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Found 14 results

  1. Is anyone planning to participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge? Its a world wide competition that you go to a gym around you and submit your numbers. The events are: Deadlift; 3 attempts at a one rep max Pull ups; 1 attempt at max reps, strict KB Snatch; 5 min max reps each arm I'm planning to go to Victory Fitness in Greenwood, IN to compete.
  2. Welcome to the Nerd Fitness Snatch Leaderboard. Below you will find the top Snatch lifts (that been reported) on the Nerd Fitness Forum organized by Sinclair Total. For more information about the Sinclair Coefficient, go here. Please note Sinclair is not meant to be mix genders so there is a male and female Leaderboard. Also, I know Sinclair is supposed to be for an Olympic Total, but we figured there would no harm in using it individually. The following are the rules for using the Nerd Fitness Leaderboards. You must have at least 50 posts - We don't want random people just showing u
  3. Going back to Snatching a few times a week this year. I might do it from the hang for a while to get my technique down. Any tips?
  4. Goals: 1) Play with snatch I'm gonna pick up a pair of 10 lb bumpers so I can play with my snatch in the garage without destroying the floor. Oh. And there's that thing about a bodyweight bench so I'll still be working on that I guess. So goal 2 I guess. And next week I'm switching back to being a daywalker... I transferred shifts at work so I'm abruptly switching my schedule and gonna try to survive the switch from getting up at 2 pm to getting up at... like, 4-5 am. Ick. And the tomatoes are coming. And I've got a shit ton of beans already
  5. Hi All! I recently got the bug to compete and decided to sign up for my first USAW weightlifting meet. It's scheduled on November 8, so I have a few months to prepare for it. Anyone have experience with oly meets? Any advice for a noob to the meet scene? Thanks! Nicc
  6. Main goal: be a professional competitive kettlebeller! It's been a while since my last challenge! In the meantime I've finished my internship (which kept me away from here) and I also competed at the amateur level at the world championships of kettlebellsport. It was awesome. And I want more! And I want to do better. So here I am, with a very simple challenge setup! Progress video with 24kg, only need to do 50 extra reps per hand for a spot on the podium! Simple because I just need to get back into training a lot. It doesn't really matter yet what I do, as long as I'm doing stuff! So
  7. I have procasted nerdfitness for quite some time now so now its time to take revenge. started late so this will be a 4week challenge only Fitness goals: #1 - KB Training at least 3 times pr week (have a kb certification examn at the end of september (2*12 jerk @32kg and 100 snatches @24kg so need to get moving #2 30/30 squat challenge & 7/30 hang challenge every day for the rest of the challenge (have 2 ido portal workshops in september so need to be prepared #3 Practice yoga at least 5 times pr week Lifestyle goal: #1 Post update at nerd fitness every day for the rest of the ch
  8. Preemptive TL;DR: Where/how do I program snatches into 5/3/1?Do I add it to the regular 4 lifts or replace one of the lifts with it?Are snatch grip deads, snatch high pulls AND snatches redundantWhat generally effects OHP more: push press or incline press?What has been your experience with floor presses? Ok so when I'm excited about being in the gym, I tend to look forward at future programming. I'm currently on my 2nd cycle of 5/3/1 with my current workouts looking like this: Workout A Press 5/3/1 Pull/Chin Ups between Press sets - pulls to balance the pressing and bicep/back work CGBP (3
  9. Quite a straightforward challenge for me this time round, and something of a natural follow on from my last challenge where I fell short of my goals for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Starting Stats: As of 10 April 2014. Bodyweight: 88.7kg Bodyfat %: ??% Snatch: 82kg Clean & Jerk: 100kg Clean: 110kg Back Squat: 182kg Front Squat: 140kg Deadlift: 200kg Bench: 95kg Also worth pointing out that I'm on a calorie deficit of about 250-300 day as I cut down to the 85kg weight class. I ran the whole of the last challenge on a ~500 calorie deficit as the muscle I have put on since the sta
  10. Main Goal: Become world champion in kettlebell sport. (shooting for the stars!) Where I'm at: Since joining NF in june last year I went to my first international competition, finished my kettlebell-trainer degree + physical tests, set up a small group training, found 12 people crazy enough to train with me and won the dutch national championships. Unfortunately lately I've been struggling a lot and my challenges have been suffering. Therefore this challenge will be focused on getting back on track! Goal 1: 90% of success is showing up! Though it's been an important step to plan a
  11. I took the last challenge off because I was too busy living my life to come online and participate here. Things have settled down a bit so I'm back into it! Goal 1 - Weight loss (CON 2 | CHA 1) So I don't fit into my uniform that I'm expected to wear in the last week of this challenge... My quads and hamis are too big, so I'm hoping with a bit of fat loss they will fit! * Lose 3kg * Goal: 79kg * Stretch goal: 77kg (5kg loss) Goal 2 - Running (DEX 2.5 | STA 2.5) I used to be a big runner, but after an overuse injury I threw it all in for strength training and CrossFit. I have a
  12. Hi everyone. Could you have a look at my most recent Clean and Jerk/Snatch? I was working up to a max for each, I hit 190 on the C&J which was a 5 lb PR for me. I did it twice, it felt a little like my arms weren't locking out, but you can't really see it in the video. My snatch was horrible today, I feel like I keep losing it in the front. It looks like I'm not using any hips/legs to do the snatch and my arms are bending a bit early. I couldn't hit 135 on the snatch (I had a 150 snatch on Monday, when I did it before the C&J), so I backed off the weight and started power snatchi
  13. I should start by saying that I'm a Ranger. Well, a Warrior trying to disguise herself as a Ranger! But really, my strengths are in lifting and I really feel like focusing on what I love this challenge - Olympic lifting! Main Quest: To get body weight Olympic lifts! (Obviously this is a work in progress!!) Current body weight: 86.6kg/191lbs (14/9/13) Height: 183cm (6'0) of freaky femurs and positive ape index! (Being all limbs makes lifting a rather interesting adventure!) Current PRs: Clean & Jerk: 60kg/132lbs Clean: 65kg/143lbs Jerk: 65kg/143lbs Snatch: 45kg/99lbs Bench p
  14. "Well well well, what do we have here, an AWOL ODST trooper returning back to Firebase Alpha." This is my quiet little re-entry back in to the world of Nerd Fitness, proper strength training, the Warriors Guild and finding an income. I'll try to stick by the challenge script. For a bit of a background, as of the 18th of Sept, I'll have been without employment for a whole 365, an achievement which hasn't appeared on my XBOX, gone through the drag of 6 months of failed job applications and interviews and of not having daily objectives to achieve, went back to university to start a Masters in
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