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  1. I'm posting a video of my squats from last night for form checks. I lifted years ago although squats were always the worst of the big 3 for me. I posted form check videos then and found out I was doing half squats. I was considerably thinner then (meaning my belly wasn't in the way) and I started working on form but didn't ever get my numbers up. Every time I stepped up to the bar, I'd tell myself it was going to be too much weight and I couldn't do it. Eventually I quit going to the gym and worrying about nutrition and have gained the 100 lbs I lost back. Fast forward to a month a
  2. Hey folks, sorry if this is something that has been covered before! I want to do more barbell stuff in the gym - especially squats/deadlifts. The biggest struggle I have (and one of my fears of the barbell zone) is dropping the weight. Particularly when squatting, I find that it is very difficult to hold the barbell in place across my back when I add any weight and it feels as though I need to spend a long time working on my upper body strength before I can hold enough on the bar to squat a decent amount of weight. Has anyone else experienced this/have any tips??
  3. Welcome to the Nerd Fitness Squat Leaderboard. Below you will find the top Squat lifts (that have been reported) on the Nerd Fitness forum organized by Wilkes Points. For more information about the Wilkes Coefficient, go here. The following are the rules for using the Nerd Fitness Leaderboards. You must have at least 50 posts - We don't want random people just showing up and posting just to be on the Leaderboards. If you don't have 50 posts yet, be an active member and come back when you do. You must have been active in the last 6 months - This is meant to be for activ
  4. At long, long last, my squat form looks decent, so my primary goal for this challenge will be to build it back up. Technically, I started that last week, but I had friends in town last weekend, and I knew that would have gotten in the way of getting my goals done, had I set them. I'll leave my other goals the same, but I might swap out bedtime or mobility for something more interesting if I can get my thoughts together. Goals Retain good squat form while working through a linear progression. I'll be doing this pretty aggressively, but I don't want to get sloppy. I got up to 1
  5. I'm still trying to do the same stuff as last time, because I still have the same problems as last time. Goals Squat some weight for 3 sets of 5 with perfect form. I said just the bar last time, but my bar path does seem to get better when I put some weight on. Ideally, I would be able to get in a balanced position without any weight on my back at all, but if my form starts to look good while I'm still warming up and stays that way, that seems like something I could work with. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to keep this as a goal. On Friday, I did back squats with more
  6. The same thing we do every challenge, Pinky. Try to squat correctly! I may made a challenge with this title before. Previously, I attempted to get my bar path over my mid-foot by just sitting back more. I believe these attempts caused me to over-extend my lower back, which may have resulted in my inflamed facet joint, in response to which I am currently seeing a PT. That stopped hurting a few weeks ago, but I also haven't squatted more than the bar in I think over a month. I haven't squatted what I would consider to be heavy in I think the better part of 3 months. I really want to
  7. I have mentioned a few times that i have been creating a tradition during the holidays at the end of the year. Last year i did a challenge on boxing day. The 50/50 squat challenge. Squat 50 reps with a barbell that weighs 50% of your bodyweight. This year i want to expand it a little and do the 50/50 squats on Xmas-day, and do a 50/50 deadlift challenge on Boxing day. For some this will be too much to handle, for some this would be pretty easy. For me it's pretty spot on (at least for the squats, for the deadlift i don't know yet). XMAS: 50 Squats 50% Bodyweight
  8. For today, I lowered the safety pins one notch to encourage me to go lower. I am trying to focus on pushing more through my heels. I'm keeping my squat weight at 170 lbs while I work on form (at least through this week). Stronglifts wants me at 185 (if I were still following linear progression). Similarly, I'm keeping OHP at 90 for the same reasons. 170 lb squat apologies on the false start. Unracked the weight and it just didn't feel right. In review, it looks like I could go a little deeper. Push my ascot out a little bit more to try and stay over heels on the way down (am I
  9. Hello everyone! Starting as I mean to go on, slowly (very slowly), with a lifting log here to throw out my programme with anyone who wants to follow my lifting journey. I'm an Irish guy in my mid twenties, living and lifting in Ireland. I eat all sorts of potatoes, sup all kinds of pints and am passionate about strength training and in general getting better than I was yesterday If you want to follow my journey that'd be cool. I'm about 80 Kilos at 5'9 and prepping for my first powerlifting comp in March, where I'm hoping to hit the following num
  10. Grandkai's doing Assassin stuff (part 1/2) Previous challenge didn't go so well, but giving it another shot so here are my BIG goals for the last 2 months of this year. BIG Goal 1: Do a Handstand; - Everyday #5 Minute Flow - Everyday Headstand training & progress to Handstand - 3x a week Startbodyweight Routine to build strength. BIG Goal 2: Do a Split; - Do the Darebee "Splits in 30 Days" challenge -1x a week Yoga class - Everyday 30/30 challenge by Ido Portal BIG Goal 3: Reduce Unhealthy foods;
  11. I'm doing pretty much what I was doing last time, except hopefully better. Fix my squat form. This has improved in the past 5 weeks or so, but I still want to get to the point where I can do a heavy set of 5 and be confident that they will be over my mid-foot. Do yoga twice a week. Get in bed by 11:30 pm 5 nights each week. Work on SICP for at least 30 minutes on Tuesday or Thursday night and at least 30 minutes on Saturday or Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday worked pretty well last time, so I want to expand this. None of my weekly goals are allowed to borrow from futu
  12. Keeping it simple. 1) Time to Cut: Drop to an average of 2600 calories per day by the end of the challenge I haven't been on a (major) cut since I left for Camp back in September. By and large, I've figured out that at 3,000 calories a day my body is pretty content to hover around 210 pounds, with a gut measurement of 36.5 inches. I'm less concerned about the weight this time, but I'm not feeling that gut measurement. At my thinnest I was measuring a hair under 35.5", and ideally I'd be slightly under 35" and in the 15% bodyfat range. I'm just feeling doughy ar
  13. Kishi

    Kishi Says Balance

    Still reeling from my Feelings on this game. So, that's the theme music. Deal with it. So, basically, I've been struggling with balance. Sleep and food and weights and martial arts. It's a lot of fun, but the truth is, I want to skew more toward martial arts. And, looking down the line, one other thing that I'm going to want to do is to get into flexibility training. Right now, there's no way that the current schedule is going to let that happen. Also, I'm about as heavy as I was back in high school, and it's not muscle that's making the difference. I want to fix that.
  14. I've got my girlfriend into lifting, and she loves the basic approach of Bench Press, Barbell Squat, and Deadlift. She wants to lose weight and get stronger. The problem we are seeing is that even with rigidly proper form, she experiences severe knee pain after only a few reps of her Squats. Even without weight, her knees start to give her problems. My question is what kind of alternative exercises or possibly rehabilitative movements I can suggest to her to still work similar muscle groups and hopefully get her squatting properly. Fitness Goals Exercise Preference
  15. I am sick so this is a super rough draft of this until I am feeling less like death. DAMN YOU IMMUNE SYSTEM AND STUPID SINUSES! Going for something like: Goals: GOAL 1- STRENGTH Strength training at least 3x per week! this can be bodyweight training, aerial, or lifting. OPTIONS, YO. (Want to get in pull work, push work, core work, and SQUATS because I have been neglecting squats and push lately since I no longer work with a powerlifting trainer who makes me do this stuff. And I actually LIKE push ups, so that should be easy to make my
  16. Hi all, can you please look at this squat form check video for me - any help would be massively appreciated! I know it doesn't look right, but I don't know what to do to solve that. Is there something I can be doing to improve form here, or is the weight just to heavy for me?
  17. Coming back off a long respite of back squats. Been doing solely goblet squats, split squats, and front squats for about a year due to a lack of ankle mobility. i can not sit in a bodyweight ATG squat with my heels on the floor. These felt really good. i know my back angle is more acute than "preferred" but i think this is just where I'm going to be comfortable given my body type. I wanted to know what you guys thought. i realize the first rep is just me making sure i'm getting below parallel. also sorry i'm going so fast. the weight was definite
  18. Hey, this was the first time I ever recorded myself working out, so I am not sure the angle is very helpful (empty gym, etc). This was my second set @60kgs and my knees caved in some in the second rep. Comments?
  19. NEW CHALLLENGE! Oh My God So Excited ... This is just a placeholder, though. I'll be back later today. Just wanted to let you all know what you're in for.
  20. I'm not sure if this is technically a "form check" but a 12 week program I'm following lists the Hack Squat and I'm seeing two slightly different forms and trying them they felt vastly different. I was wondering if someone could explain the difference between the two forms. Why is the hack squat with raised heels so much harder to perform? To perform a hack squat hold the barbell behind your back, squat down, then back up. The difference comes in either performing the squat flat footed (like this picture) or with plates under your heels (like so). I originally start
  21. Hello I filmed myself for the first time today. Lately, as I've been increasing weight, I've felt my chest may be collapsing (goodmorning style) and depth just wasn't there. I've gone down 20% on my weight as I hit my first plateau, and am building back up trying to focus even more on breath, depth, and overall form. I'm actually pretty happy, it doesn't look nearly as bad as it did in my head! I'd love to get feedback on those areas, and any other aspects I might be missing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7hp1epogcsh0eo/Squats 5x125 0814.mp4?dl=0 Thanks
  22. This was done with no belt and no wraps. It's 325lb's. I thought it looked really good at first but then went back and noticed the lower back flexion on the way up. I'm attributing this to going lower than parallel and lacking glute/ham strength. This is a pretty big PR anyway since I just started lowbar squatting without wraps/belt to tighten everything up! Look okay though?
  23. From my 4 Week Challenge thread: Squat (second form check, toes turned out more) Deadlift (standard) Deadlift (sumo stance) Benchpress (powerlifting stance)
  24. Ok so managed to film my 85kg squats, 40kg overhead press and 120kg deadlift. With the deadlifts, I know I am squatting them up, however our plates do not lift the bar to the regulation 21cm's, so I kinda do a semi, deficit deadlift. I need to get to the gym and practice on a properly heighted bar.
  25. So I started doing stronglifts a little while ago and have been progressing steadily. I am fairly confident in my other lifts but I never feel confident in my squatting ability and would like any pointers if possible.
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