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Found 6 results

  1. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I might even push to only have 1 blow meal per weekend, but that’s hard. I enjoy doing themed workouts and for this challenge it will be properly 300-themed since my main subquest is the Spartan Trials. Smaller Quests 1. “This is Spartaaaa!” -King Leonidas = Spartan Trials (strength & tone) For this challenge I’m going back to weights with the Spartan Trials workout from Darebee.com. It reads as deceptively simple compared to some of the other workouts I’ve done, so I’m withholding judgement until I actually start it. Since it’s strength-focused and all about becoming a better warrior, I’m back in the Warrior’s Guild for this challenge! Scoring: /30 Reward: +4 to STR & +3 to DEX 2. “For tonight, we dine in hell!” -King Leonidas = More Fruits & Veggies Because of my blow meals on weekends, I’m going to try to only have sweet treats on the weekends. I’m considering “sweet treats” to be things with high amounts of processed sugars like Oreos, ice cream, cookies, etc. Several challenges ago, I added in fruits and/or veggies to my daily diet. I don’t like many vegetables, so I’d like to try incorporating more into my daily intake. I want to aim to eat a piece of fruit or vegetable once per day during the week. Spartans likely ate a strict diet of meats, probably similar to either the Paleo diet or very carnivore-centric. I know everyone needs a balanced diet, so that means more fruits and veggies for me! Scoring: x/20 days Reward: +4 to CON 3. “Then we will fight in the shade.” -Stelios = Spanish Because there are different dialects, even within the same region, a true Spartan would need to be able to communicate between different peoples. Even while off on campaign, being able to understand the natives is very important. I enjoy practicing Spanish, so I’m continuing with it for this challenge. Scoring: x/20 days Reward: +4 to CHA
  2. RANDOM INFO Motivation (goals): Bodyweight: 67 kg | 148 lbs Height: 165 cm | 5'' 5' Photos: Instead of start telling you my past, I think I prefer starting again without looking back, so this is what I am RIGHT NOW and the new journey that I am going to start. I am an amalgam of different classes, but I am trying to focus on my spiritual side, so I think I am more druid now, but I like to lift weights - which makes me closer to warriors - and run - like a ranger/scout. My main problem is food. I don't know how to eat properly (healthy). On one hand, I am Buddhist, so I feel comfortable with a vegetarian diet, but on the other hand I think that paleolithic diet is a more "human" diet (according to our evolution as hominids). This is a huge dilemma for me. Also, I am human and I life on a western society, so I like bread, beer, coffee, dairy and sweets. This will be a long battle, I think, with an external enemy (the last "meals" I numbered) and an internal enemy (me and my dilemmas). So I've been thinking that the best I can do for the next couple of weeks is keep a journal with all my meals (the most precise that I could be) and, then, trying to make improvements over it. I think this is enough as an introduction. I will be grateful for your visits, comments and any kind of feedback.
  3. Hi there. I just registered and I know I am a few days late on joining the challenge, but I've actually already trained 7 days in a row, so it all fits perfectly! Main Quest: I just want to better myself as a whole. Lose a few percents body fat, replace them with muscles, get stronger, faster, sexier. Main goals: - Be able to do 75 push-ups in a single time. (right now my max is 65) - Polish mah' abs! ^^ (also known as look sexy as **** in the mirror) - Lose a few pounds, and gain some more muscle. Work-outs: I want to exercise every single day at the gym or at home. Work-outs for me usually last an 1h-1:30h - 7 days/week = A - 6 days/week = B - 5 days/week = C - 4 days/week = D Anything lower is an F. Growth exercises: A year ago I used to do these few exercises from yoga and stuff, that should increase my height. They last 10 minutes, but hurt like hell. I don't know why I stopped. I am 180cm at the moment, but of course, as every guy, i'd like one more inch Therefore, I am starting with them again. - 7 days/week = A - 6 days/week = B - 5 days/week = C - 4 days/week = D Anything lower is an F. I am hoping i'd get a little taller, so when the challange is completed, i will measure myself and tell you guys the result. Hoping for 181! Dieting: I don't really like the idea of starving etc, so my diet would just be: No sweets like candy bars, chocolate and no soda. Also, I am trying Paleo. Life Side Quest: - Study enough to get only B's and A's in college. - Read at least one book each week. - Go out with friends - at least three times a week. Motivation: Thats really hard for me to point out... I am really not sure what's motivating me. I guess it's just become a habit, and my body craves for working out and suffering The feeling after training, when i cant move my arms or legs is just... amazing. That's what makes me keep going. I've been working out for two years now, with pauses tho, so I am pretty sure i can take on this challenge without crying too much! I am male, 18 y/o, 180cm, almost 70kg, and I think i fit in the Rangers category - therefore my goal to become a Spartan xD I'd love to get some hints and tips for diets, working out habits and anything like that - for example when i open my eyes in the morning, I quickly pull myself from the bed, feet still on the bed, do 40-50 push-up, then go for a glass of water. It's really healthy and a great way to wake me up and start my day with blood pumping.
  4. This is Sparta Hispania! CURRENT GOALS: Run to Mordor: 2.45% achieved (43.6/1,779 miles) 30 days without smoking: 33% achieved (10 days) Run 5K in less than 30′: achieved in 29' (27/10/2013) Run a 10K: achieved: 22/9/2012 [1h 8' 52''] Get a master Level 1 (completed: 2013, August) Find the person of my life See an international music band Go to a music festival Get a degree Run a 5K LIST OF GOALS (there are ‘only’ 25 levels, I’ll enjoy suggestions) Travel goals (20% exp) Go to Asiavisit the Great Wall of Chinasee the Taj Mahal in Indiaclimb Mt. Kilimanjaro in TanzaniaGo to Africavisit the Pyramids in Egyptwalk on Sahara DesertGo to the USAride the 66th RouteGo to South Americavisit Machu Picchu in Peruvisit the Mayan Riviera in Mexicogo through the Panama CanalTravel Europe with an Inter-rail PassIn Europedo the Way of St. Jamessee the Parthenon in Greecesee the Statue of Leonidas in Greecego to Pompey in Italyvisit the Stonehenge in Englandvisit the Louvre in Francevisit the Uffizi in Italydo a trip on a Venetian Gondola in Italydo the Way of El Ciddo the Way of El QuijotePersonal goals (20% exp) Pass the driving testGet a piercingGet a tattooPublish a bookFind the person of my life (achieved) and have a relationship with herSpend a year as a volunteerLearn how to shoot with a bowHave a dogGo to a nudist beachCampingSee an international music band (achieved: 9/8/2013 – Doro in Leyendas del Rock’13)Go to a music festival (achieved: 8/8/2013 – Leyendas del Rock)Go to an international music festivalSee Pearl Jam in concertSee Opeth in concertSee Héroes del Silencio in concertEducation/Career goals (20% exp) Get a degree (achieved: 7/2011 – Hispanic philology)Get a MasterBecome a librarian, 1/2 / Get more than 5 on the public examinationsBecome a librarian, 2/2 / Pass the public examinationsFinish the medium degree at the Professional Conservatoire of MusicGet admitted into the Superior Conservatoire of MusicGet a music degreeGet a third degreeGet a music MasterWrite a PhDLearn htmlLearn latinLearn ancient greekBe able to improvise/play jazzHave a heavy metal band \m/Get admitted into an orchestraPlay on a concert (no obligatory auditions)Read 5 William Shakespeare’s tragediesRead all the books ofJ. Martínez RuizJames JoyceHermann HessePío BarojaMiguel de UnamunoHealth goals (20% exp) Lose 15 lbs (150 lbs to 135 lbs) | 7 kg (67 kg to 61 kg)Lose 20 lbs (135 lbs to 130 lbs) | 9 kg (67 kg to 58 kg)Lose 25 lbs (150 lbs to 125 lbs) | 11 kg (67 kg to 56 kg)Maintain this weight at least six monthsBe able to sit in half-lotus positionBe able to sit in lotus positionBF under 25%BF under 20%Fitness goals (20% exp) Run to Mordor…and come backRun a 5K (achieved: 30/12/2012 [~35'] - 09/10/2013 [31' 7''] - 27/10/2013 [29'])~ under 30′ (achieved: 27/10/2013 [29'])~ under 25'Run a 10K (achieved: 22/9/2012 [1h 8' 52''] - 28/10/2012 [58' 50''])~ under 50′Run a half-marathonRun a marathonRun a cross country raceFinish a duathlonDo a chin-upDo a pull upDo >20 push upsLift my bodyweight on bench pressLift 150% of my bodyweight on bench pressSquat my bodyweightSquat the double of my bodyweightDeadlift my bodyweightDeadlift the double of my bodyweightHold a plank more than 10′Do a dragon flag30-days challenges (20% exp) without smokingwithout alcoholrunning (at least 20′)without Internet (training – see below)having cold showerswithout coffee/teameditating (at least 20′)eating 100% Mediterranean (clean)eating veganeating 100% paleoeating raw veganintermitent fastingwithout dairyPremium goals (100% exp) Live a year without InternetGet marriedGo into outer spaceBuild my own houseHave children (at least one)Finish an IronmanBeing a musician as a main job
  5. Greetings, fellow challengers and others. I am Sythez (intro) and I've come to become the Spartan badass I was meant to be! Or the superhero, hunter, warrior, secret agent... I'm not that picky on the badass, more just the becoming of one. Main Quest: I will healthily lose 10 pounds over the next 6 weeks, to a weight of 210 lbs or lower. 1. I will remain within a caloric goal of 1460 net calories per day. (I do eat mostly paleo) 2. I will alternate between running and doing the beginners bodyweight workout every day, unless I have some other major physical activity (ex. Martial arts class) planned. 3. I will make a lunch for 4 of the 5 days I am on campus, with one day being allowed to eat for lunch at a campus establishment (while retaining net caloric goal) Side quest: 1. To complete all homework at least a day before it is due! Motivations: I’ve never really had the crisis moment. Till now, that is. It came to me in an almost silly format, one which I never really thought I’d face… Walking onto university campus, being surrounded by my peers, I had a good look, and realized that extraordinarily few of them were even close to overweight. Both girls and guys, in excellent shape… and I don’t know how I missed it first year, but there are running trails all around the campus, we have a gym membership included in our tuition, and an amazing recreation program open to students. It is a bit painful realizing that while you aren’t the most unattractive person at the university, you’re not even close to the benchmark of average. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not overly concerned about becoming an Abercrombie and Fitch model (yet.) but suddenly, it made me look at myself. I have lots of things I want to do still, and as I’m coming 20, this is the point in my life that I’d like to do them. I’d like to be able to run 5k, go to a bar with my friends and be confident and appealing, live to a ripe old age while being in better shape than the young whippersnappers, have a six pack, all the while saving the world and achieving a 4.0. I’d like to travel, see other cultures, live in Asia for a bit, become an awesome cook, learn to fly… And when I had these dreams originally, it was with me being a smiling, good looking son-of-a-bitch with a hot body matched by an irresistible temperament (James Bond anyone?) So I decided on some goals; Before really focusing on going hard into strength training, I’d like to first establish a somewhat healthier weight, an overall increase to strength and stamina, and the ability to do the thing I hated growing up, every single PE class. I want to run, to move, to be able to get up in the morning and travel around the city upclose and personal. While doing that, I’m focusing on the beginner bodyweight workout, building up stability and other muscles so I can enter the strength training with a more solid foundation. As incentive, I bet my roommate that I’d run 5k in 2 ½ months or give her $75. For me, that’s a lot of money, as almost all I’ve got is going into tuition and living. Also, I knew she probably wouldn’t consider taking more money than that if I failed. So far I’ve been out twice, once with her (she is a casual runner) and almost dying due to overwork, and the other time today, starting a couch to 5k program. The program difficulty does not feel like an issue. I’d like to go the route Saint did, and bet $500 for six pack abs, but truthfully, getting the sixpack is secondary to being able to being healthy, happy, and… who am I kidding. The six pack right now is far more motivating. I blame being young for that. I’m trying to think of good motivation to do that route. I’ve found reading stories about Mark Twight, the trainer for 300, Man of Steel, and other blockbuster hits to be good motivation. Perhaps I’ll start a small savings fun for finding a personal trainer who would be willing to get me through to the stage of six pack abs. Currently, university is whats in the bills. Later though, it will be work, or kids, or some other thing. I will never have the money for a trainer UNLESS I make it a priority in my life. Ok… this Challenge motivation kinda went outa control… in a good way I guess. So ya. 6 weeks to a lighter me, after that, hopefully in saving loonies, birthday money, the like… I can get into the gym scene! And then… SPARTA! I WILL DINE IN HELL AND RETURN TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY BUHAHAHA! *cough
  6. Hi all, Looking to set up a team for folks training for a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or other obstacle course race during the 6 week challenge. Also posted it in the Google Docs. Mileage + weights, what could be better? Here's the link to the team sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnL943o3CTUvdEJDT3Vvdkc5Rzk4VUdRbXFWcHNvQXc#gid=1
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