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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new to the boards but I'm looking for a martial arts buddy. I'm training with a dojo in Illinois studying Shotokan Karate (15 years) in which I hold a purple belt along with a green tip in Tae Kwon Do. Problem is I live in Indiana and travel quite far for class (2 hours). I am looking for someone in the Lafayette, IN area who would be interested in sparring, practicing forms, or just generally working out. Belt testing is in the summer along with Nationals and my goal is to test up twice so I can enter the competition with my brown belt. Don't care if you know a different style or what level you are (I'd actually value learning from the difference in styles... It's why I took up Tae Kwon Do!), just looking for someone to help me along my journey if you don't mind going up against a girl Thanks!
  2. Has anyone ever had to deal with a person in their class/dojo whom you have a very hard time training with? I'm really enjoying Krav Maga except for days when I get stuck partnered with this one woman. She is much bigger and stronger than I am and she will not dial back her intensity. Normally I don't mind a partner who pushes me, but I get injured every time I pair with her. Badly enough to have to leave the mat twice now. I've tried avoiding partnering with her and have asked her to slow down, but I'm still getting pounded. It's becoming a deterrent to going to class. Any advice?
  3. Okay, so in this thread I think it'd just be fun to introduce myself as a Martial Artist/Boxer. And, as far as I figure, posting some videos is the best way to go about that. I'd love to hear what you guys think(*cough*feelfreetoholdback*cough*); tips and tricks are always welcomed! So, I started out like this(please don't get the wrong idea. I didn't make this 'highlight' video because of some big ego; I was just having fun. I know I was pretty terrible XD): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcejShyUpiA I progressed to some point fighting martial arts; namely, Kajukenbo. My Total Point Fighting Record: 3-3-0 This is the latest of my point matches(I've since quit this martial art). I am the one in all black and white(left side): And, since quitting this Martial Art, I've taken up Boxing. I've not competed yet, as I haven't been training super long. The latest footage I have of my Boxing is here(I'm in the black sweater):
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