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Found 14 results

  1. I just started throwing pebbles in the ocean of life to see how far the ripples reach. I have an idea of where I'd like to be, but don't really have a clue or care how I get there. I am a blank slate. Deconstructed and abstract. My stats: 5'2" Female Medium build 155lbs No major known detrimental health problems/limitations No prescriptions Time wasting at work. Summer is so quiet. Quite nice. Let's me think and focus on me. The days are as slow as molasses but I don't care. Let's me practice living in the present and be alone with my thou
  2. Okay, so technically I'm not sprinting to the FINISH, but I will be sprinting. That really is the key, I think. As long as this all makes sense. Good. I've been building up my distance running since January for a marathon in May. I have completely and totally ignored speed training in all of this because my real goal is actually completing. Buuuut, since I am competing in a race I feel like I need to put forth a little effort into trying to build up some speed. So my goals for this challenge are: Complete overall distance requirements - See spreads
  3. Hi all, I'm doing the Boise Idaho Spartan Sprint on June 24th, if anyone wants to team up for it! It's my first OCR and I'm so excited to do it! I'd love to share the experience with my fellow Rebels. If you're in that area, let's do it!
  4. Kicking off my 2016 trifecta with a little run through some Georgia red clay. Can't wait for March!
  5. Just looking, as it looks like I missed a fellow nerd last year, any nerds looking at going to Killington next year?
  6. I've been eating a poor diet pretty consistently and it has left me exhausted, unrested, tired, weak, and on top of that: with lowered self-esteem. On April 1st my buddy is visiting from out of town. We'll be snowboarding, going out, and doing various activities together. My goal is to have energy during this time. I want to feel fit, revitalized, energetic, and youthful. It's the morning of March 25th and I got no sleep last night after staying up, watching movies and eating. I feel pretty exhausted this morning and I don't want to do this anymore so I'm committing to a brief "sprint" p
  7. Alright, THis is not my first attempt at a 6-week Challenge, though I dearly hope that this one goes much better than my last attempt. A brief bio: I'm a 27 y/o male Marine stationed in Parris Island. I'm 6'3" and 220-230 lbs depending on the day. I've been in the Corps for 8+ years, and have only in the past 3ish years really begun to take my fitness into my own hands. I've competed in 3 triathlons, including a 1st in age group, and a 2nd in Clydesdale. My life has been really crushing me as of late, with hobbies (Triathlons, Magic the Gathering, Bowling, Auto Racing, Gaming), Parenting (2
  8. Level 5: Laying Down the GroundWORK. Hello there!!! I come join you from the Ranger forum, as I’m focusing more on lifting than ever before. Got some help from Chairohkey and I’ve got a new program to try out (so far going very well). My overarching goal is to get down to under 15% bodyfat and keep it that way. Currently, I’m around 29-30% after taking a BodPod test about a month ago. I’m about a pound or two lighter than I was then. So I still have 15% of fat to trim, or 30lbs to lose. I’m currently around 204-205 lbs at 5’ 11â€. It’s going to be a long journey, as I hope
  9. As I looked back at my life, I realized that I had never really put in effort. Not just toward fitness, but toward anything. I had spent 24 years coasting through life on my cleverness. But not anymore. Not after what happened yesterday. I was sitting in my comfortable home in the village when I saw smoke rising in the distance. There was way too much smoke to be just a campfire. I started running. Forest fires are terrible things if they get out of hand, and it was up to everyone to do their part to prevent them. Unfortunately, I was terribly out of shape and was panting and had to slow dow
  10. I was wondering if anyone here had done the flash workout? I am interested in trying it alongside the beginners bodyweight workout to increase cardio fitness/burn fat. http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/04/27/superhumanspeed/ My question is how do you know what percentage of effort you are putting in? In the past I have tried running longer distances, but start too fast and have to stop. I think I am worried that I will not push myself enough or push myself too much, making the workout less effective or flying off the treadmill in the gym. I know it sounds like I am over thinking thing
  11. When he reached the top of the mountain, the rainbow shimmered and made it seem like he was standing in an ocean of light. The road to Asgard stood before him, close enough to touch. But there was no way through. The mountain path had made him tougher and leaner but there was little skill in climbing a mountain, determination carried him this far but it could carry him no further. He fell to his knees in frustration and slowly made his way back down the mountain. But the assassin was not ready to admit defeat. There are not many things that can stop an assassin who's put his mind to somethi
  12. Even the summer winds are chilly this far north. The lone figure trudging up the mountain path gave a brief shiver and pulled his cloak tighter about himself. The slow crunch of his feet on the path and the sigh of his breath was the only sound, the birds had all gone. He continued his way towards the base of the mountain, the great hulking shadow sending a cold chill down his spine. It wasn't until later that day that he reached the true foot of the mountain. He could tell because the pathway suddenly veered upwards, almost into a vertical climb. The figure paused as his eyes followed the
  13. My Goals: Level Up! -Read 1 hour per day (>5 days/week)- I already read before bed but not for very long. when I plan my day I will start scheduling in time to read and learn. Diet & Fitness! -Eat 120g protein in 1200 cal (6 d/w)- No cheating on food choices on the "cheat" day, but a day of sanity. I will do this by meal planning before grocery shopping and prepping meals ahead of time. I want to set myself up for: the most convenient thing to eat is what I need to eat to reach my macro goals. I will also record and weigh everything I eat. -Go from 3 rounds of 1/4 miles s
  14. My first 6-Week Challenge!! WOO!!1! Let's get right into the weeds. Triathlon Training 6/Week – 4 STA, 1 DEX I have laid out a triathlon training plan for the next few months before the On On Tri on Hilton Head in October. I've already done a Sprint Tri with no training (DO NOT RECOMMEND), so I want/need to be ready for this one so I'm actually competitive. This involves running, biking, and/or swimming once or twice a day depending on the schedule. It may or may not have been shamelessly stolen from beginnertriathlete.com >.< http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-deta
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