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Found 9 results

  1. short time lurker, first time poster i plan on jumping on the next challenge, but for now i'm starting on my LVL 1 quests as i go from rebel to ranger! Main Quest: be able to run a 5k in the next 6 months, lose fat and gain muscle and become stronger. bonus main quest - look better while cosplaying. diet: reduce fast food/processed food by 50% i work 4am-1pm at a retail giant, so lunches are more like breakfasts and it's hard to eat healthy. time to start meal prepping at least 3 days a week! replace processed snacks with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable adding one extra because i've been trying to do it anyway, so now it's officially official! swapping out one soda a day with water. fitness: complete NF bodyweight exercise program at least 1-2x a week. level up your life: five minute daily dance party floss at least once daily in the next month or so, i'd like to go from a rebel as i respawn (been on and off the fitness wagon a few times) to a ranger.
  2. I'm Jessica. I'm 36, and I want to level up my life. Starting out as a Rebel seemed a good way to get going. For my first quest, I have chosen: Diet: 1. Eat a vegetable with one meal each day. 2. Reduce fast-food consumption by 50%. Fitness: 1. Walk or bike 5 minutes each day. Leveling Up: 1. 5 minutes of meditation (I call it prayer because of my personal beliefs) each day. As for doing sh** that scares me, this is it. Starting again when I've failed so many times at improving my diet and fitness is what scares me. But getting old without being able to live well scares me more. I don't quite know what I'm doing, but I guess I'll figure it out along the way. Good luck to all of you fellow Rebels, and to me.
  3. Hello! This is really my first time to not only Nerd Fitness but really to forums in general. As such I really don't know where I should be or what I should be posting, but here goes nothing. I'm a 20 year old university student brand new to fitness, I've never been desperately overwieght but I've also never really been in shape. I've always dreamed of being healthy/fit/strong and looking great but never took any action towards it. I stumbled across Nerd Fitness about a week ago and now I want to make a complete turn around!! I'm really excited to begin this journey, but I would love some help getting started. If someone could reccomend a particular section of the forums to go to or where I should be posting I would love some help. I'd love to start tracking my progress, set myself up with a character and build some accountability. though generally I'd just like to start engaging with the community and would love a good place to start. Thanks! No matter what feel free to say hi! I'm excited to get going!!!
  4. Hi Everyone im JabbaTheSlim (im only slim when compared to Jabba) and im excited to start with NerdFitness because i think it will help me stay on track my my lifestyle changes. Main Quest: Get a flat Stomach Support Quests: Exercise 3 times a week(Dex:1, Str:1) Do Yoga 3 times a week(im super inflexible)(Dex:2, Str:1) Switch to a at-least mainly paleo diet.(Wis:2, Con:1) Life Quest: Spend time drawing to improve my art skills.(Int:1, Cha:1) Motivation: To be able to go swimming and not feel self conscious. To look in the mirror and think happy thoughts To feel worthy of a certain someone
  5. I made my introduction in the Academy, but I don't think I'm going to continue over there.... So here we go: I'm 29, divorced, and I live in Central Pennsylvania with my boyfriend Shawn, my daughter Sophia, 3 cats and a chihuahua named Tucker. By day, I work as a private client assistant (read: glorified secretary.) By night, I go to school to get my degree in medical assisting. When I'm not memorizing the skeletal system, I enjoy catching up on shows, reading, sometimes cooking, (and often failing; hence the screen name and website) or doing some form of artwork; usually painting. I'm a pretty big nerd; I enjoy comics, Broadway musicals, old Nintendo games, and embarrassing my kid by singing VERY LOUDLY in the car. I often visit thrift shops and love to take pictures of the random creepy things each store has to offer. I collect trinketry. particularly old teacups, garfield glasses, brass owls, Welch's jelly jar glasses, and old cameras. I have a very eclectic taste in music and movies, and I love feeling pretentious by maneuvering words like stymie, callipygian, and ultra-crepidarian in everyday conversations. That's your typical introduction... however, there is a little something different about me than your average nerd fitness site member. Here's the scoop. The down-low. The play-by-play... So, at my highest weight in 2012 I was 369. In July of 2012, I had gastric bypass surgery. Did it work? Of course it worked. The doctors literally make your stomach egg-sized and you can't eat more than 1/4 a cup of food. Before the surgery, you are required (well, I was required) to do 6 months of doctor-monitored "dieting" blood work, attend counseling, etc. During the "honeymoon phase" of the surgery, the weight comes off in massive quantities. This is likely due to HEY YOU CAN'T EAT. During this phase is where you are supposed to learn portion control, what food "agrees" with you and what food doesn't "agree" with your new pouch as well as exercise so you don't get that loose skin... Yeah, I'll let you in on a secret. Most of gastric bypass patients won't tell you. Surgery is for two kinds of people. The first kind of person is so massively overweight that without the surgery, they'd die. They have too many comorbidities, and too much weight, sometimes... to even move. And then there's the people you read about when you first sign up here. The person who's too busy, too lazy... and that was me. Surgery, for me, was the easy way to lose weight. Someone surgically altered me so I starved myself, as well as cut my intestines so that some of the food I ate didn't even absorb and thus cut calories. I can't say that I wouldn't do it over again- I would. But The honeymoon phase of my surgery is over. I can eat anything I want, and during the 1.5 years, I never exercised. I guess I'm young enough that my skin bounced back, and I don't have loose skin but I paid for this site and I joined for a reason. It is all about the mental change. Cutting,banding,stapling; none of those alter your mindset... so that's what I'm here to do. Oh, it took almost 2 years and a kick in the ass but I'm ready now to change my ways. At any rate... this will be my accountability journal. I also have a website http://www.momburntdinner.com but, I have a tendency to keep fitness stuff under wraps on there and talk mostly about my boring life.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been trying desperately for years and years to lose the excess body fat on me, everytime I've tried I've made progress for 2 or 3 weeks then I turn back to junk food and gain back all the weight I've lost plus some more :-( Well now I want to put an end to that, I've been doing Starting Strength for the past year and weightlifting for the past 2 years or so. I've been dabbling with Intermittent Fasting since April (whilst still eating junk food so my results haven't been good at all). This is my battle log to help track my progress, keep myself accountable, and hopefully inspire others. My Goals Lose 10kg by Christmas Eve Not eat any junk food at all over the next 12 weeks Cut down on smoking, by Christmas to only 3 cigarettes/cigars per week Maintain or Increase my current lifts Go to Kickboxing once per week Go Weightlifting three times per week on non-consecutive days Stick to my diet plan Cut 10cm off stomach measurements Current Lifts(as of 2nd October 2013, all 3x5 except Deadlift is 1x5) Squat: 140kg Deadlift: 162.5kg Bench Press: 60kg Overhead Press: 60kg Power Cleans: 70kg Diet Some Leangains style intermittent fasting with a bit of paleo involved. I count my macros and try to hit that, so on a day I do weightlifting I'll eat 160g of Protein, 230g of Carbohydrates, and 55g of Fat, eating Protein from only lean sources of meat and having lots of fruit, veg, and whole grains like rice. On my days when I'm not weightlifting I'll eat 170g of Protein, 50g of Carbohydrates, and 75g of Fat. So I'll cut out Carbs except for fruit and veg, and eat fattier cuts of meat such of beef mince. On the days I go to Kickboxing I'll eat more carbs. Starting Stats and Measurements (2nd October 2013) Weight (kg): 87.0 Body Fat %: 25.5% Chest (cm): 104.1 Right Arm: 35.2 Left Arm: 34.3 2 inches above Belly Button: 99.1 Around Belly Button: 103.2 2 inches bellow Belly Button: 102.1 Hips: 99.6 Right Thigh: 62.5 Left Thigh: 62.0 For Pictures see below, so far I've only uploaded pictures from 2/10/13, but I aim to upload new ones every 4 to 6 weeks Thanks Everyone and Wish me Luck, Any Help or Advice would be appreciated!
  7. Just discovered this website and saw a challenge just started. I know it's late but I figure better to join now than not at all! I had a baby a year ago and I just recovered from about 6 months of physical therapy for a bulging disc in my lower back, so I'm excited to get into shape. I really need to focus on my nutrition - I really let myself go while I was pregnant. I successfully completed a Whole 30 challenge in November but I've gone back to my old habits... Still figuring out how all this works, but here goes... My goals for the next few weeks: 1. Do an unassisted pull up (I've come close but never actually done one - this would mean a lot to me) 2. Run a 5k in 30 minutes or less ( I had just gotten into running and done several trail races before I had to stop after I got pregnant. I have just been given the clearance to start running again by my physical therapist!) 3. Drink 64 oz of water per day - I'm horrible at trying to remember to do this. 4. Finish 2 books before the end of this challenge (saw this goal on someone else's list and thought it was awesome!) I've started similar challenges before and haven't completed them, so i know it will be hard but I feel extra-motivated to get healthy since now I'll be influencing the habits my son will have as he grows up.
  8. Hi everyone I am currently training for the zombie apocalypse, because who isnt afraid of that and because it is more fun than training for a half marathon or survival of the fittest competition My current work outs are burpees, sit up, bodyweight squats and pressups each morning adding one more each exercise days (i do three days on, one day rest on a cycle). the rest of my workout consists of interval training or practicising sprinting varying differences without a warm up (because the zombies wont give you a warning). I am able to do all the exercises, with varying levels of grace though, even managing 7 pulls up then 7 chin ups in a row I am also training for running with a backpack and looking to start archery once my university starts its classes again My goal is to get to doing a prisoner's set of all the exercises above; for those of you who dont know what that is it is 20 then 19 then 18 etc of push ups, then burpees, sit ups, pull ups and body weight squats Unfortunately no one i know likes being healthy. My family isnt very helpful, mother just out of operation, father has slowed down since his thirties now that he is back in a long term relationship (and he is two counties away), step father is an worryingly overweight and my girlfriend suffers from depression so her motivation exists in some nether region where it occassionally comes by to visit. this is the reason that i am joining nerd fitness, and because i like the idea of the levelling up system although ive altered it a bit for myself levelling up for me doesnt just mean seeing a monument or doing some cliche piece of recognition it is something that has developed you as a person which is why i have already gone through the events of my life and found 11 that i found gave me a sense of being more than i was previously. I still have over 55 separate things i want to do and looking forward to adding to my list that i never thought i would do. So if you have any questions, want to offer any suggestions or have any ideas for good workouts for the zombie apocalypse please give me a shout - however a small note i am very thin (by choice) and like to keep it that way so suggestions on how to bulk up or do bodybuilding exercises will be read but not taken with that much consideration. Got to do what makes you happy --------- Workout info for week one Part 1 1. 100m run at 10kph (increase by 0.5 per set), 25 kettlebell squats with 12 kg weight, 10 box jumps, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups DO THIS FIVE TIMES 2. 1km run at 12.5kph, burpee to box jump x 10, 10 kettlebell squats with 12 kg weight, vipr crawl 10m with 12 kg vipr, 4 pull ups 3. Row 1km, 20 pushups, 20 trx rows (10 low row and 10 upper back), 20 overhead squats Run 500m, do half of exercises Row 250m, do half again Part 2 1. 100m run at 10.5 same rules, 30 kettlebell squats (15 each arm, same weight), 12 box jumps, 6 pull up, 12 press ups DO five times 2. Run 1km at 13kph, 13 burpee to box jump, 14 kettlebell squats, vipr crawl 10m, 6 pullups 3. Row 1.2km, 28 pressups, 28 trx rows 28 overhead squats same rules of half
  9. Hey Guys, I'm not exactly new, more accurately I'm returning. I took a little hiatus but I'm back and ready to get into Ranger training. I have a few obstacles to overcome so I'm here looking to any advice/sage wisdom anyone can offer. A quick rundown: I'm 6' 2'' 166 lbs 21 years old I blew out my knee years ago and it never seems to have healed right. I have back problems from a combination of genetics, poor care and the knee. And all in all I'm ready to forget that and get too work. What I need help with is finding ways I can work my knees and back without over working them. I used to be into Parkour but after an evening running my knees were the size of cantaloupes and would hurt for days so I had to stop. I played Basketball for 8 years so I am not completely new to working out but it's been years and since starting college I've let things fall apart. I really appreciate anything you guys can offer. -Lambda42
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