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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Nerds, It occurred to me as I looked over the latest weird email we received from Steve (sort of, really Staci, but the video was Steve... oh whatever, you got it), that I want a place to go to discuss these, that is open to the NF community at large. I am starting this thread to do just that. More to come soon, I just wanted a place to link to. We'll see if it works. Facebook has its claws in us deep. But what better way to communicate in a rebellion, than a cryptic underground message board that is far from the peeping eyes of Mark Zuckerberg?
  2. Hi nerd fitness buddies! I am not fever, not flyer, but I an Steve, the creeper-killing cuboid! I will fight alongside the iron, lapis, glass, gold,iron, snow, and ice golems of minecraft against Herobrine and the monsters including wither boss and the enderdragon! I will include running, circuits, pull ups, yoga, and Pilates that I do for fun. Points: Running (every week) 4 Stamina Circuits (every week) 3 Dexterity, 1 constitution Pullups (every week) 3 Strength Yoga and Pilates (every 2 weeks) 1 Strength Assassin mini games (every mini game) 3 charisma
  3. Hey everyone at Nerd Fitness, I just want to take some time of my day to say a deep and sincere thank you. Thank you for everyone that has ever pushed me, helped me stayed motivated, helped me in any which way, I appreciate every little bit of effort that you guys have given me. Without NF or it's members I would've never been able to achieve what I have so far, since joining NF. I used to go with the flow, accept things that were "good enough/close enough", but now, I go get what I want, because no one will get those things for me. NF (and its members) are the reason for this, made me realize so much about myself. I'd go out and find every single one of you that helped me (you know who you are, the list is rather long) and give you a nice firm handshake/hug, but since you're all scattered around the globe, that wouldn't be possible. That is all my dear friends at NF. Thank you and I hope you all have a great holiday season, I won't be able to get on starting this Friday night. I will arrive back the 4th or 5th of January. This is me (picture below), at the beginning of NF and where it got me so far. There is so much knowledge that people have here to be shared and I'm so grateful for that. On a side note, I just want to remind you that during the Holidays don't be so strict on your diet, enjoy yourself, if your diet is preventing you from having fun, well let go of the "diet" and have fun. This time only happens once a year. Just make sure to stay in moderation. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Stéphane, the Frenchy.
  4. Does anyone have the link to the recipe for Steve's Big Ass Paleo Shake? The link from the Strength Training Guide doesn't work. Thanks!
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