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  1. A blow requires follow through to produce power. I've never properly followed a training plan approaching a race, but working towards my first full marathon I can't afford to slack off. Inspired by awesome women, yet again. Goal #1: Marathon training 3x/week Following the Jeff Galloway plan, with walking intervals. Goal #2: Meal prep, continued This worked really well for me last challenge. Goal #3: Support the training Multiple things here: Stronglifts 1-2x/week (1x if I have soccer that week) Would also like to hit 1x/week active alternative -- could be a walk, rock climbing, swimming. Whatever I feel like. Bonus Goal #1: 8 hours sleep/night Because I'm still struggling with this one. Bonus Goal #2: Abstain from alcohol 4 days/wk As the stress at work gets to me, I'm finding myself wanting to drink more. But I know it affects my sleep quality and detracts from my workouts. Especially my Saturday morning run. Bonus Goal #3: Post on mine +2 threads daily Want to get more engaged with the community this time around.
  2. Meesa finds the basics (Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes) [Level 7] So after all the things that happened through the last 2 challenges I have a new job. I am midway through my first week (which is in the challenge break week) and I want to start right to continue well. 2 things that are important to not is that I am starting a bit over again and that means a pretty decent pay cut until at least June; and although the hours are technically 830-5 it is expected that you work overtime to get your work done (as such they have a policy one Friday a month if you've worked ~15 minutes overtime every other day that month it is a half day). But I don't mind overtime if I actually have work to do. I am more about getting the work done. As such I'm having a bit of a reset. In my last challenge I did pretty much everything I wanted but without having a proper schedule my eating was a bit all over the place and I was falling back into bad habits. Now I am hoping to start my new job with good habits so I can continue them. I will be focusing on 4 Areas Heads and Shoulder, Knees and Toes (my metaphor is a stretch but go with me) Heads: I will get my head screwed on straight and eating well to give me fuel and fire. I will be going with my same sort of eating plan for now Breakfast ~ 630 Snack ~ 1045 Lunch ~ 1300 Snack ~ 1545 Snack ~ 1800 Dinner ~ 2000 Shoulders: I will lose the weight I planned for in the last challenge to "Lessen the weight on my shoulders"... go with me on that line. Knees: I will go to the gym 3+ days a week (gym sessions can be replaced with a run if I really want to be outside; but not by a preplanned soccer game where I play in goals). I will continue working on both my Bodyweight Exercises and my Weights exercises. By the end of the challenge I will be able to get off my knees for 5 reps of push ups and/or make the elusive jump to a 50kg squat and as a bonus move up to the next level on my box jump (60cm). Toes: I will clock up at least 15km per week of cardio; this could be running, bike, rower, treadmill, eliptical, or soccer where I play on the pitch. I will not my including any kms clocked for just walking around even though my fitbit will. i really want to focus on actual cardio with intensity so I can start getting ready for the all the running my coach said we will do in pre-season in Jan (kill me now).tl;dr Eat food at the right times Lose the next bunch of weight Hit the gym regularly Get some runs on the board (bad cricket reference).
  3. Hi Everyone. (feel free to scroll to the bottom for the real goals) Time for a proper introduction. I've previously posted in the Assassin's forum but this challenge isn't very assassin-y and I probably need a but of a focus reset. My real name is Diana - I'm coming up on the big quarter century in January next year and to be honest I'm having a bit of a freak out. I've kinda been floating along through life mildly successfully but not overly. Early last year I changed jobs and immediately went backwards in kinda everything - my health started to get worse; i started yoyoing with my weight and mental health. This month we parted ways under some really stressful circumstances leaving me with what feels like the most ridiculously food; stress and sleep hangover and without a job. I'm not too concerned about finding the next job so much as the right one so I will be taking the chance to sit back and reset both my health and my life. I'm also really bad at saving because of the same reason I eat junk food - I was dealing with my mental health issue by buying and eating. Which is bad. The other side of the coin is that last year I randomly decided to start playing soccer after falling back in love with the sports that I haven't liked since I was a child. For no apparent reason (probably the fact that I am REALLY loud) the (now ex-) coach put me on goals and I fell in love with the position - even though I sucked the whole way through my first year because they just never got around to teaching me. I've just finished my second season now and I still adore it. But after realizing how much weight I put on I mentioned to my coach how much I was planning on losing as a start; and he was both super supportive and demanding enough to hold me to it. The problem for me is not so much amount or intensity of exercise but the food I am eating. All my problems boil down to two things lack of self control and lack of organisation. If I can work on fixing these then the rest will start to come on its own. And I finally have some some time frames that I plan to lose this weight by. My best friend lives in Denmark now and will be visiting in late December - and I plan on losing 12kg buy the time she arrives which would put me close enough to ideal weight for my height (and about 4 in this challenge specifically which would put me at 75/6). The soccer season is currently over so I will be having a number of different exercise types. On Saturday morning it is boxing; at some point at the end of September indoor soccer will start up again and I plan on getting in about 4-5 exercise sessions a weeks. and make sure I am hitting my step goal on Fitbit 6/7 days a week. (The First Week this goal will be 10k as I will be on holidays at my parents house; but after that will be 13k) And as I such I will be dropping my food budget to $150 a week which allows me to buy and cook good food and eat out occasionally. I will be tracking my food either through Fitbit or MFP and post the totals at the end of the week And I will be focusing on making sure I tidy and keep my house and stay organised and don't buy things I won't need. I have a purchases list on my home PC of things I'll be purchasing in the next few months most of them are things like car rego; but I also have some sporting memberships. For every exercise session I'm going to put $5 in a jar that I will use to save up to buy a something I have not yet decided on. TL;DR This Challenge I will aim to; lose 4kghave 4-5 exercise sessions a week and put aside $5 per exercise sessions for something to be decided onreach my steps goal 6/7days a weeknot spend over my food budgetkeep my house tidy; focusing kitchen and not throwing my clothes on the floor and making my bed.
  4. Hi Everyone You won't have seen me around the challenge boards for a while. My life gets very insane during the middle of soccer season. Plus I go into winter hibernation and have no desire to do anything beyond my normal routine. The other things is that most of my goals become about not conceding goals and winning game which is very much out of my control and are therefore hard to stick to and very depressing when I'm being strict with myself. (I'll put some background at the bottom of this post) I've managed to keep up my soccer training (with a bit of time out for a cold; managed not to miss a single game); and I did join a gym and have been pretty consistent with going at least 2-3 times a week (apart from during the aforementioned cold). So I'm back (a little late because I forgot to check the timings) to try for some non-exercise related health goals and one continuous life goal witha couple of small ones tacked on Health With this challenge my fitness commitments are pretty much set so I will be focussing on the things in my life I need to fix to make those show more (food; organisation; cleanliness). I will be aiming to have a giant cook up this weekend that should give me 2-3 weeks worth of pre-cooked mains (assuming that 2 days a week I will have some time to cook) and I will either cook some frozen veges or make a salad to supplement this. I'm not aiming for specific food groups or amounts of carbs/fat/protein; rather more of the good stuff. I moved back home for about 6 months when I was about 20/21 and eating all the good food my parents and I were cooking for 3 of us and I noticed I did lose a bit of weight with no exercise (it would have been better if I wasn't eating junk at work even when I worked with them). Now I'm noticing a real difference with the amount of exercise I do so I think trying to get back to that diet would be great. I'm also really disorganised around the house for a number of reasons. Partly because My house is small and gets cluttered easily; partly because I'm so busy I don't always have the time; mostly because I'm just disorganised. So I will be focussed on spending weekends throughout this challenge decluttering and cleaning out of each area of my house (Kitchen; Bedroom; Bathroom; Study area; Living Area). I have a one bedroom apartment so there is significant overlap between the areas so what happens is I clean one and just move the clutter to the other part of the area. That cleaning is the big part; but I also need to focus on daily routine (including the cleaning part). I will focus on Opening the curtains; making my bed; remembering to take medications/vitamins; having enough time to do things like hair and make up rather than throwing on a beanie and some moisturiser (remembering to brush my teeth before I go to work; I usually do it there); hanging my towels and stuff; having breakfast/pre training snack as a morning routine; taking my lunch/snacks for work. As an evening routine I want to focus on: sorting my clothes into needs to be washed and has another more wear in it; making sure I have food for tomorrow and that all the dishes are washed and in the drying rack; that all the mail is sorted into things I need or into the bin. I also need the weekly tasks; doing my washing and putting it away; taking out the rubbish and (mainly) recycling on a regular basis; cleaning floors. The one extra fitness thing I want to focus on is getting my step count up. Due to the fact the in the gym I mostly focus on weights and in soccer training/games I don't run that much because I focus on the stopping of goals rather than the scoring of them; my step count drops off. this time last year I was consistently doing arounf 15k a day but some days barely scrape 10k this year. So I want to focus for this challenge on meeting my goal of 13k 6/7 days (the one day off is because on game day I don't want to do too much extra stuff and if I pull my sleeves up because its hot I have to take my fitbit off because it counts at jewelery; if I have them down the refs can't see and I am allowed to wear it). I will have home cooked meals for 4/5 workdays and 1/2 weekend days and not consume the processed 'bad foods' on those days. I will not order takeaway because I am bored or lazy. I will declutter and clean all areas of my apartment over the weekends in the challenge so that my apartment is more manageable I will complete my morning and evening routines 6/7 days a week. And all the weekly tasks in timely manner. Reach step goal of 13k steps 6/7 days a week Life I have a consistent problem with saving. I focus a lot on the big purchases I need to make/comit myself too and completely forget about my day to day purchases. I have a number of big expenses coming up in the next 2-3 months but I also really need to save so I will be focusing on cutting down my food budget (because I spend too much on junk food) I want to spend no more than $150 a week on food with a + $30 if its also sort of entertainment like going to the pub with a friend and getting a meal there. I know this weekend I will likely spend more because I will be trying to cook for 3 weeks. But the next week will be less because I will be eating from the freezer a lot so it will average out. (I will also be spending a few days visting my parents at their beach house in week so no food spending but I will need to spend some on a cab home from the airport). I also want to make no purchases beyond the ones I have planned over this challenge (beyond the obvious food ones). I have a big event I am going to in early Sept and I would like to be able to be a little more girly and have nice nails - which means I have to stop biting them in the next 6 weeks. My current plan for that is to make sure they're painted. Keep within my food budget No unplanned purchases Stop biting nails. Some background about my soccer team is that we cannot get off the bottom of the ladder. Even though I have greatly improved - we have a new coach that thought it might be a good idea to teach the goal keeper (who was making it up a she[me] went along what the basics were. As a result I have developed a certain style which works really well with out defence and with my personality. Our defence has gotten really awesome and I work really well with them - our problem is now that we can't score and lose the ball far to often at the halfway point and the defenders and I get run ragged and our opposition get too many shots on goal. They shoot enough and they're going to score. I have some definite areas I personally need to work on (such as my vertical jump) that I can work on in the offseason that will be help. But honestly we're in the lowest division - no one should expect me to be able to save top of the pocket goals and nor should there we this many teams in our division that consitently score there. Anyway that's my challenge; feedback welcome. I'm halfway through this week and most of my goals aren't going well right now apart from my steps but I'm using the weekend where I am mostly free to get my house and fridge ready for it.
  5. So who else is watching the USWNT tear it up in the Women's World Cup? I can't be the only one geeking out on the matches.
  6. Hey, what's up Nerd Fitness squad? I first found this lovely website in August, but I have not yet undertaken a six week challenge. I figured now is as good a time as ever, so here I am! A little about me: I love singing, dancing, reading books, playing soccer, playing instruments, and learning about subjects that interest me, like history, other cultures and languages, and English. I love to help other people improve their lives, and I get a lot of personal enjoyment and fulfillment out of striving to better my health. A side result of my committment to living life to the fullest is that I love trying new things. So I'm really elated to be doing this challenge The main ways I like to stay healthy are by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, getting proteins and fats from nutritional sources, playing soccer, and attending dance class. I have dabbled in yoga. I typically do not enjoy running for the sake of running, but I'm not entirely opposed to it. I am drawn to a few different guilds: either Rangers' combination of strength and endurance or Scouts' expertise in stamina would be great for soccer, but Druids' sense of grace and poise would work well with my dancing (and, as I said, I've dabbled in yoga and enjoyed it). Then there are Assassins, which just sound awesome XD My quest for this six weeks is to lose 9 pounds. Goals: 1. Net 1200 calories every day for the duration of the challenge. -Track calories on My Fitness Pal. -Have 5 built-in "cheat days" where I can go over as long as I'm still tracking everything. 2. Work out 4-5 times a week, every week. -Go to every dance lesson and soccer practice -Supplement with work outs at home with blends of strength and cardio training 3. Get enough rest. -Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night for the duration of the challenge. -Have some form of meditation every day (yoga, meditation, prayer, deep breathing) 4. Drink enough water. -Drink at least 6 cups a day for the duration of the challenge. -Keep a water bottle on hand during classes and mealtimes. Life Side Quest: Brush up on my Spanish! Goals: 1. Listen to more Spanish music -Listen to my Spanish playlist on shuffle in my car -Learn the lyrics to my favorite songs by heart 2. Read my old Spanish textbook -Make mental notes or flashcards of words I've forgotten -Practice working with tense changes I've forgotten -Do this 3-4 times a week 3. Use Duolingo -Every night before bed, get on and practice I'm pumped about this challenge!
  7. Meesa Fixes Her Weekly Routine [Level 5] Right so this time I’m going with a slightly clearer method of tracking things; going for a spreadsheet and screenshot kinda deal - rather than text posts. Goal 1 - Consistency I’m going to track everything into my spreadsheet. Split into 2 sections ‘Life’ and ‘Health; Life is things like doing washing; getting my morning routine right; shopping on time and these are weighted at 1 point. Health goals are things like eating healthy meals, exercise etc and most are weighted at 2 points. I’ll need to clock up around 10 points a day to pass and therefore 70 a week to pass. Goal 2 - Food Once again I need to focus on good food. Goal will be padding most meals with extra fruit and veg; and focussing on getting protein in time after major exercise sessions. My constant problem is that I don’t have time to eat food in between work and soccer training - and by the time I get home its too late to really have a proper meal. So I will be focusing on having a big afternoon snack before I leave work; and maybe some more fruit or a bread roll before training and a protein shake after. The problem with eating well before training is the nature of my position is the I take a few blow (via catches) to the stomach - not hard - but hard enough that if I’m full I will get unsettled. Side Goal- Not spending money! Trying to save to go to Denmark and visit my best friend - but in order to do that I need to stop spending money on more unnecessary items. Getting my food budget under control and eliminating the bad food. I mean if it creeps up because of the amount of good food I’m eating - I’m ok with that. But the goal is very much to not spend money on things I don’t need. I’m also thinking about leaving my job - anyone that’s seen my challenges before knows I have the boss from Hell; and I just want to boost my available funds to make sure I can cover the gap. I won’t be leaving until I have something new lined up - but I want to be able to cover any gap between pay cycles so I can pay rent. I also have a close family member’s wedding and will need to be able to provide a nice gift and also by myself something decent to wear to the wedding. Anyway - I have attached (hopefully) a before screenshot of my first week spreadsheet. I'll put some text posts up during the week - and a screenshot of how my week ended up.
  8. Meesa avoids beating up the grass [Level 4] So the soccer pre-season is finally here; so I am getting 2 really solid training sessions + a game of indoor a week in (for an idea of timing - this challenge will take up most of pre-season and end right at the start of the regular season). I am going to use this opportunity to focus on the general ‘life’ stuff that should make fitness and soccer easier. Proposed outcome - a consistent; organised and healthy lifestyle off the pitch; so I that when I am not at work I can be focussed on the soccer outside of that time. Proposed method - I allow myself to get away with the small things; and therefore the bigger things. This challenge I’ll be using a daily and weekly checklist and will need to check in at least once every 2 days on the progress. Challenges Waking up + Morning Routine Productivity at work Food Fitness Waking up + Morning Routine I basically suck at doing this consistently and it has a run on effect. Weekdays. Wake up at 6 and make bed before leaving for work. Have time to properly do my hair. Eat breakfast. Weekends. Get out of bed by 9; make bed by 10. Eat breakfast. Productivity at work I haven’t so much been slacking as have been very unproductive. I need to take on new responsibility - and at this stage my lack of work; but 1 important thing I need to do that not having done reflects badly on me. I need to leave work each day feeling like personally I was productive; and that if things were blocked or I was unproductive it had nothing to do with me. I know that this means some serious over time in the first week or 2 of the challenge. Food This is always my major hurdle. I let myself get out of sync once and then it all falls in a heap. At least now I have a bigger and better fridge so I can actually fit a week’s worth of food in there (maybe needing a small salad vege top up) but it also has a big enough freezer that I can cook and store in. Weekdays. Actual breakfast ⅘ days a week. Lunch from home 5/5 days. Dinner at home ⅘. Snacks are fruit/nuts (not chocolate) Weekends. Eating 3 meals a day; 4/6 being at home. The other 2 healthy versions of eating out. Fitness Training will help with this Meet my step goal on my fitbit 6/7 days a week (provision for 1 lazy weekend day) Get 5 sessions in a week. (Monday and Friday or Saturday forming a rest day). Training Tue + Thurs. A run and body weight session on Thurs. Walk to indoor + bodyweight session on the walk home. Side Goals - Beep test - I scored an abysmal 2.8 (copped out with some serious knee soreness) the Tuesday before the challenge started. Our coach is having us do it once a month so we have our own personal tracking. My body isn’t built for that kind of running but I need to get better at it. By the end of this challenge I’d like to be in the mid 4’s; and to be in the 6s by mid season. Weight - I know its not all about weight so this is a side goal. I’d like to get to be closer to under 70kg by the end of this challenge. I’m a few kg off but as long as I notice the difference in my body I’ll be happy. Long term to be under 65kg. Rewards. I decided I was going to save up for the ridiculous and unnecessary Fitbit Surge. I am already putting $50 away a month (I told myself no more unnecessary sporting purchases until July). I will have a $150 a week food budget; which is more than enough to stuff myself with decently delicious and healthy food. Any time I eat out it will also come out of this budget). I will get a tick for each thing I complete each day to be worked out percentage wise at the end of the week. If I have made it to 75% this money goes into the ‘Surge tin’; if I have not made it to 75% it will go back into regular savings. Example (Monday)Day Got up at 6 Made bed Proper breakfast Did I feel productive at work Proper lunch Cooked dinner Dish dishes If I did every thing other than my dishes I made it to 6/7 which is approx 85%.So I passed that day. I will be posting my plan for week 1 later today as this is already a massive post. PS. I hate using the word goal - seeing as less of those is my goal for the season
  9. Meesa Sweats through the Antipodean Summer. [Level 3 - Again] So my last challenge didn’t go so great. I got derailed by some serious work stuff. Really looking forward to trying again. Its summer here in Aus so temps are around 35-40 c so sitting on the couch gets a sweat up. I plan on using that to kickstart everything. Soccer pre-season will start sometime in Late Jan/Early Feb Main Quest To get back on track to improving my fitness and soccer skills; and to start the new year at work with a new attitude and new opportunities. Goal 1. Body weight I will be working on my squat jump; pull up and push up progressions. I should be completing this training 3 x per week but working on each progression at least 2x Yoga at least 5 days a week to work on my shocking flexibility. Goal 2. Running and Endurance I will be working on my shuttle runs and sprints; along with basic running as part of my body weight sessions - but once preseason starts I’m going to try limit that to during those sessions only. I will fix up my bike and start riding to work ⅗ days a week (heat permitting) before the end of this challenge. Take some pressure off my knees and ankles. Goal 3. Kitchen! Focus on good food in the kitchen; especially on work days (weekends are a little easier on time). Also help save a little extra money. Breakfast - cook/prepare ⅘ days a week Lunch - leftovers/pre prepared 5/5 days a week Dinner - cooking/reheating/pre preparing ⅘ days a week Life Quest Starting the new year at work with a new outlook Part A - The Artists Way Its a creativity program - my parents have both tried it - definitely helps with the unblocking of the brain and stuff. Also with helping of finding direction - both things I’ve been struggling with. Its a 12 week program so it will run over 2 challenges.
  10. Anamal

    The Off Season

    I'm admittedly coming in late to this challenge after a very intense summer of training. Because of this I plan to have this thread serve as a longer battle-log style thread with some moderate goals and some general keeping track. After the Ultra Beast this September I'm planning on taking a bit of an off-season until the start of December. I'll still be training and eating well, but with a decidedly different focus and less pressure. In fact this week I've decided to do nothing I don't want to! And I'll get back to real life in earnest next week. Upcoming Events: Soccer Season - starts 9/27 continues Saturdays through Dec 20 Malibu Spartan Hurricane Heat - Sat Dec 7th Malibu Spartan Sprint - Sun Dec 7th Tinsel Triathlon (short course) - Sun Dec 14th Here are some goals I have for the coming months: 1) Start taking pride in my apartment/look! - Organize wardrobe and start building a better career-centered clothes base - Redecorate living room and bedroom - Finalize bathroom 2) Lose weight (no I'm not that overweight, but 10-20lbs off my frame will be a huge relief if I want to run a 50miler in April 2015). - IF Protocol - Track Cals and Macros - Actually be accountable for weigh ins and measurements 3) Run 3-4x a week (with one HIIT/Speed Session) 4) Weight train 2x a week 5) Spent 15mins 3x a week focusing on yoga/foam rolling before bed My overarching goal is to reach a sustainable place with my training where I am consistent, and yet can miss a workout without fearing the world will end.
  11. Meesa Gets a Clean and Clear Run Up To Christmas [Level 3] So my first two challenges have been pretty interrupted; by injury and by shitty life things. I’ve had a really bad run the last few months. Speaking of runs; I still have two left from my last challenge - although running; especially not distance won’t be a focus of this challenge/ 16th November City2Sea - 15km 23rd November Health.com.au Spring into Shape 3 - 10km Main Quest To have a pre pre-season before the soccer club pre-season starts and the Australian summer gets too hot. To be working on the power and abilities that my body will need as a GK; so that when the pre-season starts I can move onto skill work. Goal 1. Jumping - I need to be able to jump and dive for the ball. I want to work on my jump strength and height. During this challenge I will be building up my Body Weight Squats towards Jump Squats and where/if possible (I usually train inside in my kitchen/living room) box/bench jumps. Goal 2. Upper Body and Core - I need to be able to get up fast and strongly palm or punch the ball away. Keep working towards being able to do push ups that are not on my knees. Also once that is accomplished I would like to work in balance work by doing them with my hands on a soccer ball - which is a challenge set to me by my coach. I will be continuing doing an adapted version of the BBWW but working on these progressions. I will also do yoga 3-5 times a week focussing on upper body and back to improve my flexibility. Goal 3. Sprinting - I need to be able to come out hard at my opposition and when I have the ball I need to be able to sprint to the edge of the box. I will continue to be running in intervals but I would like to be working in some more serious sprints - and now that the weather is getting nicer I should be about so start doing a few beach runs. I have a specific exercise that I have in mind to bring all these together into a few keeper specific movements and programs which I would like to start working into the program but they require someone to be able to kick a ball at me. So not yet. Although I’m sure I’ll post some of them as I go. Life Quest Keep the diet clean. Part A - Sugar and Junk At the end of my second challenge I quit sugar and junk food as a stress/boredom option. I and not giving up the idea of having a piece of cake at Christmas. As well as full on cutting out soft drinks and fast food (I also don’t count things such as a handful of jelly beans after a super hard workout in 30 degree C heat because that is about blood sugar). But I have a reward program for the days I don’t partake in the bad sugars. $2 Everyday I don’t have it + $6 every time I make it 7 days; so basically $20 a week. I’ve made it 3 weeks now and I’m feeling a lot better. Part B - Nails I’m going try stop biting my nails. Exercise of willpower. Ideally I’d like to have nails by the time I turn 24 (January 2015). I’ll probably still wear them short but it will also be better for my teeth. I hate wearing makeup but nail polish I don’t mind so I’ll be looking forward to being able to paint them.
  12. All right, another challenge. Sorry I was late with my summary of the last one, but, the time away was amazing! We will keep this one simple! Starting Stats 154 lbs at 5'7" but stupid scale (checked on 4 different ones) says 36% body fat due to 31" rib cage supporting a large chest. New goal is to go from 35" waist down to 30" by my birthday in October. Balanced Mind - I am stressed about being self employed as it makes it harder to get a new mortgage in a new province. I also am hating my FitBit as it shows me how little sleep I am getting in the 8-9 hours I am trying to sleep. I resolve to rent for up to 6 months and to accept a paid position by December 1 to qualify for the second mortgage. And I resolve to solve my sleep issues and get at least 6 hours of sleep per night (I'm showing a low of 3 hours 19 minutes and max of 6 hours 1 minute over the past month and I sure feel those days when I have had less than 5 hours!) Balanced Meals - I am slowly learning what combination of foods make my body happy and which ones make it angry. I have cut out all pop and alcohol and am taking food grade herbs to end my sugar cravings. Works like a charm when I take them!! Tastes a bit like alfalfa, but, your taste buds can't taste sugar for up to four hours! No more cheating!!! Doesn't affect the taste of fruit sugars - yay! and I will choose to eat five veggie servings per day even though they may only be in two meals to start. Balanced Body - Sunfit program - three days of workouts, one day of rest for the first 30 days, then four and one for the next 30 days and five and one for the last 30 days. Started July 22 and have adjusted rest day by one day due to soccer game. Also want to get 10,000 steps per day as per the FitBit (approx 5km) for five of seven days and finally, determine the cause of pain in my big toe joint - it is not red, not swollen, a little stiff and hurts to walk some days. Makes it hard to do pushups and burpees and mountain climbers Oh My! Cheers to all the challengers!
  13. Hey guys Soccer is going to be starting up here soon, and the conditioning is gonna be hard (as always). Every day for a couple weeks at the start of the season, we have two-a-days. In the morning, we meet at our fields, and get warmed up. We then do a 1 mile run to some other nearby soccer fields, and do a core/agility workout. After that, we have another mile run (keeping in mind these miles are at 85%-95% intensity), followed by a stair circuit.(we take a couple minutes to rest between each station). We then run back to the soccer fields, and do a sprint workout. Our fourth mile is back to the original fields, where we stop and break for lunch. After lunch, we do soccer stuff for 2 hours. After that, I am planning on doing one lift on Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday. I am also going to do parkour drilling, and the PLP workout every day. PLP comes first thing in the morning. So, to make this small paragraph look more formal: Main Quest: Survive the coming Campaign (Soccer Conditioning) +1 DEX, +1 STAM Goal 1: PLP First thing in the morning, and Parkour drilling in the evening, EVERY DAY! +1 STR, +2 DEX, +2 STAM Goal 2: Do a one Lift workout Monday, Wednessday, and Friday. +3 STR, +2 DEX Goal 3: Take bread, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods out of my diet. +2 CON, +1 CHA Lifts: Deadlift, Back Squat, Push Press, Power Clean, Hang Clean and Jerk. (and Bench Press until soccer starts) I will post every days log later in the evening. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to start my first official challenge as an Assassin!
  14. Main Quest: I've always struggled with fitness, especially in terms of running and endurance. I'm not very strong either. I'd like to change that and build some muscle while becoming more comfortable with running. I don't have specific main goal in mind besides just get more fit, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them. Missions: 1. Complete the beginner body weight workout 3x a week. (/6) [MWF] 2. Run at least 1 mile every day. (/36) 3. Bike to/from soccer field (5 miles total) and practice soccer for one hour 3x a week. (/6)[TTHS] Sunday will be a rest day. Life Quest: 1. Write at least 1,000 words for my NaNoWriMo novel each day. (/42) 2. Go surfing at least once a week. (/6) Motivation: I'm starting college in a month and I want create some healthy habits so I can be active and involved Grading: Everything will be graded pass/fail. If I reach each goal at at least 80%, I will consider this challenge 'successful'.
  15. Good evening/morning mates "whichever hemisphere you live on". Wannabe pro footballer "soccer, mind you". Still young with a lot of training to do. Since its football, I teamed up with the scouts hoping of increased endurance. Goal #1 Run! I get a chance twice a week to train outside which I'll use to run and sprint. 6 weeks = 12 running sessions. A 12 B 10 C 8 STA: 3 Goal #2 Improve leg muscles. In order to maintain balance and power in soccer I need a good base "have you ever seen Cristiano Ronaldo's thighs?" Three sessions per week dedicated to leg muscles. Total 18. A 18 B 15 "yay colors!" C 12 STR: 2 CON: 2 Goal #3 Recruit minion. Not exactly a minion, just a friend whose body had seen better days. He has a potential inside him, but I fear for him to fall for the Dark Side "laziness". If I get him to train three days a week am gonna call it a success- that's a bold move but am up for it! The power of persuasion shall rise above all. Same ratings for Goal #2. COLORS. WIS: 2 DEX: 1 CHA: 1 Goal #4 Chocolate nightmare. Am a sweet-freak. I devour chocolate once or twice per week. Cutting out the chocolate doses from now will serve me well in the long haul "I already don't smoke or drink and took a decision to never do, already killed soda.". Gonna turn those sweets into SWEAT. One treat a week and we're set. A 6 B 10 C 14 STA: 1 DEX: 1 CHA: 1 WIS: 1 "It needs all these skills for it to succeed" Game set and done? I know this is not a soccer website "if there is any of that kind" but I really like the atmosphere here and the nerdiness involved. It suits me! Anyhow, anybody who likes soccer or can relate to any of what I said; leave a reply, maybe tell me your favorite teams and video games. Have fun and the best of luck with your challenges! Stand strong through the test of time!
  16. Hi, Starting off my battle log tonight. I am 22. I work as an administrator a a hospital (for now) currently this is casually and shift work included. Trying to get a permanent role with normal hours This is my most recent picture. I live with my housemate J (female) who is into yoga, is a vegetarian, does lots of yoga. And my boyfriend 'Soro' Also with my dog Bu and cat Misha (who's a hussy, ran away before vet appt and got pregnant!). I have started Primal eating, and I lift weights and play women's soccer. I play defense always and love it. I can't attack at all. I have started yoga, mostly to gain some flexibility and to stretch my muscles. I'm into most things, love team sports, and all country style events, rodeos, motoX etc. I don't know ow everyone defines 'nerd' these days, but I'm no gamer. I like my books though and am a huge fan of fantasy stuff. I am addicted to tumblr as much as time allows. I have recently applied to the Australian Army, so wish me luck with my applications. I can already complete the boys fitness tests.. So, feeling confident on that side of things! I am starting Strong Lifts 5x5 tomorrow, so will start the day with my stats and day 1 progress pics. I will post new stats every 2 weeks, and pics at 6 and 12 weeks, Otherwise my posts will be fairly much like a diary I guess. That's all for my first post, too much talking lol.
  17. Welcome everyone! Are you ready for a challenge? The forums are amazing and addicting so be sure to reward yourself with a little reading when you have completed your daily workout ... don't get sucked into reading the forums all night though ... you need your rest too! Main Quest: Lose 3% body fat - that is about 6 pounds and will put me under 150. I really need to get in the habit of working on something every day. So with that said: Quest 1 - Stoke the magic cauldron - good food in the cauldron equals good spells - spend 150 min each week planning and preparing healthy meals - less sugar, less salt, more veggies and more good oils. Quest 2 - Conjure spells for 150 min each week - this should be easy as it will be a combination of my boot camp, soccer and other active exercises. Quest 3 - Release the fire breathing dragon for 150 min each week - this is an attempt at stress reduction using yoga, journalling, meditation. I'm not comfortable with sitting still for long but I need to learn so I can accomplish my life quest. Life Quest - Locate a new magic wand (job in BC) to create a new castle (home in BC) within 150 days. I'll be working on Scott Dinsmore's Live Your Legend course to decide what I want to do with my Wizardry in a new province. Let the Magic begin!
  18. Hi everyone, My name is Robin, I'm a 45 year old artist and puzzle solver (account reconciliations) and currently just over 150lb at 5'7" ... but the scale says my body fat percentage is 36% as a female and 22% as a male. So I either need to work on the percentage or transform into a man??? My highest weight (aside from when I was carrying my son 19 years ago) was 180. I was in a dead-end relationship and stress eating instead of working things out. Now I'm back to being a soccer and volleyball player, a boot camp lover and I have a handful of DVD's such as P90x, Insanity and FitBrigade from Sunrider. My current issues include: 1) motivating myself when I am alone, at the moment I have all the time in the world ... well, in between purging and packing for our move from the prairies to the mountains. 2) remembering to stretch 3) eating veggies - it's not that I don't like them ... I just haven't made enough effort to eat them at 3 meals a day 4) reformed sugar-addict - I've cut out pop and sweets, but, I still need to take it one step further and cut out the hidden sugars! My last issue is getting so motivated reading about everyone's great goals and challenges ... that I forget to shut off the computer and work on my own! Can't wait for the next 6 week challenge!
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