health as I have started to become a heavier and heavier smoker, and after 10 years of smoking I wanted to destroy that filthy habit but wanted to focus on exercise and diet that would keep my metabolism up (it drops when you quit smoking). I hate the quit smoking websites as they are all about "NOT SMOKING" (its impossible to keep trying NOT to do something without focusi
  16. This is my first challenge, looking to -kick smoking, -get back into a bodyweight routine 3 times a week, -get back on the paleo dietPretty big goals to be taking all on at once but hoping to find a good accountabuddy to help aswell as encourage other adventurers. Living and working in South London, UK STARTING POINT STATS:Weight: 77kgHeight: 5'8"Max Reps: Push ups x20, chin ups x5, plank 4 minutesCigarettes (daily): x15Cigarettes (my girlfriend): x10Photos: (will up load this week)Diet: Very un-paleoEND GOALS: Weight: 70kg Height: 5'8" (wish I could get taller!!) Max Reps: Push ups x30, c
  17. Hey folks! Not sure if it's an appropriate 'woot topic' seeing as I haven't technically achieved anything but I'm feeling good about it... Aside from the 'Woot-factor' of just having joined NerdFitness and taking the steps to improve my life in the last couple of days... I just quit smoking *dances* Cheers, Jimmy.
  18. So here we are ... I've pressed start, I've created my character, I've read the game manual ... Time to get started! What's this? A tutorial level?! But I want to start NOW. Tutorial Quest #1: Consume With Intent (+2 WIS, +1 STA) My bag slots are not limitless, and I must consider carefully before eating and drinking. I'm tracking my reasons for eating (irrespective of the calorie count). To determine why I eat and when I eat, I'm asking myself the following questions. At the end, I'll have a comprehensive log of when and why I'm consuming my resources. Am I hungry?Is this a scheduled
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