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Found 6 results

  1. Have you ever taken any online fitness courses ? How much have you payed for it? Are they lacking in any way? I've been training for years and I would like to now if a project like that would work. Thank you for your nice replies.
  2. I really need new headphones! I was using my husbands LG headset for running but it's not working anymore. He's getting a new headset that's really nice! And as a result I don't want to destroy them with my sweat. What I'm looking for is wireless earbuds, or over the ear headphones. I've been staying away from over the ear though because I do more than just run, and they have a hard time staying on my head. Earbuds seem to work the best. I am also on a strict budget so anything under $50 would be great! Under $20 is better hehe. Also they obviously need to be sweat proof, and a bit indestructible. Because I am really rough with my stuff. And really good sound! I like a good bass and clear tones! I don't really need noise canceling, and as a parent I shouldn't have that anyways.
  3. Hi! I'm KB Girl and I'm going to try sticking with a battle log for a whole year! I will use the challenge schedule as a moment to reflect a bit and maybe set a small sub-goal, but I'll log everything here. So the main topic is a journey to the world championship of kettlebell sport in 2018, with a little stop for nationals and the European championship along the way. Let me give you a little background... I've been lifting kettlebells in competitions for 5 years now and won the national title in 2013 and 2015. I participated in the world championship 2015 in Dublin for the first time at a professional level and I was all excited about going to the next one.... BUT not long after I found out I was pregnant! A whole different journey Which was been also very challenging in it's own way.. and also the very best thing that ever happened to me. My daughter turned one year old last week and after a year of rebuilding I'm finally setting PRs again. The world championship of 2017 was also last week (in Korea, Seoul) and I've been watching.. and salivating basically. It's time! I feel excited and CAPABLE of winning a podium spot in 2018. What I need to do: 1. Keep lifting kettlebells, in training and at as many competitions as possible. 2. Work on strength, I've not regained all of my strength and a bigger squat/deadlift and getting my pull-ups back is definitely going to help. 3. Work on cardio.. this is the part I hate. But we've got a rower.. I have a bike.. I have a dog.. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN! 4. Work on basics and have fun. I'm a firm believer in the top of the pyramid being higher when you have a bigger base. (Or I just like giving myself permission to do all the things.) But this means keeping up with rehab and mobility, maintaining and expanding my range of movement and strength/cardio in unconventional ways. 5. Figure out how to lose the last of the baby weight (12kg down, 4kg to go) so I fit back into my weight class Aka stop eating like I'm feeding two people.
  4. Unix

    The Hero return!

    Hello everyone! I had a very bad time in this period but i'm still here, trying to improve and to learn. As many have said: "Not failure, feedback!". 11:05 pm right now in italy, i have to wake up not later than 5:00 am so i will just set my tomorrow goal at 04:30 am and i will upgrade this topic later ( tomorrow ) Good luck to everyone who is reading this
  5. Hey everyone, My name is Marco, I'm originally from Germany and now I've been living in Taiwan for more than 6 years. I always do sport, however, in the past I struggle to keep the momentum. Once I stopped exercising bad habits occurred and weight gain happened rapidly. I told myself never again! Half a year ago, I changed my diet, started to do intermittent fasting and stopped drinking alcohol. I started going to the gym 3 times a week, but this past few week I've been focusing on preparing for a dragon boat competition. Just this week I could make my dream come true and combine passion with work! I'm working at a place where people are passionate about to share nutrition tips & education. I'm very excited meeting you all
  6. Hello to everyone, i'm always searching for new workout music, so i thought that this might be a good place to share & discover new music! So, this is the idea : those who will partecipate to this topic will share a song / instrumental and will rate the song above your post! No discrimination here, you can share any kind of music / genres Let's start!
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