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Found 13 results

  1. I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wanted to be Batgirl. Not just any Batgirl, but 1960's Barbara Gordon librarian-by-day and badass-by-night Batgirl. I used to watch re-runs of the old Batman show when I was little and found a hero in Batgirl. I would ride my bike around the neighborhood pretending it was a batcycle and I was catching bad guys. So, I'm calling upon this dream to be my motivation for the challenge. _____________________________________________________________ Goal # 1: Get a part-time job as a Library Assistant.
  2. Well, I've decided to go with a battle log. I may do some challenges later, but for now I'm going to stick with this and I think it's exactly what I need. Somehow doing challenges changed the way I viewed my journey and it wasn't until today that I realized exactly how. I had a really good day today. I was playing around with my morning and afternoon routine trying to figure out/decide exactly how much and what I want to get done every day. I felt good at the end of the day though there were still a lot of things on my list that hadn't gotten done. When I stopped to think about it though, I re
  3. I don't like starting my challenges on a Sunday, so this challenge starts on Monday August 22. Last challenge went really well and helped me get things back on track after a couple of months of floundering. I'm continuing on with those habits this challenge, while adding a little to most of them to make sure I keep moving forward. I've decided to change how I do my challenges though. When I was doing this on my own I had managed to get rid of the "all or nothing" attitude by just striving for progress. Unfortunately having challenges with grades has undone that and anytime I'm not
  4. This is my No Frills, No Theme, Stupid-Simple Challenge. I will not chase shiny things. I will not get fancy with my workouts. I will not fret over macros, micros, fat percentages, etc. Food: protein, produce, fats no grains low sugar (approx. 10g of added sugar a day to allow for things like ketchup and my favorite protein powder) Exercise: Strength training (startbodyweight.com) 2-3x a week Slow cardio 3-4x a week with an occasional high intensity work out. Mobility: Wrist mobility daily Any other flexibil
  5. Hi! I'm NTB and my special talents are oversharing, bop-it extreme, and getting headphones really tangled in a very short time. Let's do an icebreaker! What are your special talents? And also, will you remember that I asked this by the time you get to the bottom of this post? I was planning a slightly different challenge for this month, but after my post-vacation struggles with food last challenge, I haven’t been feeling as aggressive. So. I read an article a few years ago that mentioned a culture where people consider anything that is too perfect to be an insult to th
  6. This past month was full of things that would have made it difficult to keep up with a challenge, so I skipped it. Because I wasn't focused on keeping up with my challenge I had time to think about what was and wasn't working and really reevaluating things. The big thing that hasn't been working has been any and all eating restrictions. I had already decided that to some extent, but I was still making eating quests in my challenges. All that is doing is reinforcing the good/bad mentality that makes me act crazy when I decide to be "bad". For the past couple of weeks I've been working on undoin
  7. Last challenge, my theme was “to be a cat, or to stop being a cat?” The answer was quite clearly to continue being a cat, so this seemed like a good follow-up theme. #scientificmethod Last challenge was not my best challenge. I continued my workout and meditation streaks, and learned some things, but my overall scores were kindasorta not very good. Near the end of my challenge, I found myself suddenly feeling very worn out and uneager to do anything. I suddenly felt like I was fighting with myself just to do basic things. But, y’know… I thought
  8. Last month I created new goals and refocused my efforts in order to begin making progress again. It has worked really well. I've gotten much stronger, I can run a mile and a half, my eating has improved and my weight is going down again instead of yo-yoing. I'm very pleased with the progress I've made and I'm going to continue with the plan I made last month. My parents are coming to visit for a week and a half at the end of this month which will complicate things. Because of that I'm going to make the goals monthly instead of weekly so that I can try to make up for anything I miss while they'
  9. Much like the repetitive nature of the Final Fantasy 13 games... Lightning returns with a repeat of the last challenge (with some important changes) MAIN GOAL 135 lbs with an Athletic build and functionally fit _____________________________________________________________________________________ GOAL 1: Cutting Calories Based on my current weight, height, and activity level I need to consume approximately 1500 calories a day in order to lose .5-1.0 pound per week. Since I want to lose fat
  10. This is where I get serious about what I want and what I have to do to get there.... MAIN GOAL 135 lbs with an Athletic build and functionally fit _____________________________________________________________________________________ GOAL 1: Cutting Calories Based on my current weight, height, and activity level I need to consume approximately 1500 calories a day in order to lose .5-1.0 pound per week. Since I want to lose fat and not muscle I need to eat approximately 1 gram of protein per lean body mass. I will use carb cycling to keep my metabolism running. Choosing
  11. Lightning Learns Defense again the Dark Arts Lightning has decided that the best way to Level Up is to learn from the best. Who better to teach her how to defend herself and make herself stronger against the evils of this world than Professor Snape?! The great Professor has several curses, counter-spells and charms to teach the class so I hope everyone is paying attention! Wands at the Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duro (The Hardening Charm) Rather than letting someone else turn you into stone, Professor Snape suggests turning myself into a hard body before anyone else can! For this, Lig
  12. Brand-new ranger, still adapting to this hard, wonderful life. Living like a real wood elf, in the trees. Tree living is defensible and disguisable (especially from those walking below), making tree living a useful adaptation to the Swiss Family Robinson, various birds and beasts, and the Ewoks of Endor. Despite the fact that my people have lived arboreally for countless generations (elves belong in trees), my city-dwelling has led me away from this lifestyle and into unhealthy, weakening habits. I will acclimate myself to forest living in four ways: 1.) Climbing practice. Any defensible tr
  13. Hi, I don't know where to ask this, but I've been stuck in my pull-up and my push-ups progression. I have been doing startbodyweight weight loss program for a while now, and I hit 6/6/6 on my half pull-ups and 8/7/7 on uneven push-ups. From there I can't seem to move on. My body just can't follow. Is there anything I can do? Here are possible factors that I considered: I've been eating less for a while nowI'm training boxing/kali in my off daysI'm not quite sure what to do from here. Thanks for helping me out.
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