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Found 10 results

  1. short time lurker, first time poster i plan on jumping on the next challenge, but for now i'm starting on my LVL 1 quests as i go from rebel to ranger! Main Quest: be able to run a 5k in the next 6 months, lose fat and gain muscle and become stronger. bonus main quest - look better while cosplaying. diet: reduce fast food/processed food by 50% i work 4am-1pm at a retail giant, so lunches are more like breakfasts and it's hard to eat healthy. time to start meal prepping at least 3 days a week! replace processed snacks with a healthy protein, fruit, o
  2. I'm Jessica. I'm 36, and I want to level up my life. Starting out as a Rebel seemed a good way to get going. For my first quest, I have chosen: Diet: 1. Eat a vegetable with one meal each day. 2. Reduce fast-food consumption by 50%. Fitness: 1. Walk or bike 5 minutes each day. Leveling Up: 1. 5 minutes of meditation (I call it prayer because of my personal beliefs) each day. As for doing sh** that scares me, this is it. Starting again when I've failed so many times at improving my diet and fitness is what scares me. But getting old without being able to live well scares me more.
  3. Hello All, Im Tkbird45. Im just recently graduated from High School. Im 18, and im ready to finally shed those baby pounds so im below the Freshman 15 for college. Anyway. Im Male From California, San Diego Im 6'2" I am a bit chubby in the midsection and thighs and would concider my "race" to be either Human or Half-Giant. Weigh 236 lbs as of today. I go to the gym once a day. Im currently transitioning into the Paleo diet. And i take protein powder and creatine. My ultimate goal is lose my gut and go down to 175 lbs, i weighed about that much about 2 years ago and was in much better condition
  4. Hello! This is really my first time to not only Nerd Fitness but really to forums in general. As such I really don't know where I should be or what I should be posting, but here goes nothing. I'm a 20 year old university student brand new to fitness, I've never been desperately overwieght but I've also never really been in shape. I've always dreamed of being healthy/fit/strong and looking great but never took any action towards it. I stumbled across Nerd Fitness about a week ago and now I want to make a complete turn around!! I'm really excited to begin this journey, but I would love som
  5. Hi Everyone im JabbaTheSlim (im only slim when compared to Jabba) and im excited to start with NerdFitness because i think it will help me stay on track my my lifestyle changes. Main Quest: Get a flat Stomach Support Quests: Exercise 3 times a week(Dex:1, Str:1) Do Yoga 3 times a week(im super inflexible)(Dex:2, Str:1) Switch to a at-least mainly paleo diet.(Wis:2, Con:1) Life Quest: Spend time drawing to improve my art skills.(Int:1, Cha:1) Motivation: To be able to go swimming and not feel self conscious. To look in the mirror and think happy thoug
  6. I made my introduction in the Academy, but I don't think I'm going to continue over there.... So here we go: I'm 29, divorced, and I live in Central Pennsylvania with my boyfriend Shawn, my daughter Sophia, 3 cats and a chihuahua named Tucker. By day, I work as a private client assistant (read: glorified secretary.) By night, I go to school to get my degree in medical assisting. When I'm not memorizing the skeletal system, I enjoy catching up on shows, reading, sometimes cooking, (and often failing; hence the screen name and website) or doing some form of artwork; usually painting. I'm a pre
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been trying desperately for years and years to lose the excess body fat on me, everytime I've tried I've made progress for 2 or 3 weeks then I turn back to junk food and gain back all the weight I've lost plus some more :-( Well now I want to put an end to that, I've been doing Starting Strength for the past year and weightlifting for the past 2 years or so. I've been dabbling with Intermittent Fasting since April (whilst still eating junk food so my results haven't been good at all). This is my battle log to help track my progress, keep myself accountable, and hopefully ins
  8. Just discovered this website and saw a challenge just started. I know it's late but I figure better to join now than not at all! I had a baby a year ago and I just recovered from about 6 months of physical therapy for a bulging disc in my lower back, so I'm excited to get into shape. I really need to focus on my nutrition - I really let myself go while I was pregnant. I successfully completed a Whole 30 challenge in November but I've gone back to my old habits... Still figuring out how all this works, but here goes... My goals for the next few weeks: 1. Do an unassisted pull up (I'v
  9. Hi everyone I am currently training for the zombie apocalypse, because who isnt afraid of that and because it is more fun than training for a half marathon or survival of the fittest competition My current work outs are burpees, sit up, bodyweight squats and pressups each morning adding one more each exercise days (i do three days on, one day rest on a cycle). the rest of my workout consists of interval training or practicising sprinting varying differences without a warm up (because the zombies wont give you a warning). I am able to do all the exercises, with varying levels of grace thou
  10. Hey Guys, I'm not exactly new, more accurately I'm returning. I took a little hiatus but I'm back and ready to get into Ranger training. I have a few obstacles to overcome so I'm here looking to any advice/sage wisdom anyone can offer. A quick rundown: I'm 6' 2'' 166 lbs 21 years old I blew out my knee years ago and it never seems to have healed right. I have back problems from a combination of genetics, poor care and the knee. And all in all I'm ready to forget that and get too work. What I need help with is finding ways I can work my knees and back without over working them. I used to
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