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Found 6 results

  1. So I'm back again, I've started getting back into the habit and I'm a little embarrassed that I keep on falling off. BUT ALAS I am starting again. I have two goals I've been working on the first, which I have been doing pretty okay with is eating better and logging what I am eating. I've been working to cut out sodium because EVERY time i take in some salty goodness I blow up like a balloon. Next is the harder one for me, and (Like anything) once I ACTUALLY start it's a little easier. The Gym! I'm going to be lifting weights 2x a week.
  2. So, I'm going to release my sob story unto you all. It's not as bad as others, but for me, it is. And I've hit the bottom point, I thought I had hit the bottom last year, and lo and behold it got lower (higher?). Note: This is super long. I just need to get it all out. I'll put a big bold spot where I get back to this current restart. TL;DR: Was active as child, got made fun of for smelling, downhill slide to gaining weight. Had gallbladder issue that lost 30lbs before surgery, tried losing weight, stopped, started last year, aunt passed away, another downhill to gain more weight.
  3. Hey guys, Posted in the introductions yesterday and someone suggested I take the post and make it a challenge, however after reading the challenge rules I feel that it would be more in place here! This will not be a daily log for me though, I may well update it every week, however the main reason is to keep track of my monthly progress pics, measurments and reviews! I was always a bit vague with my goals in the past, and to be perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure how to set realistic goals at the minute. Previously, I based them on the weight I was lifting, always st
  4. I (previously known to the Rebel community as Sambie Wilkes) am back. It's been a year since I was last here, and more than that since I was last here to do serious work. So much has changed, I just don't even... I got divorced last year; that changes everything. One by one, all the things I thought I knew about myself disintegrated, until I was just a line drawing with no detail or substance. Then there was the grieving time when I did nothing but work, sleep, eat, and process my various losses. And now, a year later, I'm starting to pick up pieces of my identity out of the dust, one a
  5. Well old Thom Ulfhedinn is back for another go. The title comes from an old GW orks phrase; "Orkes never lose, when we win we win. When we die, we iz dead and that don't count, and when we runs away, we can come back for annuver go see?" Well more or less. I haven't won my fitness battle, and I ain't dead, I stopped working out and eating right and getting on here, which is about the same as running away metaphorically speaking. But as Da Orks said it means I can come back for another go. My challenge is simple, start from the beginning and move forward. Goal One: Three workouts per week
  6. I am a bit late on this one...but I am here and ready to jump into it! I am psyched and ready to learn how the quests work, and of course to make some changes! I started on this site a while ago, but fell off the wagon...So I am, really, still very new and figuring this all out! Main quest: To lose weight and build muscle Missions: 1 – Walk at lunch at least 4 times per week 2 – Do cardio at least 3 times per week and strength at least three times per week 3 – Create, get into, and stay in the habit of logging every meal, and by the end of this challenge I will be drinking 100
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