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  1. A great group of people formed in the last 6 week challenge. So now we have a place to return to! Hope to see you all for your PR's, questions, tips and tricks!
  2. Last challenge recap: The goals went well, but I had IT band/knee/hamstring/glute issues going on in the background, which reeeeally messed with my squats. Thankfully, with the help of rest, ART, squat shoes, stretching, and all of the glute activation exercises, I’m back to squatting without pain (50 kg as of Wednesday). I’d be really happy with at least one bodyweight+ rep by the end of this challenge. So, how to keep the squats happy and forestall future unplanned deloads? By finding and addressing mobility issues and muscle imbalances BEFORE they start interfering with my lifts. Thus
  3. Hello! I just hit a goal squat of 150 lbs today, and I'm so stoked that I finally got off my ass and joined the forums here... Been reading NF for several years, but never got involved in the community before. I started doing the powerlifts several years ago, but never nailed down the forms, and didn't stick it out past 1 month. Now I've been going to the gym 3 x week for 7 weeks without skipping, following Starting Strength and dialing in form, and I'm starting to see real gains (starting working weight to current working weight): (Bodyweight: 140) Squat: 85 --> 150 Deadlift: 135 -->
  4. So I've been gone from here for a while now. So long that I had to read the rules again. The bright side: I've been working out regularly for the past month and a half, and semi-regularly since October. My diet, however, is pretty much the worst it's been since...ever. So I figured it's time for a good old-fashioned "Hollywood reboot." Now, none of my goals from my first challenge are really things I want to work on right now, so I'm not just going to redo that challenge. And come on, when's the last time a series reboot stayed anywhere near to the original anyway? I was debating basing this
  5. It's now been a year since I became properly active on NF. In that year, I've learnt a lot, built more confidence, and met some very excellent people. My first proper challenge was to get into a particular pair of jeans that stopped fitting over the previous Christmas period. I still can't get into them, and this makes me grumpy. It's now challenge... 8... for me, and I've said it before, but this time I want to make a concerted effort towards weight loss. Main Goal: Work at losing weight. No set amount of weight to lose, no set rate, but work hard, sensibly, and steadily, and be sure
  6. When I heard that a new challenge was starting, I was conflicted. I am currently doing Starting Strength, which is a Warrior skill, but I am an Assassin at heart. So, I'm with the Assassins. And that's just how it's gonna be. Arguments? Meet me in the back alley at midnight (I'll be the gal you won't be able to find until it's too late, because I'm an effin' NINJA). Goals: Starting Strength 3x/week (4 STR) I will be continuing my routine of Starting Strength every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also need to buy weights - I'm currently working with just the bar. Handstand practice,
  7. MAIN QUEST: Do my first pull-up. Mini-main quest: Continue my "year of consistency." I'll get my time in under the bar, continue working on mobility, figure out how to eat in a way that supports my health, strength, and happiness, and see what happens... This is my first New Year's with NF! Now that I have a good foundation for fitness and health, it’s time to work on the weak points. Which brings me to the theme of this challenge: Hakuna Matata a.k.a. Don’t Stress About Food I’ve been focusing on eating “clean,†and I definitely feel better as a result. However, that alone d
  8. Placeholder Do things consistently. For real. More to follow ------------------------------- Goals: Starting Strength for the duration of the challengeHIIT 2 times per weekMaintenance eating Current 1RMs Bench: 150 OHP: 95Deadlift: 190Front Squats: 125
  9. Hi, I've just hit 135lbs on deadlifts recently. I'm having this problem with the bar not slipping down my fingers. I'm using a mixed (left underhand, right overhand) grip. My left hand is doing fine, but my right hand is slipping towards my fingertips. Is there any way to fix this problem? I also think I have sweaty hands. Also, should I keep doing 135lbs, but give my arms enough time to recover before doing another rep? I'm doing Starting Strength, 1 set of 5 reps. They problem says increase the weight, but I already cannot grip 135lbs, how can I grip 140lbs? Thank you!
  10. The short story for any new followers: The past few years I’ve been learning how to balance academics and health (esp. how to work around PCOS). I joined the Rebellion this past April, started powerlifting during my first challenge, and have been with the Warriors ever since. In September I hopped across the pond for grad school. I’m keeping many of the same goals from that first UK challenge and carrying on… MAIN QUEST: Do my first pull-up. Mini-main quest: Continue my "year of consistency." I'll get my time in under the bar, continue working on mobility, figure out how to eat in a
  11. Challenge Date: Nov 3rd to Dec 21st, 2014 Introduction: Hi, I am reynalia, and this is my first challenge. I like to workout, play ultimate, and do regular things like watch TV, read manga, etc. I am a third year undergraduate college student, majoring in Biochemistry. I am working towards a better body in general, but my main goal is to be better at ultimate for this challenge. Main Quest: To build muscle and be in better conditioning for ultimate tournaments for the spring semester. This is perfect because the fall semester ends right after this challenge. Specific goals: To do Sta
  12. Unidentified distress beacon has been tracked to a derelict space vessel in orbit above Tallon IV. MAIN MISSION To create and enforce good habits that will help me reach success in my life and in my profession. FRIGATE ORPHEON This mission will focus on preparing to assault my strength/flexibility goals (pullups, deadlifts and various pole tricks), assaulting my diet and keeping sane while preparing for the holidays and the release of a new xpac (WoW). We'll be following Samus Aran (of Metroid fame) as she explores what's left of the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon above Tal
  13. I started SS a few weeks ago, and I'm stuck at 55lbs on the press. I started at 45lbs which also felt really hard, but I can get through 3x5. At 55lbs, I can only get through one set of 5 reps. On the 3rd rep of the first set, I already feel my shoulders burning. This is probably from holding the weight up. Should I just keep the weight at 45-50lbs until it feels easy? Or should I keep trying 55lbs until I can finally complete the full 3x5?
  14. I started doing Starting Strength a few weeks ago on MWF. Current lifts: (still steadily increasing weight every workout) Squat 100lbs Bench 70lbs Deadlift 100lbs Press 50lbs Recently, during ultimate practice, the coach started adding in track workouts, which include sprints and conditioning drills. Here is one example: Warm up: 10 minute warm up jog, dynamic stretchSprints: Do 10 40 yard sprints (width of a ultimate field). Rest 45s in between each.Conditioning: Set up 2 cones 20 yards apart. Sprint back and forth for 1 minute, then rest 1 minute. Repeat 5x. (Make good sharp turns when
  15. Hi, I'm reynalia. I'm getting back into fitness after recovering from an injury for so long. I missed this challenge (Set 15th - Oct 26th) so I'm making a log. I will record my workouts. I started Starting Strength a few weeks ago, and am continuing strong. Still steadily increasing my lifts. Current lifts: Squat 100lbs 105lbs 110lbs 115lbs Bench 70lbs 75lbs Deadlift 100lbs 105lbs 110lbs 115lbs Press 50lbs 55lbs Main goal: Get a better body and be in great condition for ultimate Goals: (going to incorporate this into my first challenge coming up soon) 1)Starting Strength 3x a Week 2) St
  16. Hey everyone, first time warrior here. Bit of background and whatnot... Past Training Many years ago, back in high school, I trained in and taught parkour. I wasn't great at doing it, but I knew it very well and could teach it pretty well too. That involved almost exclusively body weight exercise. Problem is... I really don't enjoy body weight exercise. I want to be in a gym, moving heavy things repeatedly. That has always been more rewarding for me. So, here I am. Time to put up some weight. Last Challenge The last challenge was my first. It got me to care about working out. Thing is, I d
  17. So, time for Challenge #3, take 2. There's more background in my previous challenges, but the short story is that I moved to the UK (hence dividing my weights by 2.2 to convert to kg) 10 days ago to start graduate school so things are a little crazy right now, although also very exciting. After lots of moving around and travelling, I need to focus on getting back on track fitness-wise. Keeping this short and simple: As before, my MAIN QUEST: Do my first pull-up. (For now, assisted pull-ups and chin-ups are on the agenda.) And starting a mini-main quest this time around: I want my y
  18. Cheechoe's Flying Circus FEATURING... A Cheechoe A Challenge... ...Annnd A Bunch Of Nerds To Help Her Keep Her Head.. (pssst. That's you guys...) 1. MFP Tracking Track ALL THE FOOD 1800 cal/day as a baseline. I add in my exercise and my caloric allotment are adjust from there I get ONE CHEAT DAY A WEEK where I can go to 2500. ONE. TRACK EVERYDAY 2. Eat Primal No Processed Carbs No Nut Butters unless it's a cheat day and within my caloric allotment No Junk Food. I'll allow myself dark chocolate on my cheat days within '' '' '' My ch
  19. Okay. Been in Afghanistan since December. Started working out with a buddy, who recommended Starting Strength before I hop on 5/3/1 with him. Started about two months ago with these maxes. Squat: 225•1 Deadlift: 275•2 Bench: 185•1 Overhead Press: 125•1 Then I started each exercise with just the bar. Adding 15-20 lbs on deadlift, 10-15 on squat, 5-10 on bench and 5 on overhead press. As of last week my new maxes are Squat: 275•5 Deadlift: 315•2 Bench: 185•3 Overhead Press: 135•1 Which brings me to my next point. What else can I do to increase my upper body strength? I'
  20. Life has held a lot of changes for me lately. Thankfully, I hope, most have been for the best. What I want for myself is to be a better person. I want to be stronger, smarter, more thoughtful, and more in control of my own life. Sometimes it is only too easy to say "tomorrow" but we shouldn't. Tomorrow isn't always an option. Today I turn to Rent, a fantastic musical, to embrace the theme for this challenge. This challenge I live in the moment and I work to make myself better right now. Get your tushy to the gym 3x a week With the new work schedule this is going to be MUCH harder than it
  21. This should be a straightforward continuation of my previous challenge, where I essentially began the Starting Strength Program, laying the foundations to becoming a beefly beast. For this one, I'd like to think I've earned the warrior badge and hope this group has my back while I continue to lay on the muscle. This challenge begins on week 9 of the program, and things are getting tough, the newbie gains/ eat as you much like window is coming to close (presumably), but I feel like I am much more informed and sensible about my plan. I aim to continue with the program, but this challenge is al
  22. Okay guys, I have problems. Granted, none of you can help with my mental problems, but my form ones can be whipped into shape, right? So I started strength training a week and a half ago. I have all sorts of issues, but my current one I wish to tackle is the deadlift. Also, it's the only one that I can easily record right now, so there's that reasoning as well. Anywho, Video: Now, I know I have a round back. I just have no idea on how to correct this. Also, the weight is only at 135# - and it can't get lower. My gym doesn't have plastic plates, so I'm stuck with the 135. Which
  23. I started my fitness journey 3.5 years ago when I decided enough was enough. I had put on 40lbs of unwanted fat since high school due to laziness. I am married and had one kid at the time but gaming (World of Warcraft) was my priority. I was addicted and I later learned my wife was ready to leave me over it. So I went running. First run was 2 miles and was it ever TOUGH! But I stuck with it and kept running even though I hated it. I signed up for a 5K race and after that I was hooked. I actually started enjoying the runs and looking forward to them. They became an escape from the world. That y
  24. Hi all, So I decided to start the 'Starting Strength' plan yesterday, lifted 27.5kg for squats and deadlifts, and was pretty chuffed. However, I received the book this morning, and on reading it am a bit miffed to discover that my form has been off, for pretty much everything! Nothing catastrophic, but not ideal. So what do I do? Do I start all over again with just a bar to refine and correct technique? Or do I add some weight while doing this? Any help would be fantastic. Cheers! -LaylaVi
  25. Main Goal: Loose Weight! Things started back in the summer at 284Lb, todays weigh in is 236 and my eventual goal is to get to 200. I've been doing starting strength since sept, and having been a desk jockey for 25 years shows in the lack of mobility and the subsequent form issues. Todo list 1. Eat Paolo - continue to eat paleo at a calorie deficit. I've stopped calorie counting, I seem to be fairly well into the swing of paleo, will start tracking food/calories again if weight loss stalls. 2. Starting Strength - 3 days a week SS workouts, with walking or moderate rowing on rest days.
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