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  1. I have a real problem with authority, just ask my boss. The more I tell myself I can't have something or I'm not allowed something, the more my internal monologue says "eff you, eat ALL the things! Stay in bed all morning! Skip the gym!" So for my third challenge, I'm allowing myself to do whatever I want to do, but I'm choosing to make some changes. Goal 1) I could remain weak but I choose not to. Some day I'll grow up into a full fledged Warrior because I likes the iron. Starting Strength 3x/week. Grades 3x = A, 2x = B, 1x = C, 0x = F. +4 STR Goal 2) I could slip meekly into middle age w
  2. [awesome image to appear soon] The Challenge: Game loading... Hiya! So, this is my first challenge. Photos to come.(*Update!* Photos attached under Character Select!) I'm a fairly healthy person, at least I think I am. I practice Goju Ryu karate twice a week (though recently with some family issues and grandmother recently committed to continuing care I haven't gone to class often) and may increase that to three times a week, and am very interested in Krav Maga (probably out of the picture until I rehab my shoulder a bit more). My focus is on trying to lose fat while building muscle, agility
  3. Hi, everybody. I would appreciate some feedback. I started lifting weights seriously a little more than four months ago, at the start of November of 2012. Before that I was a runner and triathlete, relatively tall (6'0") and definitely skinny (153lb). After a long series of running-related injuries, I decided to make a change, and work on getting bigger and stronger. (Hence my user name, which I admit is aspirational.) In November, I started the StrongLifts program. I kept at that consistently until February, when the 5x5 routine started taking too long. So I switched to a 3x5 routin
  4. Hi, I’m new here. I have been lurking about for a few months and finally decided to join because I need some advice on diet and exercise but first, a little about me. I’m a 28 year old male, happily married with a two year old daughter. I’m not quite sure that I would pass the nerd entrance exam as I am not a gamer(unless you count spending hours playing Command and Conquer back in elementary school) and I only really started reading heavily about 7 years ago. However, I do love fantasy novels (halfway through A Memory Of Light, right now) and I am a big Doctor Who fan. Also, my w
  5. Starting point Right now I sprint maybe once a week, hiit 5 times a week, and strength train 2-3 times a week. I really want to get back into my running but not as heavy as I was before. I have realized I need a variety of working out not just for my body, but to keep me motivated. I am hoping the strength training and hiit will help my running speed/endurance improve. The main thing I would like to get out of having variety in my training is becoming more toned. Diet wise I have been doing a not so strict version of paleo with cheat days. This is something I have also decided to chan
  6. Hey guys, I'm tired of beeing skinny. I tried a lot and did crossfit for 5 months, but didn't really get bigger. Of course I was lacking nutrition. I have decided to go all in on this. 1. Get Strong Do Starting Strength. That's heavy lifting 3x a week. 1. Week will still be Crossfit though. Grading: one workout missed on March 15. For an A I give me 2 misses total. B is three. Beeing to sick to work for more than 2 days doesn't count. 2. Feed I will need lots of food. I will ramp up in 500 kcal steps. Week 1 is 3500 kcal. I try to do 80% paleo+potatoes+cream, but the main goal is getting enoug
  7. Howdy all! I figured I'd start a workout log here. I'm also on Fitocracy under the same handle if you're into that. Currently, I'm doing the Starting Strength Advanced Novice workout and began week 6 today. Stats as of today (2/11/13): Weight - 210-ish lbs (I don't know exactly, I'll have to weigh myself tomorrow) height - 6'1" Squat 5RM - 305 Deadlift 5RM - 335 Bench 5RM - 215 OHP 5RM - 150 Front Squat 5RM - 175 Power Clean 5RM - 165 Since the new year, I've been working out in my garage. I used to go to a commercial gym, but between the terrible music and people using the squat rack to c
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