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Found 2 results

  1. I started lifting few months ago and have progressed just fine in terms of strength in 3 out of 4 major movements. I can deadlift 245 lb for 5 reps without any problem, so I'm quite sure it's not weakness, but my squat really sucks. I can't go past 175 lb without my form breaking down terribly. I believe it is my mobility. After some analysis of my form, I noticed the following flaws: - My knees go well past my toes, even when I point my toes out and have a stance wider than my shoulders - My torso leans forward, even in a high bar squat - I can't keep an upright torso without putting the weight on my toes instead of keeping it on my heels - I can't keep the weight on my heels, go below parallel while keeping an upright torso without falling back on my butt Some of the possible reasons for this: - I have incredibly tight hamstrings and calves, hindering my hip and ankle mobility. I can't touch my toes without bending my knees. I can only reach till my shins with my knees locked. - I have a significantly heavier lower body (big quads, hamstrings and ass, with skinny arms and torso), which means my center of gravity is significantly behind my feet, causing me to fall back when I force myself to stay on my heels in a squat. I can't completely collapse my torso in such a case, but that's far from ideal. However, I can squat properly - with my torso at no less than 45 degrees with the floor, knees not going too far forward, etc, if I raise my heels. What is the most likely cause? Are my hips and legs too weak to haul myself up from a "good" squat position or is my lack of mobility to blame? Should I work on stretching my calves and hamstrings to increase mobility or should I scrap all weight I was previous squatting and start all over again - relearn the squat? Or should I work on upper body hypertrophy and add some weight to it, culling the possibility of the center of gravity problem I mentioned?
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I want to start getting into squating and dead lifting. I took this video today with just the bar so I can get a form check. This is my first time doing this. What should I be looking out for? Should I be doing more weight for 10 reps of 5 or less weight and 5 reps of 10 ? Should I be going lower is my back posture okay? I know you can't see my feet if that's an issue I will take another video and post it. I know it is really easy to get hurt and I am too nervous to start doing this at the gym ( I have home workout room ) because I do not want to embarrass my self Could some please give me some advice as I know nothing about this Thank you so much!!!!
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