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Found 4 results

  1. It's a recipe that just happened yesterday evening and was nice and refreshing during this heat we experienced in Germany these days. And it's fairly simple, so here we go: What you need: 1 beef steak, preferably roastbeef*, about 200-300g (0.4-0.7 lbs) and about 1.5cm (0.6 inches) thick 1 Florence fennel bulb (picture added just to make sure I use the right term) 1 big spring onion 1 lime about 10-15g (0.5 oz) of fresh ginger Curry powder ~1/3 of a cauliflower head 2 soft goat cheese "coins" 3 very thin slices of white radish chili powder grease for pan-frying the meat (lard, ghee, coconut oil), olive oil for stewing the fennel butter salt, pepper to your taste Preparation: Throw the radish slices into the microwave for about a minute. Then build a little cheese-radish tower, starting with radish. Sprinkle some chili powder onto the cheese. Store it in the fridge so it is out of the way. Wash and clean the vegetables. Joint the cauliflower into florets and score the stems in the shape of a cross, if they are thick. Now, if you have a pot with a steamer basket, put the fellows in there with the stems pointing down, turn on the stove and let them sweat. Meanwhile, chop up the fennel to thin stripes. Therefore, remove the stem at the bottom and just slice it, it fells apart into stripes.Peel and hash the ginger. Preheat some olive oil in a large pan and carefully fry the onions with the Curry, then add the fennel and the ginger. Lid onto it, let it steam at middle-high temperatur (will be done in about 20-30 minutes). , oh, and don't forget looking after your cauliflower friends from time to time. Meaning, poke them with a knife to see how cooked they are. It will take about 20-30 minutes until the cauliflower is done. Preheat grease in a pan, as hot as possible without burning. Wash the meat under flowing, cold water and carefully dry it with kitchen paper. Put it into the hot pan and cook it to your taste. I did 3 minutes each side, and it came out rare to medium rare, that's how I dig my beef. Finally add the lime chops and squeeze the leftovers into the fennel, stir a last time, maybe season it with some drops of honey and then all can be served. Don't forget the cheese tower in the fridge, it tastes amazing to the meat. If you like, put some pieces of butter along with salt, pepper and some leftover lime-juice onto the meat. Enjoy! For a full paleo version, substitute the cheese with thick avocado slices and just use dairy-free grease like lard and coconut oil. You can spice up the cheese-tower with crispy-fried thin bacon slices. Because bacon. Note: Fennel as a mild anise-like taste. Gorgeous, and I don't even dig anise as a spice very much.Just give it a chance, it is an amazing vegetable that goes along with a huge variety of dishes! And this was the result: *Of course, you can use any meat that can be pan-fried. Fillet(although I consider it much less aromatic than roastbeef and thus being ridiculously expensive given that fact), point steak ... lamb, pork, game, poultry, fish ... feel free to twitch it to your likings!
  2. Bison Steak! This was my first time trying bison steak. I must say, I prefer beef (but I do like bison burgers). I use Keg Steak Seasoning but salt & garlic would also be good. The sauce is not Paleo, unfortunately... It's 1 part olive oil, 1 part ketchup, and 1 part soya sauce. Mix and marinate! I always cook my steaks on cast iron. I heat it up first then put my marinated steak on when it's sizzling. For a thin one like this, 4 mins per side (5 for a thicker steak). That gets you medium/ medium-rare. I ate this bad boy with a gigantic salad (lettuce, 3 kinds of bell peppers, carrots, celery) My giant salads: Couldn't actually eat this. My neighbour and my cats helped... Add shrimp, white cheddar & strawberries to your salad! Drizzle with balsamic. Mmmmmm This is when I was complaining that I "didn't have any food in the house".... Came up with this:
  3. Check it out: http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/runners-world-summer-run-streak-2013 A few times a year Runners World magazine has a Run Streak, there is one in the summer, and one around the winter holidays too. Its a good way to train through the low times in your run calendar, and motivate yourself to get out there everyday. I was wondering if any Nerd Fitness Rebels would want to join me? Basically the program is this: - Run at least 1 mile every day from May 27-July 4 (39days) - You can run more miles as you like/can tolerate, just be sure to stretch, recover, and not get injured. - See how many days you can run in a row. That's it! Come join me!
  4. stevembk

    Steak help?

    For some reason, i can never get around to buying and preparing steak. Its not just cooking it, I can get recipes online. I am just completely clueless when it comes to choosing what type of cut and how much. I don't know how thick/size it should be, what price's are good or what quantity to get to eat that night and or save for multiple meals. Budget is also a big part of my problem. I have been on paleo for about a month but am unable to afford high quality grass fed beef. I usually look for ground beef or turkey that is less than $4 per pound. Could any of you offer me some advice, guides or tips on what I should be looking for, recipes and how you prepare steak?
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