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Found 2 results

  1. As with my first challenge, my overall life goal is to do good--all the time, as much of it as possible, everywhere I go, and in every possible situation. To be that person, I need in both their mental/psychological meanings and their physical/literal ones, strength, endurance, and adaptability ...like, a lot. So, with that level-50 endpoint in mind, over the next 6 (okay, I'm a little late, so it's more like 4.5) weeks I've got some baby-step goals to help me move in the right direction. GOALS: 1. Get up and moving with purpose for at least an hour every day. I read and research most of the day which means I'm sitting most of the day. I have the time and the flexibility (since most of the week I work from home) to get up and do something. I should take advantage of that, and I think that having something I have to do every day will keep me from falling back into old habits. +1 DEX, 4 or more days a week (avg) +2 DEX, everyday...like a boss 2. Eat more leafy greens. Right now romaine lettuce is my main squeeze, and while it has some pretty impressive nutritional stats, I need to start seeing other greens. To accomplish this goal I need to incorporate any of the following into at least 3 meals every week: kale, collard greens, swiss chard, bok choy, and spinach. +1 CON, three meals each week (avg) +1 CON and +1 WIS , all servings accounted for, and each veggie from that list gets a turn 3. Build strength and track my progress. My weekend job requires a lot of lifting and standing for long periods of time, so building strength would be immediately applicable to my overall goal. I'll have to workout 3x / week and track my workouts to accomplish this goal. +1 STR, 3 workouts, accounted for, each week (avg) +2 STR, 50 squats and/or 50 push ups (I'm at 30 right now with both of these, so I think I can make it if I stay on track) *. LIFE GOAL: Find and volunteer with 3 community organizations. My husband and I moved in November, and I still feel a little out of touch with our community. I'd like to spend some time during this challenge getting to know how I can help around here, and then, you know, actually putting in the time. +1 WIS, finding and reading up on services/shelters/charities in my new city +1 WIS and +1 CHA, at least 3 hours of actual volunteer/service time Actually writing this out has gotten me very excited for the next few weeks! This is my first quest with a particular guild (second quest overall), so I hope I make you proud Rangers!
  2. Hi and welcome at my 7th challenge While waiting for my elbow to heal (so I can start strength training and martial arts) I'm going to focus on establishing some habits. They should asured that I keep on going forward while healing instead of just sitting on my ass and eating bad stuff. 1. Philoshopy: Stay Positive, Stay Content - 10 min day planning and 'positive' thinking after morning meditation – 5 Work days/week 2. Nutrition: Healthy breakfast – not-bread– 5 work days/week 3. Fitness: Move my body 3x/week 4. Life Quest – Learning Math 240min per week – plan: 4x60min after work: M,T,Th,F btw. I'm little tmnt oriented other habits I've implemented in my earlier challenges: Nutrition Doing healthy salad in bulks for entire work-week – Fri/ Sat Doing grocery shopping 1x/week at weekends Eating 1-2 fruits at work Philosophy Morning meditation at workdays– I’m cool with 10mins for now Fitness Morning 1mile walk at workdays– right after waking up – I did that all winter and I am back since November. It wakes me up better than jug of coffee and it works magic for my health – like a vaccine Activity – 2h dance classess with my fiancé – Wed 8-10pm Life stuff writing my fantasy book – Wed – 1h after work – I treat it more as a time of uncensored creativity than a try of becoming a writer. I did it a while ago, then my life got too busy and few weeks back I re-started that habit.
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