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  1. Last few challenges have been switching focus towards getting ready for first OCR that was supposed to be in June. But we are taking a bit of a detour on the route to Sparta(n) and making a pit stop in New York. Over the last challenge, it was determined that the Spartan will now be my second OCR as I registered for a Warrior Dash in NY at the end of May(Thanks @RedStone ) Road Trip upcoming! So goals are going to be similar to the last few challenges but adjusted and simplified a bit based off of prior lessons learned and accounting for a slightly shorter schedule bef
  2. Hi Friends We are back again for part 2 of this challenge all leading towards my first OCR in June, the Boston Spartan Sprint! Last challenge was a major long list of a bunch of small things that I was using to try and cover all aspects that I thought would help me move towards getting prepped for a spartan race. I discovered over that challenge that some things were actually already far along while others still need some serious dedication. This challenge will hammer down and bring focus specifically on those weak spots while grouping the already positive spots into a
  3. So new year, new goals. The big thing looming which I have been looking forward to for a long time and was one of the main reasons I started my fitness journey is a Spartan Race. I intend on running in the Boston Sprint race in the middle of June. That means that I have 6 months to get into fighting shape for that event. In order to do that, I have 4 overarching goals that will continue up to the Spartan and beyond likely. Drop weight, definitely below 300lbs for race, stretch goal of 280lbs Continue strength training specifically upper body and core Learn to
  4. Any fellow Spartans around? I finally did my first Spartan Sprint (Dallas 2014) and loved it! Can't wait for the next one. I'm shooting for the Trifecta in 2015.
  5. Kara gritted her teeth as she raised her shield up to ward off the blow of the sword arcing through the air. Metal met metal in a clang that resounded through the air and jarred all the way up through her arm and her body, shaking her with it's strength. A flurry of curse words flew past Kara's lips as she countered the attack, bringing her own hammer up and sending it crashing down on her enemy. He brought his shield up to deflect the blow then twisted in a maneuver she had not seen before that allowed him to block and attack almost simultaneously. The shield on her forearm was brought up to
  6. Alright. I'm bowing out of the challenges for a bit. Well, at least for this one. I've got the World Championship Spartan Beast this coming Saturday. After that, I've got about a week of easy training. And, then I'll be ramping it up once again with a new training plan. But, I don't feel that the confines of the challenge make sense for what I am doing right now. So, screw it. Here's a battle log.
  7. So today is the big day... Day one of my first challenge, and the first rebellion challenge of 2016. I was hyped and ready to go. My alarm was set to go off at five am, my wife was dubious (she is within her right considering how many times I've started then immediately stopped any kind of diet/training), and at 11 pm on Sunday I was off to bed. Then my old friend Insomnia decided to show up and tell Morpheus to take a hike. So after an hour of laying in bed I finally got up, and took a seat in front of the computer (I know, not recommended, but when this insomnia strikes I'm screwed. I've
  8. Here it comes again. The fabled Fenway Spartan Sprint. A bunch of us nerds ran it last year and a bunch ran it the year before that... it's time to start up another team! This is definitely an all-levels course and I was shocked that I was able to get through the race semi-well last year without much strength/conditioning background. I registered and made a Nerd Fitness team. A few of us were talking yesterday and decided on the Saturday race so that we could chill out afterwards somewhere without worrying about work the next day. (even though the Sunday race is cheaper and has a gro
  9. Got a question for you guys. Can you think of anything else I can add to these different sections? Just a heads up, I am a rock climber, so I don't really want to bulk up, but at the same time, I want to do a Spartan race next year, so I need to be in shape for that. Here is the schedule I am planning on doing this challenge. Any input is welcome. Monday: Chest/Arms/Back -100 pushups -50 pullups Tuesday: -Stretch and Climb Wednesday: Core -200 bicycle points -50 situps -50 swim kicks Thursday: -Stretch and Climb Friday: Legs -150 Lunge Walks -50 Jumping squats Saturday: Rest Sund
  10. Hi, I just heard that he Spartan 300 obstacle course race was coming to my area in October, and in my exuberance, I immediately signed up because people here always talk about how fun such events are. Problem: I am not a runner, I have only jogged and power walked. Obviously, I could always jog this race, but I want to try attain better than 4mph if possible, haha. Anything else a n00b should know/do for the race? I've got about 2 months. THANKS!
  11. EDIT BY RP: Here's a link to the arrival-leaving-plans spreadsheet Biggum's made MORE RP EDITS: Spectators need to register and choose to "RSVP" to be allowed into the Stadium to watch the Race. The link can be found here. Also make sure you pick up the waivers that are needed, which can be found under the "Race Day" tab, filed under "Important Race Documents." Here it comes again. The fabled Fenway Spartan Sprint. A bunch of us nerds ran it last year... and it's time to start up another team. Who's in? 2013 Team Nerd Fitness
  12. I'll give it a go in the dailly battle logs. Seems like a good way to help myself keep on-track. I chose the user name, M.O.S., to represent Master of Self/self-mastery which is my number one goal right now. I've done P90X a couple times and I met my goal of completing my first Spartan Race. Now what I need to do is find consistency on a day-to-day basis with my fitness and nutrition. I'll use this battle log for greater accountability.
  13. This is challenge #10 for me. I'm basing my challenge on this: I'll bold the lyrics Leonidas says that inspired the goal: 'SPARTANS! Let's start this! Show this petty officer who's the hardest. The biggest mistake that you've ever made, I'll toss you like a frag grenade I'll stomp you in the face with my sandals enraged and tonight we shall rhyme in the shade Your puny fans are fat nerds on computers Jerkin off to games giving themselves first person shooters Your armor's hard but my abs are harder You're in my hood now chief - THIS IS SPARTA Ha! I've had better battles with
  14. I'm traveling. And, don't have a ton of time to write up a challenge. But, here's my current thread. Spam away.
  15. This challenge is Batman themed, in honor of Batty's 75th. Overarching Goal: Building A Better Bat My continuing and overarching goal for this entire NF journey has been to build a better/more healthy/more fit/whathaveyou version of me. What does that look like? I don't know. There's the image in my head and then there's the more modest and realistic goal - and I'm guessing reality is going to lie somewhere in-between. (vaguely - 15% body fat & guns ala Linda Hamilton in T2) To achieve this goal, I've leveled up my food (mostly and some cycles better than others), I've partic
  16. So hey everyone. I'm back for round 8! Man, it is hard to believe it has been a year already since I signed up. Before I move onto the goals I have for this challenge, I figured I would take a look back over the year. I put together 3 pictures of me today from where I think I was my heaviest (396lbs) up to a picture I took today. The middle picture was during my first challenge at Nerd Fitness. I can button that jersey up now that I was wearing in that picture I have still struggled with weight over the year. Mostly moving in the correct direction. I have been adding my weights in
  17. It's time to Spartan The Fuck Up (STFU)! The last couple of months, I've kept up with my running. But, I should be doing more. I need to focus on getting faster, stronger, and mentally tougher. Over the course of this challenge, I have a Spartan Sprint on June 28th, and a 10 mile trail race on July 12th. I've got some serious work to do before them. Goal 1 - Speedwork At least two speed-centric workouts per week. Can be a track workout, hill sprints, tempo run, or fartlek's. That's right. Fartlek. Everyone loves to fartlek. Goal 2 - Buprees, Push Ups, and Pull-ups - oh my! I
  18. I've been away for a while, but now I'm back! And this challenge couldn't come at a better time for me. On July 22nd I'll be heading to Hawaii for a week and I'd really like to feel confident in a swim suit. Vain I know, but there you have it. HOWEVER! This challenge will not be about weight loss, instead it will be about something much more frightening than being on a beach in a bikini with my boyfriend. Because on June 9th I start training for the Spartan Ultra Beast. If you don't know what that is, it's basically 26+ miles of trail running up very steep hills, with some crazy obstacles (2
  19. Alright, here we go. Goal 1 - Sub 20 Minute 5K. Fairly self explanatory. My body is slowly getting used to running faster. I have a 5K on the calendar in May. And, I might squeeze in another one before that. Either way, my goal is to race one with a finish time in the teens. Last 5K was raced on 3/16 & I finished in 20:15. I'd love to be sub-19, but that may be a bit aggressive right now. So, I will keep with a goal of Sub 20. Goal 2 - Strength training at least 3x a week. Last couple of months, I have focused more on my running. I ran a Spartan Sprint this past weekend, and fi
  20. Main Quest: To be able to complete more obstacles in the Spartan Race in August. (Added Bonus: To fit into my bridesmaid dress for July.) Missions: Work out >=3x/week - focusing on arm, shoulder, back strength Ride bike to work >=3x/week - every day as possible Do an aerial class every week and improve on a skill I struggled with the week before.Life Quest: To complete the cross stitch I designed.
  21. Hello All! After reading the NF articles I fell in love with the website, and I decided to get involved in the forums as well. I'm 23, 122lbs, and it pretty good shape. While I'm not new to fitness, I would like to kick it into high gear and start eating right. My biggest goal is to successfully finish a Spartan Race this year. Good luck to everyone on here, and I hope to meet some like-minded people trying to get healthy
  22. First post is copy and pasted from last challenge thread to define the main quest that I am. Goals for this challenge can be found a bit down the page. Quest for Spartan Strength I have always identified with being a runner. I grew up a runner. I got away from running and allowed life to consume me. I became soft. I put on weight. I got reeeal slow. For the majority of 2013, I have been focused on reclaiming my body and my athleticism. I set the goal to become a member of the 2013 Spartan Trifecta Tribe. And, I completed that goal last challenge period. As we close out 2013, I'm starting
  23. This is my first challenge and I plan to crush it( always easy to say the first day lol)! Background: I have always been active and competed at some level in sports but after high school I had more trouble staying fit because I didn't have any competitions I could really compete in now that I'm an adult(see the thread running quandary for why). On top of that I was diagnosed with a neurological problem that essentially means anything my body regulates on is own has the potential to be out of whack(for me it's been blood pressure, and heart rate along with other things) . My symptoms have becom
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