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  1. Hi bodyweighters! I've been doing a lot of bodyweight squats lately (yeah!) but I feel like they're getting easy. So I upped the intensity and started working on pistols. However, I notice that it's difficult to hold my non-working leg straight. And what I mean is that it feels like that quad is being strained or just generally hurt in some way. I also feel like my working leg is collapsing in to compensate. So last night I put my the ankle of my non-working leg on my working knee and did pistols like that. I felt a good stretch in the non-working leg and felt like I got better range of moti
  2. Warriors! A query for you... I have no plans to get into powerlifting, I'm more into general fitness/strength training. However, I do want to expand the actual lifts I'm doing with a barbell. Currently I do squats and deadlifts, but I was thinking of added an OHP or Clean and Press to my routine. I currently do a mostly bodyweight circuit routine that looks like this: Circuit Round 1 Circuit Round 2 Circuit Round 3 Vinyasa Yoga (15 min.) Squats (10) Squats (10) Squats (10) Push-Ups (10) Push-Ups (10) Push-Ups (10) Bench Row (10)
  3. Hey fellow NF members, I actually started about three weeks ago but I did want to start a log to keep myself accountable, and to possibly give some insight on the Starting Strength Program to any fellow members who might be interested. About Me: I'm a 26yo Male, 6'1", 176lbs, 18.4%BF taken by bioimpedance analysis. I may actually be a little lower than that, I felt pretty lean a few weeks ago, but I digress. I have floundered around in the world of fitness and diet for about 5 years now. I graduated high school at about 170lbs, very weak, and the epitome of skinny fat. I proceeded to pack on
  4. I am not the most flexible person, which is something I am slowly working on. My front squat, and back squat are pretty decent. I can lift atleast 85 lbs for both. But my overhead squat so far has been embarrasing enough which just a 15 lb weight bar alone. When I first did an overhead squat, my legs never went past parallel. Last night while doing my overhead squats, not only did my legs go past parallel but I was able to put up 45 lbs. Not the biggest milestone I've had, but a pretty important one to me.
  5. Hey lifting ladies! I know that squat form is the same for men as it is for women (or it is from what I can find), but given that a woman's center of gravity is lower than a man's, do any of y'all have trouble staying back? I always feel like I'm going to fall on my ass. It hasn't been a huge problem, but as I add weight, form is becoming even more of a concern. Any pointers from you experienced lady lifters?
  6. So, I feel like there are several things wrong - I can't seem to prevent my knees going way out over my toes, and it looks like I have an unnecessary bend in my lower back/hips area. This video is just with the bar, since the heavier I go, the worse my form gets. What am I doing wrong, and how should I fix it? Thanks so much!
  7. When you find out you were stronger than you ever imagined you could be haha. I stepped into the squat rack for the first time in over five years today to do today's WOD. 5-5-3-3-3-1-1 Reps working towards a new 1RM. I took it easy and started at 135lb/61kg but by the end of it I managed to put on two 45lb/20kg plates for a new 1RM of 225lb/102kg (including the bar)!! I had no idea I could still squat that much haha. So feeling emboldened I decided that I'd try out dead lifting those two 100lb/45kg bumpers that I'd been eye-ing since I rocked out 15 reps of 225lb/102kg dead lifts last week
  8. For the last challenge, I signed up as a Ranger. However, my main goal (Strength + Size) is really more at home in the Warrior's guild... Main Quest: Size + Strength As you'll see from my prior challenge, I've always been a smaller guy. I'm finally starting to get bigger, and that's what I'm going to do during this challenge. Goal #1: Eat it Up: 3000 calories on rest days, 3500+ calories on work days STA +2, CON +2 I know the only way I'll really get bigger is to lift heavy and eat heavy. I think in the last challenge I did a good job on work out days, but not so great on my re
  9. This is my latest squat, filmed this morning on the last set of 5x5... My main problem, I feel, is depth. I just can't get deep enough. I really feel my hamstrings shouting at me at the bottom of the squat! I was hoping to get some advice on working on depth, at the moment I'm doing hip-opener stretches, foam rolling and working my IT band. Also, please tell me what else you see in the video that can be improved! I'm not sure about the angle of my back. I'm also constantly adjusting my wrists so that they aren't broken. This is the heaviest I've squatted and it's taken me 2 mon
  10. Hey guys, so i've been lifting weights for only about a month now. Its not my first effort into excercise, being in the Army I PT every day back home, and have been used to vigorous activity for the last year or so. Anyways, i kinda hopped and skipped ahead a bit into stronglifts, so instead of starting with the bar i found out what my current 5 rep max was on everything and started from there. I'm just wondering if doing this could backfire at all, i mean, ive been able to make hop skips and jumps on squats and deadlifts, the presses and rows are coming up slowly, right along with the Stong
  11. So, I went to the rec center and worked out. I didn't have much time, so I decided to do a small number of heavy lifts and GTFO. I deadlifted for the first time ever. I only lifted 50lbs, but I concentrated on my form and kept my back straight the whole time. I squatted my bodyweight +20lbs. I benched 30lbs. w00t, w00t, and w00t. Then I did some dumbbell rows, and unbeknownst to me, my form was incorrect. I was sticking my elbow out too far and curling my wrist. Some Guy came up to me... I have anxiety. It manifests itself in social situations, and when people are in my personal
  12. I'm feeling pretty good after last challenge, and normally I'd want to cut all summer. This time I'm changing it up a bit. Here we go! Fitness goals: 1) Increase my squat and bench 1RM by 15 lbs, 275 lbs and 245 lbs respectively. 2) How you say? How bout a round of Smolov Jr. for bench and squats. Bench and squat 4X per week (oof). Squat: Week 1 Monday 6x6 182.5 Wednesday 7x5 195 Friday 8x4 207.5 Saturday 10x3 220 Week 2 Monday 6x6 185 Wednesday 7x5 197.5 Friday 8x4 210 Saturday 10x3 222.5 Week 3 Monday 6x6 187.5 Wednesday 7x5 200 Friday 8x4 212.5 Saturday 10x3 225 Bench: Week 1
  13. Okay, I'm just starting to get into lifting and I am concerned about my form. I've been practicing with just a bar, as I am a super noob when it comes to free weights. However, I am actually a giant. At 6' 10", I've found that a lot of "simple" exercises are either tremendously difficult or downright impossible. Ask me how much concerted effort it took to be able to do one push-up. I'm concerned about the realities of doing the proper weighted deadlift and squat. Here are my concerns: 1. Proper deadlift form is to push your hips forward to lever the bar upwards, avoiding the quad-inte
  14. I am acting on behalf of my wife (Sandylion here on the boards) who is too nervous and self-conscious to post a youtube video of her form on squats and deadlifts. She has asked me to reach out and see if there is anyone that she can PM to share a non-public video of her form. My form is terrible still, so I am no help. But the NerdFitness community is, in a word, awesome and supportive and amazing. So I implore you, is there anyone willing to help a terrified young woman who just wants to be better lifter?
  15. Hi folks (warriors in particular ) I've come out the back of 3 months of the Rebel Fitness Guide a lot stronger than I started, made some good strength progress with bodyweight and dumbell exercises. I'm brand new to barbell lifting and I'd like some advice from experienced rebels please. I have ordered a copy of starting strength, waiting for it to arrive in the mail. In the meantime I have started the Rebel Strength Guide, at present I'm doing alternate days of Squats/Push Press and Deadlift/Pull ups. All my exercise is done at home, as I don't have squat stands or power rack yet (wor
  16. I've finally worked up the guts to post up my form check videos. Taken today so about as recent as they can be: (Squat at 45kg)
  17. So today is Friday, which means that I have two days before my next lift day. It's also the first Friday of the month, which I have decided is PR day--each month I'm going to shoot for a new PR for one of the lifts I'm working on. Today was squat day. After finding two very kind people to spot for me, I went for 1x250 and made it. The vast majority of the time under load was at the bottom psyching myself up to actually try to stand back up, but I did. So, that's a full bodyweight squat for me. Good enough for now. P
  18. First of all, I don't speak Spanish, yet, that'll be a goal eventually. This is my first time participating in the 6 week challenge, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm currently applying for a position at my college that will challenge me both physically and mentally. It's like frosh week, except it's 5 weeks, and there's no partying, it's simply beasting the freshman (it's a military academy). For this position, I need to write the most exceptional brag sheet. Currently, I need to work on my fitness in order to get in, so here we go. Goal 1: Do 60 consecutive push-ups (+3 St
  19. Wanted to make sure that everyone saw this. A whole week dedicated to squatting from the guys at Juggernaut Strength. Get to Know Squat? Day 1 : 7 Habits of Highly Effective Squatters How I Built My Best Squat Ever - Split Squats Day 2: How I Built My Best Squat Ever - Front Squats Day 3: How I Built My Best Squat Ever - Low Bar Good Mornings Day 4: Squat Technique With Team Juggernaut Day 5: How I Built My Best Squat Ever - Safety Squat Bar Squats The Greatest Squat Article Ever!We've been sampling these guys all week and as such, I don't feel bad at all linking to the advert they posted o
  20. Fellow rebels I got problem. Yes I do. I try to do squats just like Mark Ripetoe is advicing. You know: weight on your heels, legs going outside align with feets, first bend at hips, don't check her or her roundie shapes while squating, etc. But my problem is, that when I go beyond parralel my pelvis rounds and my lower back rounds. I got butt wink. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thanks to Athena, I checked some yt videos and found out, that one of ways to fix it, is to bend first at your knees and let them go past the toes. I tried it, and actually it works a bit, my butt wink i
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