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  1. Overview / Motivation: My quest for a Spartan Trifecta continues with this challenge. I'll be taking on the Washington DC Spartan Sprint this June and am really looking forward to the challenge. Need to ramp up my training after prioritizing recovery throughout a busy month following the Beast. Let's get after it! Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Complete the Spartan Sprint Points Potential: STA+3 Grading Pass / Fail Average 2 Weight Training Workouts / Week Points Potential: STR+3 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Run 30 Miles & Average 30 Burpees / Day [Sprint Prep] Points Potential: DEX+4 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Life Quest: Read "Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results" Complete Module 5 (final module) of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Program Points Potential: WIS+5 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60%
  2. Overview / Motivation: This challenge could not have been timed any better! I will be going peddle to the medal to train to run the Washington DC Spartan Sprint. I've already started during the off week, but need all the accountability and motivation possible to get myself in the best shape I can be in to attack that race. I'm excited for the mental and physical challenge that will be waiting for me on race day. Let's get after it! Main Quest: Train to conquer the Washington DC Spartan Sprint on September 9th Side Quests: Average 14 Miles of Running / Week Points Potential: STA+4 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Average 30 Burpees / Day Points Potential: DEX+3 Grading: A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60% Conquer the Spartan Sprint Points Potential: STR+5 Grading Pass / Fail Life Quest: Read "Unshakable" by Tony Robbins Points Potential: WIS+3 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C= Average > 70% D= Average > 60% F= Average < 60%
  3. Hi! I'm NTB and my special talents are oversharing, bop-it extreme, and getting headphones really tangled in a very short time. Let's do an icebreaker! What are your special talents? And also, will you remember that I asked this by the time you get to the bottom of this post? I was planning a slightly different challenge for this month, but after my post-vacation struggles with food last challenge, I haven’t been feeling as aggressive. So. I read an article a few years ago that mentioned a culture where people consider anything that is too perfect to be an insult to the gods, because only gods can be perfect. I thought that was neat, and the idea stuck with me even though I remember literally nothing else about what I read. I’m not a perfectionist like some people around here, but I do get frustrated easily when I start to backslide. My only benchmark is myself, but I have had some pretty awesome challenges in the past, so there’s still a lot to live up to. Last challenge I tried to be a king, and that failed miserably. So I guess this challenge my goal is still to do pretty much all the same stuff as usual, but also to remember that not every week will be my best week, and that’s the way it should be. Goal 1: Food Goal 2: Maintain Fitness Workout 3x/week (usually two at-home bodyweight workouts and 1 bootcamp class) Run 1x/week - After the Spartan is over, I’m going to resume experimenting with sprinting. I also get points for remembering to do ankle alphabets before and after each run. Walk. My walking is usually really strong, but that’s suffered lately too. So instead of walking 16 miles/week this challenge, my goal is just to walk deliberately every day, even if it’s just a loop around the block. Goal 3: Movement Focus I don’t actually have any formal goals this time. This is just kind of a mishmash of things I want to do and might potentially get around to: Leading up to the Spartan: prioritize frequent yoga, excessive walking, miscellaneous burpees, and trying to climb stuff September: I’ve been daydreaming about trying out a GMB program for months now, so I am thinking of trying either their elements or flexibility program. I have 0 plans for integrating this into my current exercise schedule and complete #doallthethings rangerbrain about it. I would still like to haul the bike out and get riding, even if it’s just in the parking lot next door. Goal 4: Life Goal - Swimming This should be the easiest life goal ever. I’ve been wanting to take swim lessons for ages since I never learned to tread water. I don’t even have to sign up for anything yet. I just have to contact at least once place and get moving on this goal already. Bonus Goals: I get a bonus point for each week I accomplish one of these goals, but I cannot complete these goals at the expense of others: Meditate daily Yoga 4x/week Clean the sink 4x/week Go to bed around 10pm on Sunday nights
  4. Hey! So there's a Spartan Sprint coming up on 9/24/16 at the Citizens Bank Park in Philly. I was wondering if there were any rebels that might also be running it. This will be my very first run, so I'm a little intimidated. Hopefully I'll see y'all around! -Rai
  5. Hey all, I've signed up for the Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park in Boston on 11/13 but none of my friends who said they were going to signed up ended up signing up for the team so I'd like to open this up to other rebels who might be interested. Link to the race: http://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1641/overview I've signed up for the morning run on 11/13 and created a team. Here's the team information: Team Name: Scuderia 603 Password: bmrs2016 I'd love to get a group together for this event so I don't have to do it by myself. We can also change the team name if more rebels sign up. Questions? Just post them here or hit me up on Snapchat (golfcart34). Happy Running!
  6. Meow. My last challenge was declared the unofficial NF cat appreciation club, so I figured I might as run with the theme. This will be my 10th challenge, which is pretty cool! Double digits! That means something, right? Here’s the basic structure I use for my challenges: Everything is worth points. Some things are worth bonus points. Bonus points can be applied to any category, to help remind me that health is hollistic. I’m slightly concerned that rangerbrain is creeping in this challenge, but I’m trying to be conscious about it. I removed some things from my goals that I was tired of doing, and I’ve tried to prioritize and value things in a way that keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I’ll also be travelling from May 4 - May 11th, so I’m initiating specific travel protocols for that period before moving into my main challenge goals. I realize some of this falls on Week 0 anyway, but I try to keep going on most stuff through Week 0. I plan to use Week 0 to calibrate my goals - I’ll be lenient with some of them, ignore some of them, and do others in full, but nothing will count towards my challenge score. Goal 1: Maintain Fitness This is where I stick all of my ongoing fitness stuff. These are mostly the same every challenge, but tracking it as a challenge goal still helps keep me motivated. I’ve been doing a daily squat hold for a few challenges, but I don’t think it’s helping me so I’m dropping it this time. Work out 3x/week - usually 1 bootcamp class and 2 bodyweight workouts Run 1x/week - 3 points available 1 for running at all 1 for doing something extra to prep for the Spartan in August (hill runs, extra distance, whatever) 1 for doing ankle alphabets before/after the run. I got sick of doing these every day after 3 challenges, so I’m going to see if I can get away with doing them just on run days. Walk 16 miles per week (64 in 4 weeks), 1 bonus point per extra 5 miles. 1 Pushup AMRAP / week Goal 2: Movement Focus - Spartan Training I usually do a movement focus where I do some dedicated practice for something I’m working on improving, like pushups or squat holds. This time around, I’m doing a variety of things to train for the Spartan I agreed to run with Sylvaa and fleaball in August. Not gonna lie, I love training for things so I'm going to milk this as much as possible. 30 burpees/day challenge. Done all in a row, with rest breaks only as necessary to maintain form. I’m not allowed break them up throughout the day. Ideally done first thing in the morning. No make ups. I don’t want these to pile up. The goal is to do it daily, so if I don’t do it I don’t do it. Half points available for doing 15 instead of 30, but through Week 2 only Take this one with a grain of salt. It’s a challenge, but I’m deliberately going to assign it fewer stat points/lower priority because it’s more difficult than most of my other goals and I don’t know how it’ll go. Running Points for this are covered under my running goal, but I’m aiming to increase my base distance from 3.1 miles to 5ish miles over the next several months. Bear crawls I’ve been wanting to work on bear crawls anyway, so this is a good excuse. If I tack these onto my bodyweight workouts as a warmup or cooldown, I get a point. 2-3 points available per week. Pullup work I’m going to finally order a pullup bar. The only place I can put it is on my bathroom door, so I’ve been avoiding buying one. But my pulling strength is my weakness and I’m getting to the point in several progressions where it would be good to have one of these. Add pullup progression to workouts. 2 points available per week from the time I get the bar set up. TBD - add in 1 extra day of pullup work or practice grip strength by hanging. 1 point. Climb stuff / Stop Being A Cat I LOVE climbing. I get the urge to climb things all the time, but when I get a few feet off the ground I freeze and have trouble getting back down. Because I am exactly like a cat that gets stuck in a tree. So, I want to work on that. Find stuff to climb. Jungle gym at the park. A nearby rock gym. Miscellaneous walls. Whatever. 1x/week - bonus points for every extra thing I work on climbing. Goal 3: Food Broken into 3 parts because rangerbrain. Part A: Maintain things that work Don’t eat after 8pm (or within 3 hours of bedtime) (-1 point for failure) Don’t eat more than 1 bad food/meal in a day. Desserts are counted separately from meals in most cases. (-1 point for failure) Eat primalish most of the time (19 meals / week allows for 2 variance meals) (-1 point per failure, +1 point for extra primal meal) Aim for primal snacks on 4 days/week and then non-primal snacks ok 3 days per week Aim for at least 1 primal meal and 1 50% meal per day when travelling or hosting (-1 point per failure, +1 per success) Plan/prep meals over the weekend and prep/freeze meals for weeks when this doesn’t happen (+1 point when done successfully) Write down bad reactions to food choices in an ongoing spreadsheet to dissuade myself from making that choice a second time. Not connected to any points. Doing this is slowly starting to help me make better choices. Slowly. 23 points per week Part B: Measure Carbs Last challenge, I learned to track protein and found that I hit my goals on most days thanks to meal prep - unless I went on a carb binge. So, I feel like I have protein pretty under control. This challenge, I’m going to repeat the exercise with carbs to get a feel for my intake there. My ultimate goal is just to understand what hitting my macros feels like and troubleshoot weight loss, not to make tracking a permanent thing. Weeks 0-2 – measure carb intake, but no need to try to hit a certain goal (1 point per day) Week 3-4 – start aiming for under 100g a day (2 points per day) Part C: Continue to practice conscious eating Think about what I’m about to do before eating something. Ideally, pause and take a few deep breaths. At the least, recognize and acknowledge when I’m about to sell out my future self. (4 points per day – 3 meals and snacks) Goal 4: Life Goal - Play Outside I have a list of life goals I want to experiment with this year, but this time around I want to keep it light since I’ll be travelling from May 4th - 11th and have a lot of other stuff on my plate. I’m cheating a bit here because this could also be considered a fitness goal depending on how it goes. But in general, my intention is just to play and have fun. I will go on some sort of outdoor adventure once per week - biking, swimming, hiking, climbing, an epic walk, playing on swings, etc. 4 points available. Bonus points available for extra outdoor play. This can totally overlap with my "stop being a cat" goal. Bonus Goals These goals all earn me bonus points, but cannot be done at the expense of one of my main goals. I removed a couple that got annoying and added a new one this challenge. Yoga 4x/week Meditate 7x/week Clean the sink before bed 4x/week NEW Practice crow pose 5x/week
  7. This post will be rather like my challenge: simple, focused and slightly wacky. So... Let's Get Down To Business (can't say that without adding: to defeat...the HUNS) First order of business: March starts the Whole30! So it'll be 3-4 meals a day (depending on if I workout) of meat, veggies, fruit and nuts/seeds. For me it will end up being a whole60 as I'm doing it next month also so I've got to really get into a good routine that can last me 2 months. I'll be posting a pic showing my 3 meals that day as well. My motivation for the whole30 will be it helping me drop my extra bf from winter as all my training is easier with less fluff. Also it's a huge part of what keeps me in remission -this helps me know my true current strength and endurance limits so I can train accordingly. Second order of business: Obstacle Training - Crush PR's in 6 categories (each of these will be areas I'll be tested on in May) 1) Core -Toe Touches and Planche - just trying to see what my max on these is 2) Pull - Jumping and Half Pull-ups + Chin-ups working toward Full- Pull-ups 3)Push - Uneven Push-ups and Pike/Decline Push-ups working toward handstand push-ups -Also I hate military style push-ups but I am gonna try to make myself do them since I think I might hate them cause the muscle it works is just a little different from the above variations and it means I probably need to strengthen it. 4)Squat - Intermediate Shrimp Squat working toward Advanced Shrimp Squat - Also 20"-24" Box Jumps 5)Push-Up- Burpees (Spartan Prep Work) - See how many I can do in a set amount of time and work to increase that number, 6) RUN!!!! I'll be focusing on hills and mountains more than flat areas cause Mud and Obstacle Runs do involve, ya know, running. So yeah, that's gotta happen I guess. Plus, as I've previously mentioned, escape preparedness is never a bad thing, -be it from invading aliens, nefarious villains or just an overly friendly avalanche attempting to give you a hug... Also for the competition I'll need to remember to get photographic evidence of all my training accomplishments. In view of the fact that the Whole30 will take a lot of cook time and planning I'm gonna leave it at these two things since I want to give these my all and I need this month to be April and May's foundation. I'm going to again use climbing and ice skating as rewards for this challenge, it worked really well last time so there we go. My penalty is already in place -if I don't stick with the Whole30 and hit at least some of my goals this month then there's no way I can win in May. I will give myself bonus points if I get my studying done each night since I've got TONS of continuing ed for work this year in addition to my already full study schedule. Bonus points will be explained in the next post.
  8. So in the midst of this 6 week challenge, I am going to have a boss battle! I am signed up to do a Spartan Sprint on May 16th in Indianapolis. Am I prepared for it, you ask. Not at all... The last few weeks have been one sickness after another. Monday I started getting a headache in the afternoon at work and then spent the remainder of the evening trying to sleep it away or in the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up. Tuesday was a little better so I tired to do and easy body weight workout when I got home and was in the middle of a set of pull-ups when BAM! a headache hit. So that was then end of that. Needless to say, if I can't even do a workout at home, I am going to have a hard time at the race. So here is my plan for getting ready for the boss battle: 1) Get Health Bar back to 100% (+3 CON) So obviously this needs to be the first priority. I need to figure out what is causing the headaches and fix it. I am thinking that it is sinus related because of the cold I have had for the past week, but sinus meds were not helping get rid of the headache on Monday. I have eliminated nuts and sausage from my diet and that has mostly fixed the IBS problems that I was having. There is an occasional bad day but nothing like what it was. I have been eating more veggies also. 2) Level up body weight movements (+2 STR +2 DEX) The plan here is to do more burpees and follow the StartBodyWeight progressions again. I want to work on a little bit of strength since the stamina will happen with the next goal. Edit: Based on getting "You are Your Own Gym", I will be following the workout plan in there for body weight movements. 3) Level up lungs (+3 STA) Running... I have been putting this off for a long time, mostly blaming it on the weather but I don't really have a choice now. If I had to right now I could run 3 miles but that is just one part of the Sprint. 3 miles with obstacles sounds like I will need more cardio to make it through. 4) Defeat "The Boss" (+2 CHA +3 WIS) This one is simple, finish the race. I am not going for a certain time or anything like that. My goal is just to finish. I expect this to be harder than the Warrior Dash I did last year but I am not sure how much harder. Not to look ahead too much but I signed up for a Tough Mudder at the end of the year. 13.1 Miles with obstacles for that one...
  9. Here's how this challenge is going to go: I'm going to survive the Spartan next weekend (!!!), finally dial in my diet, and have an awesome birthday! Well the birthday part isn't till the end, but it's important! See, I'm having a bit of a problem with the idea of turning 24. It's right before 25 and 25 just feels so...serious and adult-like. So I want to turn 24 knowing the I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. Then by 25, I want to be in seriously good shape...I'm thinking that 2016 might be the year of the Spartan trifecta. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to evaluate my long-term goals and really start seeing my daily progress as working towards them. I need to figure out what that daily progress needs to be though. I'm hoping for some help from you guys, cause you're awesome Things I need to do to succeed: Dial in my diet so I can start regularly losing weight instead of struggling Be consistent with exercising (especially NP and karate) Work on time management to fit ALL THE THINGS that I try to do Things I want to do: Run the B3 in 2015 (Shamrock 5K, Sole of the City 10K, Charles Street 12-miler) Do one pull-up (to begin with) Competitively run a 5K (maybe in 2016?) By this I mean actually try to win for my age group Run a half-marathon Run the MD HEAT race (hopefully with Nerds) Complete a Spartan trifecta (I'm sure there's more, but this is a good start.) Actual Challenge (for realz and everything): Mission #1: Eat Primal In my quest to beat coax my diet into shape, I'm venturing into the lovely world of Primal. Lots of meats and veggies and dairy (in moderation) So, eat lots of protein and colorful fruits and veggies and *crosses fingers* hope some of the weight will start to come off. I do want to leave room for flexibility though, so I'm allowing myself either 6 non-primal things under 200 calories or 3 under 400 calories per week. And no more than one per day. A beer, for example, counts as one of the 6 things. This allows me to make flexible decisions, but stay 'good' too. And I'll just go ahead and mention that Boston is exempt from this. Mission #2: Run Away! Seeing as I actually enjoy running and want to do the B3/HEAT race/more Spartans, I should start training. Now. For now, I'll train to a 5K distance. I'm going to run 3 days/week following a program I found online, but incorporating hills sprints for one run. Week Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 1 2 HS 2 2 2.5 HS 2.5 3 2.5 HS 3 4 2.5 HS 3 5 3 HS 3 6 3 HS 3 This will get me used to running consistently again and help my staying power at the 5K distance. I'm also assuming all those 3s actually have .1s after them. And that last run? That one's special. That's going to be a PR run. Goal: Run a 5K in under 45:00 by the end of the challenge. If I hit this before PR run, then I still have to PR on the run. Mission #3: Get Strong! One of my goals is to be able to do a pull-up. Well, it's time to start progressing towards there. There's some perfectly good dumbbells in the (other-wise lacking) downstairs apartment gym. I can use those to start with dumbbell rows. I'll come up with some more strength-related stuff this weekend before the challenge actually starts and make my own little routine. Warm-up: 10 Burpees A Day (Heavy Weight/Low Rep): B Day (Low Weight/High Rep): Goblet Squats Lunges Dumbbell Deadlifts Step ups Push-ups (no mod & unweighted) Dips Dumbbell rows Dumbbell rows Leg raises Planks (Start with 30s) HWLR will start at 5 reps. When I work up to 8, I'll increase weight. LWHR will start at 12 reps. When I work up to 15, I'll increase weight. Goal is 3-5 sets per workout. Goal: Do strength routine 2x week All of this is in addition to karate and NP. Because where would I be without kiais and fuck yeahs to get me through my week?
  10. My friends convinced me to sign up for the Spartan Sprint at Mohegan Sun in CT. I signed up a little late since it is only 2 weeks away....Any advice?
  11. Y'all remember that feeling? There are analogous things in other games. Anyone ever get the Biggoron sword in Zelda? Knights of the Round in FFVII? You can beat those games without those of course, but it is a damned good feeling to bust out with a ridiculously overpowered weapon and just brutalize your opponents. I want that in my life! Well, not necessarily the fighting giant monsters part (Although that could be sweet too!) But mostly I want to feel that way with my health. I want to be able to become strong and fast enough that things that once seemed like a big challenge come easily. I want to be more than prepared for whatever lies ahead. In short, I want that feels of overkill! There are a couple of reasons that I chose this as the theme to my challenge. One is that I am doing the Spartan sprint again this year, and I really want to push it and see how much better I can do compared to last time. Another reason is because I tried the 20 pull up challenge last time around and failed pretty spectacularly, mostly because I hit a point where I was unable to progress anymore. But by focusing on grinding rather than a time limit, I can shift the results I am looking for and avoid the frustration of not getting done in time. And another is because I want to get better at being consistent in my capoeira training, something I had trouble with in December. So on to the specifics! 1. Train like you mean it! +1 STR, +2 DEX, +1STA My Most monkliest of objectives! At least two capoeira classes per week. I really should be doing three, but I will allow myself to make up for classes missed if I can't go enough times in a week for some reason. I am really hoping to be consistent this time though, I really can't make much progress at this point without training regularly. 2. It's not that cold, just run already! +1 DEX, +2 STA, +1 CON I live in Arizona. It really is not that bad. I know many of you are from far colder climes and still braving the elements. I must run at least 2 days a week, 20 - 45 minutes. I'll allow make ups for this one as well. 3. Conquer the Dawn! +2 STR, +1 CON I will keep using the 20 pull-up program detailed here, but with the caveat of not moving on to the next week until I am completely satisfied with the week I am on. On my off days, I will continue doing my basic bodyweight routine minus the pull ups themselves. Points here for at 5 days a week of working out in some way! 4. Oitro Mundo +1 CHA +2 WIS Anyone remember what Piccolo's name means in Namekian? *Snicker* Anyway, I did not manage to complete my goal of taking a class at another capoeira school last time, I just got waaay too busy. So I am recycling this one, because I think it is important. I need to shake things up a bit, in order to keep improving! Back to work my friends. Look forward to seeing all of your progress!
  12. http://www.spartanrace.com/malibu-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2013.html So the time is finally here. My Spartan Sprint Race in Malibu happens this challenge! My Main Quest: The true goal is for myself to get healthy. I want to reach that under 200 mark. That will take awhile. I'd like to be as close to 250lb as I can before the race. I won't get there, but as close as I can This challenge My quest is to get ready to finish my first Spartan Sprint Race. Goals this challenge to help me complete my quest: #1 Don't eat the bad things! I am getting back onto strict Whole 30. Technically, I started back up on 11/06/13. I want to make at least one new meal for myself each week. I know I can just get buy on chicken, fish, and frozen veggies. I want to try new things, so I want to have my whole 30 challenge to include finding a new meal to make each week. I will also make sure to not only track this in my battle log, but also post here each day. #2 Get your Run/Walk on! I want to start up my Couch to 5k app again. Plus additional walking on the off days. I hope to hit 10,000 steps a day. If I feel I need to repeat any weeks on the app, that is ok. It will probably be a slower process before I can get up to running a decent distance. Ideally, my goal is to be able to run a 1/2 mile without stopping. If I can get to that, then I can start aiming for a mile, and running 1/2 miles to try to beat my old middle school time Of course I need to make sure I get my stretching done with this extra running #3 Get to bed! Back in my first Nerd Fitness challenge I had a sleep goal. It was great. Since then I have gotten more and more out of going to bed at a good time. Last challenge I started to notice if I am tired, I am less likely to make myself workout or do anything that I need to. So back to the basics here again. In bed by midnight every night. I give myself a 10 minute window. Life Goals: #4 Clean up and start downsizing! The current place we live in is expensive, and the owners don't care about any of the problems here. The place we want to move too is smaller, and will probably work out great. We have lots of extra tubs/boxes that have to be gone through. We have started this already, but it seems to take a back burner a lot of times. I want to make it a priority to get through these boxes! Time to donate or get rid of all the extra clutter we don't need! #5 Get the guts to go to the gym at least once a week! I am going to be really open with this one. I can simply go and walk on a treadmill if need be. If I want the A, I want to try a few things though. I have had a membership since January, and the only time I was there was the first sign up. This challenge isn't so much about the workout. It is more about me getting over my gymitimidation. Since it is planet fitness I don't think they have free weights, but I think even machines would be better then nothing at this point. plus the wife and I were looking at other gyms in the area. One has a pool she can use for exercise since her knees are pretty messed up. If I can go at least once a week to the gym, then I could probably justify the higher cost of a better gym. Motivation: The same thing drives me this time. I want to get to a much lower weight. I want to be able to have that feeling of accomplishment for running this spartan race. I want to get rid of all the medicine I have to take because I got myself in the situation of getting type 2 diabetes. I don't want to be this fat guy any more. I want to live. Not just for me, but for my kids. I want to set the positive role model they deserve to have. This challenge I will be getting all the last minute things I need for my Sprint race The One hitch in this challenge will be when I go to run the Spartan Race. It's about 5-6 hours drive south of here. Since we are going to be in the area, we are also going to Disneyland for a few days. So basically, I am giving myself some leeway during that time frame. I will Travel down on the 6th of December. The Run is on the 7th. Then the 8th, 9th, and 10th we will be in the Disneyland parks and other places around. the 11th is our travel day back. So 6th-11th. I am not letting myself go crazy on corn dogs or whatever. I just don't want to hold myself to having to get in the running etc if I can't. I have been talking with the wife about bringing things that we can have that are healthy options for food already. I am sure I will get in lots of walking, and the hotel has a gym and a heated pool. So I might just take up some swimming activities while we are down there Grading: #1 Don't eat the bad things! A - Whole 30 done, and one new meal made! B - Whole 30 done, but no new meals F - Whole 30 broken, start it over! #2 Get your Run/Walk on! A - Complete C25k and get 10k steps in each day B - Complete C25k, and get some extra walking in, just not 10k steps C - Complete C25k, but got no extra walking in D - No running, but got in lots of walking F - No running or walking #3 Get to bed! A - Got to bed at midnight every night B - Missed a day C - Missed two days D - Missed three days F - Yes, you are in fact a night owl #4 Clean up and start downsizing! A - Going through multiple boxes done at least one day B - Going through only one box, but multiple days C - Going through only one box, one day D - No boxes gone through, but did extra cleaning or arranging F - Did nothing #5 Get the guts to go to the gym at least once a week! A - Sweet, you did it. Time to get another visit in this week! B - Ok, you went there, and just did treadmill F - Ohh didn't get there at least once. Measurements: Weight: 276lbs Left Bicep: 40.6cm Right Bicep: 39cm Left Forearm: 31.5cm Right Forearm: 31.6cm Chest: 122cm Waist at belly button: 130.1cm Neck: 45cm Left Thigh: 68cm Right Thigh: 66.3cm Left Calf: 49cm Right Calf: 46.2cm Weekly Summary: Week 1 Summary C Week 2 Summary C Week 3 Summary Technically a F Week 4 Summary B
  13. SO! The last two challenges I have been a complete and total slack ass towards the end and I haven't finished them...I have gotten so wrapped up in different themes and what not that I lost steam so this time KISS is going to be my insperation KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (Note to 5COT, sorry for stealing your theme, but you know what they say, imitation is the greatest yada yada yada) Goal #1 Do SOMETHING physical 3 times a week OUTSIDE of work (I work as a supervisor at a group home for teen boys and I make YMCA trips mandatory at least 2 times a week. Goal #2 Make healthy choices for food *NO Fast food (with the exception of the first week of the challenge due to being in Boston for my fiance's 21st birthday) *Try and stay close to Paleo but don't bust a nut if I don't stick to it 100% Goal #3 Update this thread at least 3 times a week.
  14. Well we're back for another go 'round! It was an honour watching you all last Challenge and it'll be an honour again this time. I got some big ambitions this time around, namely, the Spartan Sprint. I'll be running at 0900 on June 30. The goals are like this: 1) Train for the Spartan Sprint. I know this is kind of an open ended, undefined goal. But my plan over the next 3-and-a-bit weeks is to begin a bit if a cutting cycle. I'll be looking into a new gym near where I live so I can workout before school on week days (it's open 24 hours) so that'll allow me to get a good workout in on an empty stomach and hopefully cut some fat so it'll be easier to hall my backside around that 5k obstacle course! The workouts will be detailed in my Battle Logs. 2) Fix Diet. AGAIN! I've been on a faux bulk for a while. Which was really just an excuse to eat like garbage without entirely killing my motivation to workout. So it's time to get that under control. The school schedule is KILLING me. The hours are ridiculous and it's just entirely unpleasant. I'm glad I only have 4 weeks left. 3) Settle Down, A Little. I will begin seriously considering where I'd like to live, and weather I want to rent or buy. Really more of a life goal, but my life goal is a continuation of previous Challenges. Listed next. 4) Master Gravity. A while back I biffed a box jump and skinned up my shin pretty good. Now I'm super timid about doing them. So I'm going to be putting a little bit of effort into getting back to my box jumps and overcome my fear. Because I'm going to be skydiving as a personal reward to myself after I pass school. So I better be able to overcome my fear of jumping onto a box if I wanna jump out of a plane! Also, as a side note, I'm going to try revive my Battle Log.
  15. Anyone else going to the Spartan Sprint down in Washougal this year? I am training to get to where I can do the trifecta of Spartan races and would love to network with other people that are doing the same! http://www.spartanrace.com/pacific-northwest-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2013.html#.
  16. Hi all! It’s a bit scary to be finally joining you in the rangers. I had great fun as an adventurer, and saw great changes in my physique; and I think I’ve finally reached a level of fitness at which I can take on bigger challenges. So here I am. I have a few long term goals, and these are what I’ll be using to assist in setting goals for each challenge. These major goals are: To compete (and hold my own) in the sept 19th Spartan Sprint in Edinburgh, this will require increasing both my stamina and upper body strength.To increase my comfortable run distance from 6 to 10KTo increase my bench press from 33 to 40 kg and squat from 20 to 30 kgTo lose 2 inches from my hip and thigh measurements (after the fast loss of the first two challenges I’m happy for this to take a little longer, I appreciate that my system is wondering where its stores went) With these goals in mind this challenge I will be focusing on: Stamina - Increasing my run time from 30 to 45 mins. (+4 Sta) Strength - Adding 5 kg to my squat (+2 Str) and 3 kilos to my bench press (+2 Str). Strength – At the end of my short runs (2 per week) I’ll be including sprints with weight (10 kilos)– for when they hand me one of those sand bags half way through the Spartan (+2 Str, +1 Sta). Dexterity – I’m going to be adding in some plyometric moves - such as tuck jumps, bunny bounds (cute as a button right?), and the dreaded burpee - to the end of my sessions (and maybe just around the office). I’ll count how many I can do on day one, and aim for a 20% improvement by week six (+ 4 Dex).Additional: I usually add an extra goal regarding diet or inch loss. However this time I’m not going to be as strict on my diet. I usually set a minimum two full paleo meals a day rule, however, all that lead to was me stressing about food when I was out and about or we had a casualty in at the hyperbaric chamber. I’ll always eat paleo where the option is there. But I’ll no longer stress out if I cant get someone on the island to deliver a sensible meal to someone in a steel tube pressurized to 12 meters depth! This time I’m changing my goal to –eat consciously.
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