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Found 2 results

  1. Well, on one side, I thought there was a 2 week pause, and secondly I'm still working on the same goals than last challenge, so this one is going to be pretty similar to the other. Except this time I'm going to be AWESOME. Keep enjoying the summer. Take it seriously, really, there won't be another summer until next year. Keep on planning and doing activities that I could not do during school time or in winter weather. Meditate. At around 11 am. Try to make it every day. Really, it's good for you. Yes, it's good. GOOD. Did I mention it's good? 30 DAYS IN A ROW!!!! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!! Move. I've been slacking on this because of the high temperatures, but now that we're back to the usual 35-38 ºC I can go back on track. 20 minutes of cardio activity (almost) everyday. By cardio I mean hiking, walking, biking, tap dancing or C25K, not crazy cardio. Random choice. Work out 2-3 times a week. Bodyweight strength training with some dumbbells if needed + 10 minuts of mobility work. Please, please, do that damn first push-up once and for all. I've been dreaming about opening that thread on the Woot room for too long... Eat right. Substitute sugary things or bread for fruit during 3 weeks. Fix things gradually. Start with breakfast. Next 3 weeks cut a bit on fruit to return to normal non-hiperinsulinemic state. Select new recipes for breakfast and try them during a whole week. Recipes must be rich in protein and fat to be satiating. See how much it improves sugar cravings through the day. Eat more fat. Fat everywhere. Take a spoonful of coconut oil everyday (besides the usual fat intake). Music practice and stage fright. Go from 6 segments of practice to 15-18 8-10 and get “Winter spirits†ready to be listened by fellows nerdfitnessers. WINTER SPIRITS UPLOADED TO SOUNDCLOUD!!! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!! Add 1 segment every 3-4 days. Be sure I work enough in the piece and not get caught in technique (yes, I like technique, I am that weird). Don't skip the breaks. Instead leave the flute and squat, stretch, breath, drink some water or stroke the cat. And what about anxiety? Anxiety is rather well right now. Of course it's summer and that makes everything easier because there are no time restrictions whatsoever. Anyway, I'm preparing for the winter, so I'll keep on doing my regular exercises such as breathing, relaxation, affirmations, and taking my supplements. Not appearing here as a goal doesn't mean it's not important, but I think I have good habits right now and it won't be difficult to keep them during the holidays. When this challenge is over it will almost be school time again and I'll have to refocus on it, but it's ok right now. To improve my commitment with all these goals, all my tasks driving to them are now at habitrpg. I've created a little zenLara that is already at level 5 and has a white wolf cub. I don't want her to die, I want her to level up, I'll do my best. Points: Summer. Máx. 2 WIS points. Meditate. Máx. 3 WIS points. Move. Máx. 2 STR points, 2 STA points and 1 extra STR point if I get to do the push-up. Eat. Máx. 2 CON points. Music. Máx. 1 DEX, 1 WIS, 1 CHA.
  2. A delightful summer Goal 1. Enjoy the summer Summer activities/Rest time/Take care of myself. This will include: activities that take place outside: walking, hiking, biking, swimming in the river, visiting new places or towns... resting moments outdoors like having breakfast/lunch/dinner in the patio or reading in the sun... eating properly: eating abundantly, trying new recipes, stressing gut health... This goal won't be measured in terms of grades or number of activities done; instead, I'll wrote down the activities I do and score each of them between 1 and 10 depending on how much I enjoyed them. The objective is to become aware of how much fun/wellness I experience from doing these activities, to understand and reinforce the importance they have in my life. Points: 2 wisdom points + 1 constitution point (eating). Goal 2. Meditate Just that. I want to stablish a meditation routine. I'll take a progressive approach. I'll start with 2-3 sessions first week and then I'll try to go up until I reach the ideal: 5-7. Points: 2 wisdom points. Goal 3. L.A.R.A. goals stay in place This means I keep my anti-anxiety routines from last challenges, and that I will exercice 3-4 times a week. I'll try to finish C25K, I'll work on strength having in mind I absolutely want to achieve my first push-up this challenge, and I'll take a look at the Floor 1 program to see if I can adjust it to combine it with other activities. It is a long program (30 weeks) and I'd love to do it entirely, but I don't want to be bound to it and be unable to do anything else (it's a 6 days per week program). Points: 1 wisdom point (anti-anxiety routines) + 1 strenght point for exercising + 1 extra-strength point if I get to do a push-up + 2 stamina points if I finish C25K. Goal 4. Professional goals: music practice, stage fright Now that I have the time, I'd like to progressively increase my practice time to 3 hours a day. During the scholar year I am at 1 hour, or sometimes a half more when I have more time, so I'm far from it. Also, following the anxiety book guidelines, I'll draw a plan for stage fright. I've made a lot of progress but there's still a long way to go. I'll choose two opposite sides: the easiest situation I can confront right now with no stage fright (or almost nothing) like accompanying students at their concerts or rehearsing with colleagues, and the most feared situation that I could have to face, like a soloist concert with an orchestra or an orchestra audition. Then I'll write every step in between and set up a timeline. Points: 3 dexterity points. Goals on the waiting list These are things I'd want to work on, but I am not sure I can do everything without feeling burnt out mid-challenge. Icelandic. I worked at a nice pace since last summer, but lately I've been too busy (and lazy...). I'd like to retake Ãslenska fyrir alla 3 and work through the second unit. Hunched back. I usually keep a rather upright posture, except when I sit down, then is when I crumble onto myself. I'd like first to read a bit about how to improve my posture, and to find some ressources, maybe some exercices from experienced people that I could work on to help my back. I'm already holding a squat position 2-3 times a day to help low back to stretch after sitting for a while, but it's obviously not enough. I've recently found a chair that is perfect to comfortably squat on it while working on my computer but it makes my boyfriend stare at me and say “you've gone too far with this†Journaling. I used to write a lot about my life many years ago, and it was kind of a relief to be able to let all my feelings and thoughts flow in the paper. I've always wanted to retake that activity which I had kept for more than 10 years. Maybe this activity can be, like icelandic, one of those resting moments to have in the patio. Maths. I hated maths when I was at school, truly hated the subject. I always had the feeling I couldn't understand the thing. Then I went to highschool and met these awesome maths teachers, which made me feel maths were the easiest, clearest and greatest thing in the world (well, the greatest thing after music and books...). It became my favourite subject, but I finally chose the humanities itinerary and maths left my life. Since then, I've always had this little thorn in my heart. Recently, I've found this book in the public library that makes a review of highschool maths and goes beyond them and the thorn stabbed me a bit harder. Ouch. Less time at the computer. This speaks by itself. Points in case I work on some of these goals: 2 charisma points. I'll need to take a break during 5th week, because of a short trip. My flute needs considerable repair work and I've decided to try a new repair shop because the place I used to go to went out of business last year. So I've got a recommendation for this workshop in London and we're going to visit the city for 3 days. Also, the workshop belongs to a flute shop, so I'll be able to try some headjoints in case I decide to change mine! This would be awesome, but I'm not sure I can spend the money. In fact what I'd love is to buy a new flute but I can't afford what I want, so I'll try at least to upgrade mine. Well, this is it! I'll start this week doing some research (hunched back, Floor 1) and making decisions (études and flute pieces I want to work on) and will try to do some meditation. Goal 1, unfortunately, won't be fully implemented until scholar year is over (june 19th). (This looked like a very long and serious post to read... Hmmm, better put some cat gifs?)
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