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  1. So I started my lifting career with Stronglifts 5x5, and it seemed great, except my deadlift was always either equal with, or even slightly below my squat. And I never could seem to get it to progress any faster than that, despite the fact that everyone else (not just here, but pretty much everywhere, with only a few world class athlete's, or half squatters as exceptions) had a bigger deadlift than their squat. I've since moved onto the Texas Method for powerlifters, and do RDL's on Monday for pulling volume. And sure enough, my deadlift keep creeping up, but once again, only at th
  2. Hey guys! Almost finished with my first month on Stronglifts. My first foray with deadlifting socks and the fact I was using a squat rack by a window and had something to rest the phone on means I filmed myself. I'm sorry I didn't capture my feet, but I have a strong aversion to portrait mode. Hopefully you've got enough to go on... https://vimeo.com/168666565
  3. hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me build up a plan to train 3 times a week (monday, wednesday,friday) i also do rugby specific team training on tuesdays and thursdays and a game on saturdays. i would like to build lean muscle and loose fat (im also intending on starting the paleo diet) i currently am abit wayward with my workouts i sorta just do whatever i want coz i have no real structure to follow. i love the deadlift and would love to increase my 1 rep max (227.5Kg) any advice welcome thanks
  4. Haven't done a form check before, so figured now was a good time as I'm approaching bodyweight for working sets and it's better to fix things now rather than later. I originally did high bar squats and switched to low bar a bit ago when I did Starting Strength. I noticed recently that I was putting some weight on my wrists, and tried to fix things per Rippletoe's suggestions so these feel better as far as back position now. I'm doing the Danger program, block 1, so this is yesterday, second set out of three of 90% of my 10 RM. I've been squatting barefoot with the home gym, and am a bit uncert
  5. Still figuring out specific goals for this next round. Please entertain yourself with this for now! NOW UPDATED! NOW WITH ACTUAL CHALLENGE GOALS!! It should be of little surprise to anyone who has followed me on here for any amount of time that I keep a full plate... PLATES!! of things to do at all times. Sometimes I end up feeling I have that one too many plates stacked and I get super stressed out and overwhelmed. An excellent example -- this week would have been nuts anyway, but then LIFE HAD TO GO AND HAPPEN and someone hit my parked car la
  6. I haven't done a form check in a while, and it seems like my form on a few things might be shaky. I've been doing squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, and power clean as described in Starting Strength, although I am no longer doing that program. Hopefully it won't be too confusing to do all five in one thread. Seems like my depth here is borderline. Here is where I think I might have a significant form problem. For several months now, whenever I do overhead press, the outside of my right elbow (possibly my lateral epicondyle) hurts at the bottom o
  7. I was doing well with lifting a few months ago running 5/3/1, and playing with other intermediate level programs. But, life was turned upside down and after five months off of regular access to a full gym, I need to rebuild my foundation. I re-building my base strength by running Starting Strength -- with a few tweaks perhaps. I've made this very detailed so that I can follow it precisely without any second guessing and to give myself an "objective to-do list" so I stay consistent and don't change something just because I'm bored. My main purpose in posting this here is to cast a wide net
  8. You can see the video on Vimeo. The password is my NF username (it's case sensitive!) This was the best angle I could get. Hopefully it's still useful. Also, Adobe After Effects is awesome.
  9. Finally got up my bodyweight on squats! Comments?
  10. 6'2" - 6'3" depending on posture, 185 lbs BW, 32 yo, male, .... Canadian? Okay, so I'm relatively new to the lifting things game. I've got about 2 months down including the current 4 week challenge. I'm looking for the same helpful information you're sharing with everybody else but tailored to my noob ass. Please help. This is face on for a 162.5 lbs workset (the same one I failed to hit 5x5 twice prior but got it today) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByTP-s6sfmp2ZWt3alRKdjBjU3M/view?usp=sharing Side view, same weight, next set https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByTP-s6sfmp2ZlVFZEFGZl
  11. more text will soon come I have been sick since the 31st of last year so I will start my challenge next week instead. my life goal will be to get the habit back, so I will make 4 small fitness goals instead goal 1: Hang for at least 7 minutes a day goal 2: play in squat for at least 30 minutes pr day goal 3: daily head2toe stretch goal4: daily inversions. get the habit back of at least once a day being inverted
  12. Main Quest To improve my squat and deadlift. Specifically to squat 227x5 and deadlift 247x5. Background After finishing my 99 miler, I feel kind of blah about fitness goals. Understandable, but it has been almost three months now so time to move on to new and exciting fitness goals. My main quest may not seem very scoutly, but runs are much nicer as the legs get stronger. I will work on my upper body too, but that just comes along for the ride and not my main motivation when lifting. So my goals for this challenge are simple. Fitness wise I want to lift, keep up running (both for fi
  13. change everything you are & everything you were your number has been called /me pins *guest* badge to her shirt as she steps into the Assassin’s Den. YES! Welcome to the first challenge of my brand new themeset! (In a brand new guild, even?! WHOA NELLIE) Hi, I'm Shaarawy, a barbell loving uber-nerd journeying over from the Rangers because my goals have become much more... Assassin-ly. If you’ve followed any of my previous ventures you’ll notice I’m moving away from having a specific “thing†for each of my challenge themes - instead, each 6 weeks I’ll choose a s
  14. I've been on NF now since the end of May and have been enjoying following a workout program and actually seeing progress. Now though, I like the idea of actually using a workout program to achieve a goal I've had since I was a teenager which is to be able to dunk. Rather fortuitously, it seems that this should fit in quite well with my existing training regime (especially if I actually manage to start playing a bit more again). I will be following the basic idea from this site : http://www.stack.com/2012/06/25/dunking-program/ Unfortunately I still don't have access to a barbell so won't be
  15. I've been largely absent of late, due to an uptick in work, as well as the fact that I have started coaching CrossFit. However, the time has come for a new DBL. I feel like today is an appropriate day because I started the introductory cycle of the Smolov squat program today. I have seen claims that it will add up to 100# to your squat in 13 weeks (I'm assuming that applies to novice/early intermediate lifters). I'm going to take the first 6 weeks easy, since it requires squatting relatively heavy 3x/week. To that effect, I entered 90% of my 1-rep max instead of my actual max into the spreadsh
  16. Hey guys, So I've been doing SL since... January? And I am finally getting up the courage to post a video. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B93cyxr3B3C3cVYzQzk5RG5yMUE/view?usp=sharing Any comments welcome. Except about my short shorts, because I needed to do laundry so they were all I had. Note 1: I am going rather low, it's because last time I did a form check (not posted) I was going way too high. So I am temporarily going ATG to just make sure I can. I have trouble knowing if I've hit parallel or not as of now. Note 2: This is a warm-up set, not a working set.
  17. Jan 21 I started strong lifts with a 55 lb squat, and Friday I hit a 1 rep PR of 175 lbs. I think I can put a few more lbs on there, but I didn't have a spot and didn't want to make a scene at the gym, lol. I am well on my way to 200 by the end of the year
  18. I came to this miserable conclusion yesterday when I did multiple sets and tried to pinpoint the problem area around my hips for my upcoming physio appointment. I deloaded to 40 and 45 kg (from the 55-60 I had been at previously) and kind of felt around my legs as I squatted. I noticed I still couldn't really feel it in my glutes even though I should, so I decided to video myself. Admittedly I was a bit worn out at that point because it was the fourth or fifths set, but watching that video I wanted to bang my head against the squat rack. For one, I wasn't going until parallel, and two, I lea
  19. Failed before, yada yada yada. That doesn't matter, because it's in the past. And you can either run from it or learn from it. So onwards to this challenge, where I'm just going to use whatever images/gifs I think are appropriate. None of my goals really tie together, either. So this is my random challenge! MAIN GOAL: Don't be the fat kid -Everyone else in my main friend group is in rather good shape, except for me. I'm tired of being the fat one, so I'm going to try and lose enough that I can no longer call myself fat. GOAL ONE: Run -Run 3x per week -Ultimate Goal: Run 5 miles stra
  20. Hey guys I wanted some your opinions on my squat form. I was also wondering about the arch in my lower back I don't know if I'm over exaggerating this too much and is bad form or is good form. My lower back doesn't hurt either. Also I want your opinions on my bar path if it is totally off or with in the range of acceptable. The bar tracking app I think gets off a little but gives an okay idea for the first rep then you kind of have to eyeball the rest. Thanks. This is a moderate weight for me. https://youtu.be/MSKYiyf2sMk
  21. Short Version: What should the week before testing my 1RM look like? Long Version: I tend to plan things out far in advance. I planned on continuing to focus on strength and cutting out some bodyfat until around the end of November. Currently I do 5/3/1 with BBB 4x/week and run around 10-15 miles most weeks. I understand the basics of the day of warm up to 1RM and how to warm up to that weight. I also think I am going to do a single 1RM a day rather than big 3 in a day comp style. But should I just plan on putting 1RM testing at the end of a deload week just before shifting gears? Oh,
  22. I was going to skip this challenge because I was beginning a new job, and didn't know how hectic my schedule would be, etc. In other words, Whaaaaa. While I was reading the posts of the other warriors I realized a couple of things. You people are even busier than I am for the most part, if you have time to work on yourselves then so do I. If I have time to read your posts, then I have time to do the work myselfSo no more excuses FOOD – Quit eating like an asshole. This seems to be a theme this challenge and I am no exception. I use My Fitness Pal regularly. I realize what a reasonable po
  23. Please give me feedback on my deadlift form. Thanks. https://youtu.be/p2U7cX-ydWU
  24. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on the forums. Actually, it's been a while since I've read many articles. I'm on the mailing list but since November I've been saving the articles in my inbox and not actually reading them. Well, the article this morning caught my eye. I have failed and I am starting over. Here is a status update I posted to Facebook on April 30th, after weighing myself for the first time in about 6 months: "Had a bit of a weight wake-up call this evening. I've been avoiding the scale because of what the mirror has been telling me. I lost 38 pounds a couple
  25. Hey everyone, as you know i started lifting at the beginning of this year with a budget kit and I think i might be close to outgrowing the budget barbell, at least on deadlifts. So I started lookign around for a decent barbell to get in a month or two. Any recommendations? Currently I have been looking at a ATX Powerbar Black Mamba maybe.
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