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  1. ***YES, THIS CHALLENGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. SOME ADDITIONAL PYLONS ARE STILL REQUIRED.*** "If you're not waking up in the morning and living your life like a ritual of creation or destruction or life or death or love or hate then you really are just dying one minute at a time." - Paul "Grimnir" Waggener of the Wolves of Vinland Epic Quest: MogiShade's Five Year Plan and his Impossible List Quest: To improve my strength to body-weight ratio through body-weight training and dropping fat. I realise this is not very specific, but I am not too sure what a good goal would be for a six week time frame. Goal 1: HIIT (running), twice per week (value: Dex 3, Sta 2) Goal 2: Bodyweight Exercises, every morning and after every run. See below for more details. (value: Str 5) Goal 3: Mobility/Parkour Training, once a week. (value: Dex 5) Side-Quest: Push-ups! I aim to hit 1500 total during the challenge. (All push-ups count including pike, decline, diamond, etc...) Life Quest: Sharpen up my decaying chef cooking skills and rekindle my passion for food. I haven't cooked anything requiring a demanding technique in a long time. My knife skills are rusty. I just don't challenge myself in the kitchen anymore. I've been mailing it out for years. I will make one challenging meal per week. Motivation: I don't have a super tangible or corporeal source of motivation. The last two challenges were both cerebral and introspective. I now feel super anxious, physically speaking. I just want something to sink my teeth into. I want to sweat, I want to hurt, I want to die a little. I want to get mad for all the right reasons. I want tunnel vision. I want to compress my mind. I want to get uncomfortable and like it. Maybe I will come up with something better. Post-Run Exercise Routine: I doubt I will setting into a specific routine for this, but the exercises I will focus on will include push-ups, glute bridges, squats, walking lunges, planks, and bear crawls. Morning Routine: I want to do something physical as soon as I wake up. This shouldn't be a full workout, as I already workout during the week. This is more about waking up, getting the blood pumping, and learning to embrace the suck. When I wake up, I feel like I've had cotton stuffed into my head. I amble about like a zombie searching for coffee, music, and a pad and pen. I want to wake up and get angry, to get mean, to get motivated. Super-set Bulgarian bodyweight split squats w/ push-ups and pike push-ups super-setted with bridges followed by handstand practice. Mobility Exercises (once per week at least): Ground kongs, broad jump, jump squats, cat hang bicycles, full squat, bridges, burpees, and duck unders. Also balance practice. Not necessarily all of these every time, going to sort of feel my way through it. Challenge Resources Demon Drills/Ryan Ford (YouTube Channel)
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