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Found 2 results

  1. Still working on getting the habits and routines into place that will help me reach my goals. Thus, what is possibly the least exciting challenge ever... My only recourse is to spice up my thread with quokkas. Goal #1: Daily Morning Routine 5AM wakeup (7AM weekends) Meditate (preferably at least 10min) with Calm app Journal/pray Mobility? Sun salutations? Pack breakfast and lunch (weekdays) Goal #2: Daily Evening Routine Get connected NF, post on my thread +2 others At least one row of my current afghan project Throw away or to-donate 5 items Chores 15min Update bullet journal Read in bed Bed by 9pm Lights off 9:30pm Goal #3: Get a handle on the eating thing Limit alcohol to 1 day/week Decide on and implement a plan for variances, specifically free food/drink work events - doesn't have to work, just have to try something Meal prep on weekends: breakfast protein, lunch protein, 2 veggies "Get connected" is to offset my introvert homebody tendencies. Meeting anybody for anything counts. Going out with fiance counts (if it feels like a date....the grocery store doesn't count lol). Setting up a future date counts. Sending a spontaneous text/letter/email to a friend or family member counts. Basically, any action to engage with people other than hanging out with fiance at home counts. Shockingly enough, I'm actually working out consistently these days. Currently working on completing the 'Intense challenge', which is 10 spin classes in 21 days - to earn a free month of spin. After that free month is up I'll probably shift gears (he. hehe.). As the weather warms up, would like to do more running and Spartan WO's. So I'm not making an exercise-related challenge goal because...it's happening anyways. In 5 weeks, I will be headed to Maui for vacation! Terrifyingly, I will be with my slimmer sisters in bikini-land. Ideally I would be able to just be confident and not compare but, *sigh* I am only human. My anxiety is mostly overwhelmed by excitement for beaches and warmth and freedom and pineapple. I will load up my Kindle and prepare for major relaxation mixed with active fun (hiking, snorkeling, possible surfing lesson). 5 full days in paradise (bookended by a day of travel on either end), here I come!
  2. It's been awhile since I've been on the forums (mostly been annoying the nerds on FB). I've been going through a rough patch on doing anything lately, so what better way than to do the 6 week challenge. So let's get down to business Goals for this challenge: ~figure out if I should or shouldn't start selling my art If so, on where? Will I do prints or actual physical art pieces? How much to charge? How I will find clients? Should I invest in a website? Is all my social media profiles professional enough? Is there any apps I should invest in? Anymore questions I should figure out and answer?Maybe find some people in the industry to network with. Maybe also find someone to ripe my work to shreds to show what I need to improve.go over photoshop editing skillsContinue my 365 day art challenge (almost 4 months now) ~Get back into yoga Either go to class (if I can) or atleast find video to useatleast 2 times a weekif I do at home, beware of the cat ~Spin class atleast once a weekcurling in a ball and crying afterward optional ~meditation redownload that appdo for atleast 10 minutes a dayrelax ~drink some tea replace coffee addiction with tearelaxenjoyand avoid that sugary bs "tea" ~budget download an app for budgettingpay off debt (student loan and money owe the college)question if I need that thing ex that really cool Assassins Creed game that you want or another bookset a budget of what I can spend a weekfind a way to pay for ticket (either plane or Amtrak to get to Camp NF) ~look for a new job don't curse out coworkers just yetdon't quit current job without backup jobplease a job with animalsfull time be the best if possiblecall that temp agency if they have any leads ~(and last but not least) stop comparing oneself (for fsm sake) remember everyone is at at different stage in their lifestop thinking not good enoughreflect once a week on what has been accomplishedstop obsessing on things that can't be fix (ex the past)stop getting sick over the future Bonus: check emails and messages at the end of the day Now may the odds be ever in my favor.
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