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  1. Hey Ranger Rebels, I'm back for my third consecutive 6-Week Challenge! Let's get started! RECAP TIME Challenge 1: Food tracking and lifting were the main goals. Tracking what I eat and aiming for specific calorie goals has become second nature at this point, so I'm going to leave it off the Goals list. I'll still post my daily calorie totals here because the public sharing of those numbers is a huge motivator to stay on track. I made great progress in my lifting but hit a stall on my bench press gains; I'd like to remedy that in this challenge. Challenge 2: Running was the biggest goal alongside lifting and eating well. I started the great Couch to 5K program at the beginning of that challenge, and I'll be wrapping it up by the end of next week. I look forward to branching out my running a bit more during this challenge. In both of those previous challenges, I had the life goal of drawing several pages of the comic book I've kept on the back burner. Had I followed through on it I'd be done with the book by now, so finishing those 6 pages is something I'll get done or die trying. AND THEN SOME MORE STUFF And because I only seem to work well when things are insane, I'm going to add something on top: finishing the painting I started as a wedding gift for my sister and her husband, back in July. It's been almost two months since the wedding and I've barely started it: far past time to get the damn thing done. New for this challenge is something that's eluded me since I moved out 5 years ago, and especially since I became a full-time freelancer three years ago; a regular sleep schedule. My sleep routine is a disaster right now, to the point where I've found myself sleeping for sixteen hours after a week of four-hour midday naps during all-night work benders. This is awful for me, and if I don't sort it out now it'll be even harder down the road. So here's the breakdown for this challenge: Main Goal: Get under 200lbs, live an active lifestyle balanced with my work and friendships Goal 1 (Primary for this challenge): Run 5K in 35:00 (acceptable) or 30:00 (excellence) Goal 2: Get my 5RM bench over 175 lbs, and lift regularly at least twice a week through the challenge (2x/wk = acceptable, 3x/wk = excellence) Goal 3: Get up between 7 and 8 AM every weekday; get from 6-9 hours of sleep while doing so* Life Goal: Finish that painting, and draw 6 pages of my damn book! (and more if possible!) I've got a Post-it note stuck on my mirror, with my motivation written on it: Spartan Sprint, May 14, 2014. It's a long-term goal. A short-term goal is to run a 30min. time in the annual Thanksgiving Day run coming up in November. So! This is day 1, let's see how I did. Calories: 1823 Running: 15-minute run, with 100M dash at the end, plus cool-down walk. Not C25K. Sleep: 2AM-8:30AM It's a start!
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