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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I'm Cupcake, and as my name might suggest I'm a huge fan of sweets... chocolate, cakes, pastries. Which is the whole reason I am here in the first place! I'm a female Dwarf... short (5ft4), round (113kg) but with an inner strength of stone. Here are my stats and my plan.... SW: 113kg GW: around 65kg (I say around because I plan on strength training and lifting heavy and I understand that my weight will have no bearing on how I look in the end). I'm breaking my journey up into mini weight goals and NSV's (non scale victories). Mini weight goals are in 5kg increments and spread out over 6 weeks (which means I plan to lose 5kg in the next 6 week challenge!) and my first NSV involves a little red vintage style tea dress I am desperate to fit back into. I'll come up with my next NSV after I have hit that first (I have plenty of smaller clothes I love that I have had packed away for 10-15 years which I am desperate to fit back into again). To start with I plan on using the NF Body Weight Circuit to get me kick started until I can hit the gym and start putting together my own home gym. I am hoping to also do a managed meal plan, which is pre-made and delivered to my door, I am hoping that this will teach me portion sizing and healthy balanced eating (I am waiting on the company to let me know if they can deliver to my house or even the local post office... apparently if my address isn't in Google Maps then they can't deliver to me). The start of my Epic Quest will be Monday 20th July 2015 (that runs on Eastern Aussie time). I plan on posting here and on My Fitness Pal my workouts and food and water intakes, every day and weigh in every Wednesday. If anyone is on MFP and wants to add me my name is Miss_Cherry_on_top. I am looking forward to levelling up my life. Cupcake xx
  2. Back for another challenge! Not another year-long hiatus for me! When I think about the things I want to accomplish with my fitness, I come up with TONS of different ideas! I'm like a squirrel, and new workouts are my shiny things. I'm so easily distracted. I haven't ever officially finished one of these six-week challenges....So, CLEARLY, this is a good goal for this challenge: 1) Finish this challenge doing the same workout program I started with! This one is sort of pass/fail. I'm currently running with a Run the Edge workout program, Run/Walk interval running, and Zombies, Run!, and I'm doing a Hero's Journey strength workout I found on Neilarey.com which also has tons of short, intense bodyweight workouts (like the Hunger Games Tribute workout or Black Widow workout). I keep starting one thing and then switching to the other, and sometimes I'll start one strength training regimen and see something else and switch... See what I mean? Easily distracted. It's hard to see any consistency with weight loss, running improvement, stamina, etc! when I keep changing what I'm doing! I am going to only allow myself to do the Zombie, Run! or Run the Edge workouts. I was doing the interval training to ease back in after an injury and I don't think I need it anymore. I am also going to continue doing the Hero's Journey workouts (which are daily, but are so intense that I needed a few days to recuperate after Day 1!) or the other bodyweight workouts after each run. I am not allowed to start new programs. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO START NEW PROGRAMS. I think this could also be morphed into a life quest, since I just back and forth between hobbies and projects and just can't seem to get anything done! 2) Stay Hydrated and Don't Drink Soda! I am a soda drinker... an every-day soda drinker. I can't get enough of the stuff. For the past week or so, I've been drinking water every day because I have a fancy plastic water cup, and somehow it's become so much easier to drink water and ignore the soda. I previously challenged myself to give up soda at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it just didn't work, so this time we're going big - no soda at work AT ALL! I will continue to bring the water cup which should satisfy the thirst enough that I won't need the soda. I am not cutting myself off from soda at any other time, because I imagine that just cutting out soda while I'm at work will result in a huge change all by itself. Points? OK, 1 point each day I don't drink soda at work. An extra point if I have an opportunity to drink soda and turn it down (one additional point per day). And an extra five points if I can go a whole week without drinking soda. 3) Walk or Run 50 Miles toward Mordor I'm 10.25 miles into my walk to Rivendell right now, and I aim to get there by the end of the year. It's really a HUGE goal for me, but if I can do 50 miles in 6 weeks, I will be that much closer, and if I can keep it up, I just might be able to make it! Mileage run or walked outside will be counted with a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch or by plotting it with MapMyRun, miles instead counted on the treadmill. I don't anticipate that it will be easy to get outside in this cold weather, but if I go geocaching or hiking, that will also count towards total mileage. I'll give myself 1 point per mile. Lifegoals: I have winter crafty projects that I absolutely need to finish. Remember me, though? Easily distracted? Yeah, I have a Valentine's Day project that is slightly late, several scarves to finish crocheting, and one flowerpot snowman that needs to be completed this winter. Pictures will follow as projects are completed. I am going to start with the Valentine's Day project now, pre-challenge - I should be able to finish it before the challenge even starts, which will give me the chance to do MORE PROJECTS.. oh, I better take it easy before I hurt myself.
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