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  1. Why hello there! I'm Shrilaraune, which in the Drow language means "Silent Death Diviner"--a rather apt name for an assassin (And incidentally a sage as well!). This will be my first challenge as a member of a guild, but thanks to a lot of support--Maaya, I'm looking at you--I'm ready! Are you? You're not. You're really not. So from previous weight loss successes I've had, I realize that I am best motivated when I bribe myself. With money. That's right folks, I am quite nearly morally bankrupt. But I want success more than I want morals--Frank Underwood may be my spirit animal--so I'll be bribing myself. Thanks much. Here's the plan: Challenge 1: Harder to Kill +5 Str +3 Sta (Too generous?? I have no sense of proportion or points!): A Strength Routine/circuit that looks a little something like this: 1) Total Body Explosive (Kettlebell swings all day, e'erday) 2) Upper Body Vertical Pulling (Chin ups, pull ups, etc. Can't actually do these so I'll be training up with this) 3) Lower Body Pushing (squats. No Gym, but the Kettlebell will probably help) 4) Core/Pillar (Planks. Maybe some weighted fun.) 5) Upper Body Horizontal Push (Can overhead presses work?) 6) Lower Body Hip Dominant (Deadlifts--my knees love them) 7) Cardio Filler (Jump rope? That's a lie. I'll probably run. In place.) The goal is to do these at least 3x a week. That's an A. And for each time I do, I can spend $10 on something I want. Challenge 2: Eat like I mean it + 2 Con +5 Wisdom: I finally bought myself a food scale and accidentally stumbled upon My Fitness Pal's recipe import feature. Like I said, you aren't ready. I have a selection of really delicious recipes that I'm going to rotate through for the next 6 weeks. I know their caloric value, so I won't really have worry too much when I start LOGGING EVERYTHING WITH MY FITNESS PAL. I told you you weren't ready. My bribe? TBD. Any ideas? Extra goals: So I'm thinking 40 oz of water before every meal. What do you think? As for stretching...mayhaps something light in the mornings? I don't want to overwhelm myself with new stuff. So that's it. *mike drop* Bai baes.
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