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Found 15 results

  1. Overview / Motivation: My quest for a Spartan Trifecta continues with this challenge. I'll be taking on the Washington DC Spartan Sprint this June and am really looking forward to the challenge. Need to ramp up my training after prioritizing recovery throughout a busy month following the Beast. Let's get after it! Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Complete the Spartan Sprint Points Potential: STA+3 Grading Pass / Fail Average 2 Weight Training Workouts / Week Points Potential: STR+3 Gradi
  2. Overview / Motivation: This challenge could not have been timed any better! I will be going peddle to the medal to train to run the Washington DC Spartan Sprint. I've already started during the off week, but need all the accountability and motivation possible to get myself in the best shape I can be in to attack that race. I'm excited for the mental and physical challenge that will be waiting for me on race day. Let's get after it! Main Quest: Train to conquer the Washington DC Spartan Sprint on September 9th Side Quests: Average 14 Miles of Running / Week
  3. Hi! I'm NTB and my special talents are oversharing, bop-it extreme, and getting headphones really tangled in a very short time. Let's do an icebreaker! What are your special talents? And also, will you remember that I asked this by the time you get to the bottom of this post? I was planning a slightly different challenge for this month, but after my post-vacation struggles with food last challenge, I haven’t been feeling as aggressive. So. I read an article a few years ago that mentioned a culture where people consider anything that is too perfect to be an insult to th
  4. Hey! So there's a Spartan Sprint coming up on 9/24/16 at the Citizens Bank Park in Philly. I was wondering if there were any rebels that might also be running it. This will be my very first run, so I'm a little intimidated. Hopefully I'll see y'all around! -Rai
  5. Hey all, I've signed up for the Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park in Boston on 11/13 but none of my friends who said they were going to signed up ended up signing up for the team so I'd like to open this up to other rebels who might be interested. Link to the race: http://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1641/overview I've signed up for the morning run on 11/13 and created a team. Here's the team information: Team Name: Scuderia 603 Password: bmrs2016 I'd love to get a group together for this event so I don't have to do it by myself. W
  6. Meow. My last challenge was declared the unofficial NF cat appreciation club, so I figured I might as run with the theme. This will be my 10th challenge, which is pretty cool! Double digits! That means something, right? Here’s the basic structure I use for my challenges: Everything is worth points. Some things are worth bonus points. Bonus points can be applied to any category, to help remind me that health is hollistic. I’m slightly concerned that rangerbrain is creeping in this challenge, but I’m trying to be conscious about it. I removed some things from my goals
  7. This post will be rather like my challenge: simple, focused and slightly wacky. So... Let's Get Down To Business (can't say that without adding: to defeat...the HUNS) First order of business: March starts the Whole30! So it'll be 3-4 meals a day (depending on if I workout) of meat, veggies, fruit and nuts/seeds. For me it will end up being a whole60 as I'm doing it next month also so I've got to really get into a good routine that can last me 2 months. I'll be posting a pic showing my 3 meals that day as well. My motivation for the whole30 will be it helping me drop my extra bf fr
  8. So in the midst of this 6 week challenge, I am going to have a boss battle! I am signed up to do a Spartan Sprint on May 16th in Indianapolis. Am I prepared for it, you ask. Not at all... The last few weeks have been one sickness after another. Monday I started getting a headache in the afternoon at work and then spent the remainder of the evening trying to sleep it away or in the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up. Tuesday was a little better so I tired to do and easy body weight workout when I got home and was in the middle of a set of pull-ups when BAM! a headache hit. So
  9. Here's how this challenge is going to go: I'm going to survive the Spartan next weekend (!!!), finally dial in my diet, and have an awesome birthday! Well the birthday part isn't till the end, but it's important! See, I'm having a bit of a problem with the idea of turning 24. It's right before 25 and 25 just feels so...serious and adult-like. So I want to turn 24 knowing the I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. Then by 25, I want to be in seriously good shape...I'm thinking that 2016 might be the year of the Spartan trifecta. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to evaluate m
  10. Y'all remember that feeling? There are analogous things in other games. Anyone ever get the Biggoron sword in Zelda? Knights of the Round in FFVII? You can beat those games without those of course, but it is a damned good feeling to bust out with a ridiculously overpowered weapon and just brutalize your opponents. I want that in my life! Well, not necessarily the fighting giant monsters part (Although that could be sweet too!) But mostly I want to feel that way with my health. I want to be able to become strong and fast enough that things that once seemed like a big challenge come easily. I
  11. http://www.spartanrace.com/malibu-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2013.html So the time is finally here. My Spartan Sprint Race in Malibu happens this challenge! My Main Quest: The true goal is for myself to get healthy. I want to reach that under 200 mark. That will take awhile. I'd like to be as close to 250lb as I can before the race. I won't get there, but as close as I can This challenge My quest is to get ready to finish my first Spartan Sprint Race. Goals this challenge to help me complete my quest: #1 Don't eat the bad things! I am getting back onto strict Whole 30.
  12. SO! The last two challenges I have been a complete and total slack ass towards the end and I haven't finished them...I have gotten so wrapped up in different themes and what not that I lost steam so this time KISS is going to be my insperation KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (Note to 5COT, sorry for stealing your theme, but you know what they say, imitation is the greatest yada yada yada) Goal #1 Do SOMETHING physical 3 times a week OUTSIDE of work (I work as a supervisor at a group home for teen boys and I make YMCA trips mandatory at least 2 times a week. Goal #2 Make healthy choices for food *
  13. Well we're back for another go 'round! It was an honour watching you all last Challenge and it'll be an honour again this time. I got some big ambitions this time around, namely, the Spartan Sprint. I'll be running at 0900 on June 30. The goals are like this: 1) Train for the Spartan Sprint. I know this is kind of an open ended, undefined goal. But my plan over the next 3-and-a-bit weeks is to begin a bit if a cutting cycle. I'll be looking into a new gym near where I live so I can workout before school on week days (it's open 24 hours) so that'll allow me to get a good workout in on an empty
  14. Anyone else going to the Spartan Sprint down in Washougal this year? I am training to get to where I can do the trifecta of Spartan races and would love to network with other people that are doing the same! http://www.spartanrace.com/pacific-northwest-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2013.html#.
  15. Hi all! It’s a bit scary to be finally joining you in the rangers. I had great fun as an adventurer, and saw great changes in my physique; and I think I’ve finally reached a level of fitness at which I can take on bigger challenges. So here I am. I have a few long term goals, and these are what I’ll be using to assist in setting goals for each challenge. These major goals are: To compete (and hold my own) in the sept 19th Spartan Sprint in Edinburgh, this will require increasing both my stamina and upper body strength.To increase my comfortable run distance from 6 to 10KTo increase
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