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  1. Bye Weeks Challenge Goals Quest One - Try something new Cooking! I love cooking and am always looking for new things to try so this goal is 1 new recipe per week. Quest Two - Mini fitness goal Changed to one extra day of weight training. So Weights 2x a week: Tuesday and Sunday Quest Three - Unadulterated joy Reading for pleasure. I don't do this regularly enough . It always makes my day better so 30 minutes of reading per day. Continuing with meditation also falls under this goal. Life Quest: Finish Papers before June 3
  2. Last challenge kinda ended with a fizzle. There were (are) legitimate reasons for this but I think it also means it's time to simplify my goals....and get schwifty Rick and Morty is the story of an (absolutely) mad scientist (Rick) and his grandson (Morty) as they galavant around the dimensions causing havoc. It's also about family, life not working out the way you imagined, taking risks, and not caring what anyone else thinks. Now...lets get to the actual goals: Goal 1: Get Schwifty Some times life is tough. And I get lost. But meditation brings me back into the present moment and reminds me that I don't need to know the where everything is going all the time, I just need to put one foot in front of the other. Five Meditation session per week. Goal 2: Build a Better Robot Be a robot. Bleep Bloop Blop. Make a list. Do the things on the list. Rinse. Repeat. 2 hour blocks helps. 5 lists/2 hour blocks a week. Goal 3: Portal Gun Creative works are portals to other worlds. Do one creative thing a day. 5x per week. Goal 4: Lil Bits 3 meals a day. Moderation and smaller portions. Cutting down on snacks (up to 3 a day in week 1, 2 a day in week 2, 1 a day in week 3, 0 a day in Week 4). (This goal may be changed) Goal 5: The Rick-est Rick Gratitude statements 5x per week. Inspiration 5x per week. LET'S DO THIS *BURRRRRP*
  3. Steven Universe Challenge Steven Universe is about a group of Gemstone based beings who save the world, and notably ALL Gems are female (well technically they are a uni-gendered race that uses female pronouns ). GIRL POWER! The show has a couple of main themes: the power of compassion and the necessity of strong, trusting relationships. I love the show for the amazing characters, beautiful animation, fun and catchy songs, and hilarity ("my mind is the internet, I know every continuity mistake ever made on television"). Awesome characters I wasn't able to fit into this challenge include: Connie Maheswaren (nerd girl extraordinare turned sword fighter!), the whole Pizza family (especially Nana Pizza!), Buck Dewey, Sour Cream, Onion (yes he's Sour Cream's half-brother ) Ronaldo the consiracy theorist ("keep Beach City weird!"), Peridot, Lion (the only non-anthropomorphized animal I've ever seen in a cartoon), Lars and Sadie.... I could keep going but I won't Not all of the song videos display but I highly recommend watching them because 1. they're awesome and genuinely great songs and 2. because each song is linked to the challenge goal of the character who sings it Be Kind is the overarching goal, much like Steven’s approach to life. Compassion to all, including (especially) myself. Steven: “Be Wherever You Are†aka Self Care Steven is a sweet, kindhearted boy who shows compassion to everyone and loves himself. His Gem weapon is his shield, representing his desire to protect those he loves. Steven Tasks Greg Universe: “Have a Little Faith in Me†aka Creative Quests Greg may be the best character on Steven Universe. A former wanna-be rockstar who fell in love with a huge pink alien lady (seriously Rose Quartz is like 8 feet tall) and then raised his son on his own (Rose gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven.....). He's an amazing dad, he's super relaxed (for the most part) and: "When you're a one-man band you got to know do it all: lyrics, graphic design, forum moderation..." -Greg Universe “Don't focus so much on talent, Steven. Making art is all about communication. A piece of art is a conversation. Every choice you make, is a statement. Don't worry about labels, or conforming to a standard. Just be true to yourself, and people will appreciate your honesty.†-Dogcopter https://soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-wailing-stone?in=aivisura/sets/steven-universe Greg Tasks Amethyst: “On the Run†aka Food and Exercise Amethyst is the most intuitive and impulsive of the gems. From masquerading as a wrestler (Tiger Millionare is the best early episode IMO) to her obsession with food, Amethyst is the most human of the Gems since she was "born" and raised on Earth. https://soundcloud.com/jeff-liu/on-the-run-official-version Amethyst Tasks Pearl: “Strong in the Real Way†aka Exercise my Brain The brains of the Crystal Gems, Pearl is insecure but super smart. She's strong in her own way. She wasn't made to fight or even be the amazing technician she is but she trained herself to be useful to the team and become more than she was "programmed" to be. Pearl Tasks Garnet: “Stronger than You†aka Calm Voiced by Estelle (yes "American Boy" Estelle) Garnet is the leader of the Crystal Gems. She's strong, doesn't put up with anyone's shit, and she's supremely confident in herself and her abilities. But she also believes in her teammates just as much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDpCzvMmbSA Garnet Tasks More great songs: "What Can I Do"- Greg Universe Ft. Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems "Do It For Her" -Pearl and Connie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpMSwgPKWd4 "Like a Comet" -Greg Universe (this song is so great and young Greg rocks it!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01-n-KVZta0 "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)"- Sung by the amazing Olivia Olsen (aka Marceline from Adventure TIme) https://soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-havent-you-noticed-im-a-star-rebecca-sugar Types of Combos: Points will be accumulated by creating combos. I need to do 7 combos per week [dungeon explanation here] Beginner: Gem Glow = 1 thing from each list +500 points Basic: Bubble = 1 thing from each list + 3 extra from any list +800 points Intermediate: Amethyst's Whip = two things from each list OR Shapeshifting= one thing from each list and 5 from any list +1000 points Seasoned: Rose’s Sword = two things from each list + 3 extra from any list OR Laser Light Cannon= one from each list and 8 other items +1300 points Experienced: Healing Spit = 3 things from each list OR Pearl’s Spear= 2 things from every list + 5 things from any list OR Mr. Universe Shirt =1 thing from every list and 10 from any list +1500 points Advanced: Rose’s Shield = 3 things from each list + 3 extra from any list OR Greg's Van= 1 from each list and 12 from any list +1800 points Expert: Fusion = 4 things from each list OR Garnet’s Gauntlets= 3 things from each list and 5 from any list OR Quartizine Trio= 2 things from each list and 10 from any list OR Lion's Mane= 1 from each list and 20 from any list +2000 points Dungeons! ~UnDEr CoNSTrUcTiOn~ Goal of at least 7000 points per week, some days can/will be higher than others, every 300 extra points means I get a bag of Fry Bits. [still figuring out what the Fry Bits do] Dungeon 1: Roses Room (Week 1) Activate the door and enter Rose's Room in the Temple BOSS FIGHT: Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem (Week 2) Get enough points to release Lapis, then save the ocean! Dungeon 2: The Message (Week 3) Decode Lapis’s message BOSS FIGHT: The Return/ Jail Break (Week 4) Escape Space Jail Dungeon 3: Sworn to the Sword (Week 5) Learn to Sword fight BOSS FIGHT: Catch and Release (Week 6) Capture Peridot
  4. ♩Cause.....we're.... ANIMANIACS ♩♬ ♬ And we're zany to the max ♬ :D :D and one of my favorite Animaniac's songs: Hello all! 2016 is our year . I'm starting this year with a nostalgic favorite cartoon (because....cartoons ). I'll be returning to the combo system but with simplified categories! AND (DUN DUN DUN) I'm also adding a weekly PvP element (villain face off) each week based on who signs up (props to Lady Shello for this awesome format tweak!). The combo system means I do at least one thing from each list per day, and I get extra points for multiples. I'm still not sure on scoring my challenge, maybe the new NF avatar system will help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But the scores aren't as important to me as doing the things each and every day, one day at a time. The combo system helps with that so I'm going back to it! Without further ado... here are the categories for this challenge! Dot: Physical Health ​Taking care of myself is important, anything from this list counts for this category for the day. AT LEAST one thing per day. Some days it will be one, others it will be more. And some days it may be zero. And that's fine, life happens. Persistent, daily effort is the point. Dot's List: Yakko: Mental Health ​Taking care of my mental health is key, anything from this list counts for this category for the day. AT LEAST one thing per day. Some days it will be one, others it will be more. And some days it may be zero. And that's fine, life happens. Persistent, daily effort is the point. Yakko's List: Wakko: Emotional Health (Fun and creativity) ​Finding the fun is the key to most things! Anything from this list counts for this category for the day. AT LEAST one thing per day. Some days it will be one, others it will be more. And some days it may be zero. And that's fine, life happens. Persistent, daily effort is the point. Wakko's List: That's pretty much it!. I'll let Yakko take it from here: EDIT: Villain PvP sign up IS LIVE
  5. 2016 Road Map These are my big goals for the next year, there is a lot I want to accomplish so I reserve the right to alter them as life happens Mental Health Live In the Moment- take things second by second day by day maintain good habits Meditation at least 5x per week, preferably daily Inspiration Gratitude Positive Self Talk falling in love with myself Physical Health Exercise Pilates 2x per week Lifting 2-3x per week walking- as active rest yoga? Eat your Freggies Sleep Water Creative Health: Writing write another book this year (Camp NaNo) finish second draft of 2014 Nano by april (Editing from Jan-March) finish third draft by june (March-May) finish 2015 Nano (May-June) Drawing 1 per challenge Music Write an EP 3-4 songs I like Become proficient at guitar, this means: able to play songs change chords well know all the notes on the frets Return to School: Financial Aid for School tax returns (by april priority deadline) fafsa (by april priority deadline) CSS profile (by april priority deadline) Finalize return to Wes (May-June) email dean email advisor pick classes Learning: Read 20 new books this year Take 3 coursera courses to get used to studying and classes again Fluency in French?
  6. GRAVITY FALLS THEMED CHALLENGE, YO! Format: week to week challenge goals (thanks deftona!) in categories of: NutritionCreativeLife GoalPreparationMaintenance Here's what I'm starting with. I'll see how the first week goes and then if I need to I can edit/ re-evaluate from there. Quest 1: Smile Dip Days in deficit! Action: Goal is for 6 days in deficit for the week Grading A= 6 days in deficit B=5 days in deficit C= 3-4 days in deficit D=1-3 days in deficit F= 0 days in deficit Quest 2: "Grunkle Stan, I’m an arts and crafts master. Why do you think I always have this glue gun stuck to my arm?†Action: A creative thing! Drawing, guitar, writing etc. 5x per week. Grading A= 5x per week B=4x per week C=3x per week D=2x per week F=0x per week Quest 3: The Bunker -Preparation Action: Prepare for the next day with a to-do list. OR 2 hour blocks 7x per week Listing my intentions/goals for the day seems to help. So I'm going.... Grading: A= 5-7 to do lists/ 2 hour blocks B-3-5 to do lists/ 2 hour blocks C=1-3 to do lists/2 hour blocks F= 0 to do lists/2 hour blocks Quest 4: Maintaining the Mystery Shack I've been slacking on meditation. And meditation is super important for my mental health. So I am re-dedicating myself to it, in a challenge goal. Action: morning meditation 7x per week Grading A= 5-7 morning meditations B-= 4-5 morning meditations C= 2-4 morning meditations D= 1-2 morning meditations F= 0 morning meditations Other ungraded stuff I will be doing: Gratitude: 7x per week Inspiration: 7x per week Exercise: same as usual, now with after meal walks! Really just wanted to use this gif Former Quests: Quest 2: Working at the Mystery Shack Action: job applications 2x per week Grading A= 2/2 B=1/2 F=0/2 Grade A since I got a job MOAR GRAVITY FALLS GIFS: AND I'M OUTTA HERE:
  7. Words to live by : Inspired by the always awesome Shaarawy I am reformatting my quest by character. I think it will make a bit more sense this way. Also some of these are more like daily guidelines. Still figuring out how to make them actionable. Grading is on a do/do not basis. Quest: Finn/Fionna—think less, do more! Finn and Fionna are heroes who know who they are and what they want out of life. They avoid mental gymnastics. I strive to emulate their straight forward attitude and ability to deal with REAL problems. “ I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be noticed. I know who I am and I'll know what I want if and when it ever comes along.†-Fionna, "Fionna and Cake" “I’m all about stupid!†-Finn, "The Real You" -Actionable step: Go for a morning walk, connect with my physical self -Goal: Stay in the moment, don’t overthink things. Actionable Step: Believe in myself because I am awesome! Decide at the beginning of every day, in writing, that it will be a good day and that I choose to believe in myself -Actionable Step: Weight training 2x a week, Pilates 2x a week, 1 rest day Quest: LSP—Love myself LSP is awesome. She is full of self confidence and sass. Goal: no physical or mental picking Goal: using food as self love but in a positive healthy way. showing myself I care about myself by making good food choices what this means: 3 meals a day/ no snacking primal/low carb (50-100 grams a day)one salad a day (visiting veggie village)food is fuel (no emotional eating) 3 cheat meals per week (thanks Snarkyfishguts for the inspiration)Savor my food- eat mindfullyhappy cooking time! Quest: Magic Man— some people are just jerks! For those who don't watch the show, Magic Man is a magic dude (well, duh) who is a huge jerk. In his first episode on the show teaches Finn that some people are just jerks. Then in a later episode it's revealed he was banished to Ooo because he "used to be cool" until the love of his life died and he become a bitter jerk who turned all of the water on Mars into hair (and when the Martians tried to drink it they went bald). (yes I watch this show way too much because I wrote that whole paragraph from memory) ANYWAYS, he could have come back to Mars "If you had just learned to care about living things again," but "Instead, you bummed around Ooo, acting like a jerk for 200 years." Goal: Accept that some people are just jerks and don’t let it bother me because I am awesome! And it is good that I care about other people(but not necessarily their opinions). Actionable steps: Practice letting go at any opportunity. Get mad? Let go. Accept what is. Quest: Marceline- Creative Outlet Marceline is a killer musician (heh) and I've always wanted to do music. I've sung for a long time but have always been too afraid of people judging my voice of my music. This is me taking back my creative space. Goal: Having a creative outlet. Balance the sad and the happy and create awesome art! Actionable Steps: This one is easier to measure because I have to do ONE creative thing per day. Doesn't matter how long or how much, just do SOMETHING. Write a sentence, practice guitar for one minute, paint, draw, ANYTHING. Try to get immersed in creating, let go of judgment and have fun! Quest: Jake the Dog- Eliminating Desire Jake is pretty much always relaxed and goes with the flow. During my first challenge I experienced this type of zen and it was amazing. I would like to get back to that place. I know I can. “What are you doing?†“Eliminating desire from my heart, it helps pass the time†-Finn and Jake, “Marceline’s Closet†“Sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something†-Jake, “His Hero†“Listen to your melon heart!†-Jake, “The Tower†Goal:The Jake quest is about trusting my intuition, continuing with meditation, and letting myself be in the moment. Being okay with my journey as it happens. Letting go of trying to control everything and just being Goal: Each day is an experiment, approach the day without judgement or emotional baggage ​Actionable Steps:Daily meditation sessions, Daily journal using 2 hour blocks system. Actionable Steps: Have Fun!! Quest: Ice King - Embracing Sadness Ice King is probably the saddest character on Adventure Time. He is a portrait of depression and anxiety. I would like to try embracing the difficult parts of myself and feel comfortable with them. “That's right. M.M.S. Runs through all magic users.I hung out with scores of them, all displaying varying degrees of magic… Madness... And sadness. Studying these symptoms could lead me to their underlying cause, and then I'll control the forces that hold sway over Simon.†-Betty, “You Forgot Your Floaties†Goal: Embracing the sad. I want to embrace sadness that passes or even embrace my depression as a part of me and not try to “fix†being sad but just to let myself BE sad. This is not an everyday thing, this is only when sadness occurs naturally. Actionable steps: Really feeling sad when it naturally arises MORE GIFS:
  8. Hello Druids! This is my second challenge but my first as part of a guild. This is part two of my journey learning how to take care of myself and well... care about myself. I guess it's a journey in learning self compassion. I learned in my last challenge that happiness is built from the inside out so I'm focused on re-inforcing my interior scaffolding. I’m hesitating on grading some these because self care should be its own reward. I won’t put a time limit or value judgement on most of these. What matters is my consistent and persistent effort. Some of parts of the quests are maintenance goals from the last challenge. As ever my primary goal is to become the person I want to be, one baby step at a time. I have listed some lesson objectives for each activity next to it, though of course there will be many more unplanned lessons throughout the challenge. Grading will be done as a percentage however the only failing grade is a zero, so if I do 50% that’s still a C because something is better than nothing. Going into this challenge I will shoot for 100% because it is possible but I do not expect myself to be perfect. Perfection is the enemy of progress. Quest 1: Mind Gratitude statements: letting of of the negative by focusing on the positive (New) total possible points: 42 Daily Meditation: total possible points: 42 Walk to Mordor: Miles from walking and running added weekly total possible points: 6 Quest 2: Body Overall Challenge Goals: +Maintaining previous challenge exercise schedule +1 more weight training session per week +Mindful Eating (Continued from last challenge) +Water (Continued from last challenge) +Daily Shower (New) Exercise activity every day Water Goal: 2L per day Grading : X/84L total points: 42 (fractional points awarded for this challenge) Maintain mindful eating Continue mindful eating, especially mindful of sugar. Using MFP to track my calories. Reporting food in my challenge thread every day. This was not an official part of the last challenge, but it helped a lot to clean up my diet. My diet is focused on whole foods, categories to be mindful are fruits, nuts and cheeses. I’m going with 1700 calories a day, revised based on my activity levels. So 11,900 for the week Grading: X/71,400 minus one letter grade for every 500 calories over total goal (so I have a buffer) total points: 42 (fractional points awarded for this challenge, -.25 points for every 100 calories over goal) Hygiene (New) Shower daily. This is a symptom of my depression. Showering (sadly) needs to be part of my self-care routine. I have to make the time for myself. total possible points: 42 Quest 3: Soul Chocolate Bar Challenge: One bar of my favorite chocolate bar (cadbury milk w/ caramel) spread over six weeks. I used to eat two of these in one sitting so one chocolate bar has to last the whole challenge. At a pace of approx. 3 squares per week total possible points: 6 Daily Inspiration: This is very centering. I started it informally last challenge and I would like to continue. total possible points: 42 No weed It’s aggravating my anxiety (New) total possible points: 42 Reading every day total possible points: 42 Total possible points for challenge: 402 Actual points total: ????? Life Quest: -POSITIVITY WALL -Creative Writing 3x per week, a sentence is fine. Progress is progress -Get ready for school- letter of intent Dr’s letters Dr’s paperwork beanie’s harness Beanie’s carrier
  9. spooky

    First Steps

    I struggle with severe depression and anxiety. My primary goal always is to make sure that neither prevents me from living my life. Mostly because I frequently feel worthless. Exercising has helped (along with medication and weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy), but I'm still working on overcoming some mental blocks. Okay so.... goal time: main quest: to take care of myself: mind, body, and spirit. goal 1: exercise 30 minutes 3x per week -escalated running c25K grading: A= 3/3, B=2/3, C=1/3 F=0/3 goal 2: meditation, 10 minutes 5x per week grading : A= 5/5, B= 4/5, C= 3/5, D=2/5 F=0/5 goal 3: 2L of water a day grading: A= 2L, B= 1.5L, C= 1L, D=.5L, F=0L other stuff: Weekly schedule template Monday: Pilates Tuesday:C25K Wednesday: Pilates Thursday: C25K (and Therapy) Friday: yoga + walking Saturday: C25K Sunday: weight training Life quest: creative writing 3x per week (any amount even a sentence, progress is still progress) grading: grading: A= 3/3, B=2/3, C=1/3 F=0/3 Be mindful, be grateful, be present.
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