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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all. Callanthae here. I had a previous account on Nerd Fitness a long time ago, so I decided to skip the Level 1 Challenge and come straight to the Rangers. My challenge doesn't really have a theme, but it does have an inspiration. My favourite anime of all time, the reason I got into tennis, Baby Steps. For those who haven't seen it, Baby Steps is a tennis anime. What makes it so fantastic in my opinion is a host of factors: - Maruo Eiichiro, the protagonist, doesn't have impossible skills. He starts out as a complete beginner to the sport. While his eyesight and his studious nature are
  2. I'm a thrower in track. It meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I don't know before hand if the practice will be strength, endurance, or form, so it is difficult to plan workouts. I'm looking for a day-flexible workout plan that will help me be a better thrower (focus on shot put). I also workout on Sundays with a friend, so there is no need to worry about that day. If you need more info tell me. This is my first post, so I'm sorry if it's poorly written.
  3. Hey rebels! I have a question for you. I'm currently writing an ebook with the name "Cavemen in College". Basically, it will be a guide to all students at university on how to remain Paleo. This includes: - The basics of Paleo, what it is and why people do it - My story, how and why I became Paleo and how this book was established - How to make Paleo cheaper than a "normal" college diet - How to combine studying with an active lifestyle (sports etc, inherently a part of Paleo imo) - Tips for going out, social events,... - Meal planning and templates - Tips & Tricks (for example: Handy k
  4. Hey all! Better late to the party than never, I figured it best to get started right now rather than wait for the next six week challenge, cos hey why wait and waste three weeks of progress? So I have been here before under another name and learned an awful lot from some fantastic people, then a series of unfortunate events happened that I let get to me, rather than being anti-fragile which ended up in me going off the rails, getting injured and then going seriously off the rails. Well I'm all good to start exercising again although my strength and conditioning have fallen drastically so
  5. Good monring everybody I used to play basketball in high school and we were pretty good, I used to be able to dunk the ball in my best years. now it is been a long time since my last dribble. being 6'2" takes me very close to a dunk, but I'm still short for a very little. does anybody know about a quick workout to improve my jump height, I think I need 2 or 4 more inches. Thanks Fabian R.
  6. Alright so for my last challenge I ran into some difficulties. The main one being I did not really put in anytime for active recovery (who needs to recover right?!) When I did take some time off, I ended up making huge improvements on my running time. So this challenge I am going to build recovery time into my workout plan. I am also noticing that nutrition is..... lacking. I am also going to try a point system for tracking my progress this challenge. Goal #1 - Create a workout plan, and stick to it, that involves a recovery week. The plan will focus on time active, with a couple spec
  7. All right Nerds, who do you think is going to win?
  8. Around eight weeks ago I started roller derby with the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers as part of their newbie sessions. I'm currently working through to pass my 'Minimum Skills' which is the minimum level I'm expected to achieve before I'm able to join the team and join in with the bouts. I'm not sure I've ever started something I love quite as much as this. It's painful and hard and tiring and I'm ruining my already crapped out knees, but it's amazing! Therefore, my goal this challenge is: Be the best gorram derby player I can be! I have four ways I'm going to do this. Fitness Goals: Due
  9. Hello everyone! I want to introduce to you a sport that I began playing about a year ago and that I love with all of my heart. This sport is called Johnball. Johnball is relatively new, having been invented in 2005 by some friends in Lakeville, Minnesota while they were in middle school. It started when they were bored one day, and they played it all through high school. When they graduated from high school, the friends brought Johnball to their own respective universities all throughout the midwest. This is how I found out about it; one of the friends goes to my college and brought it
  10. Hello there, I'm Alicia. I've been lurking for a few days debating whether or not to join this challenge. See, I love making goals. Setting time frames. Writing up ultimatums. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. The only problem is that I rarely (okay never) follow through. I get enough of a boost from starting, I don't need to finish. I'm going to change that. My Main Quest: Become More Athletic Like many of you, I was a nerdy kid who would rather chill in the library than get teased outside. Trying to play sports embarrassed me and I just never got over it. But now I'm in my t
  11. I'm starting this out and I'm going to start talking here. I've attempted to start an accountabilibuddies thread but that did not seem to work out so well. So I think I'm going to just get all my thoughts, work out feats, defeats, and all around daily struggles here. Be prepared for what might come because my mind tends to really scatter. But I think this will be a new and very well needed adventure. I welcome all beneficial criticism/comments/concerns. Optimism encouraged. Negativity left at the door. If you have questions about me, look me up and check out my current challenge. Or my acco
  12. So I saw that there were some Nerd Fitness Fantasy Football leagues around last year...but I didn't see any mention of them for this year. Is there any interest? I was in a (non-NF) 10-team league last year, and am going back for more this year, so I have some experience being an "owner", but not much in terms of actually setting up or managing a whole league. I didn't know if the people who did it last year were already planning on doing it again this year, or if the people who missed out would want another opportunity? I'm only familiar with ESPN's system, but I'd really just like to pla
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