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Found 3 results

  1. I know that you can't lose belly fat by doing ab workouts. I also know that if you work out a muscle it will help shed fat around it. How come these two facts can't coexist, or I've been told
  2. I'm a student invested in school and i'm also a bartender AND belly-dancer! I want to lose a bodyfat and toned my stomach, back and legs. Yoga & Meditation daily - 25 minutes every other day at least, as well as studying meditation before bed 1 point every time for 38 days= 16-17 A+, 12-15 B, 10-12 C, <10 F​​​ Squats- I want to do this DAILY- even though I don't go to the gym every day. 1 point every time a set is accomplished= 38, A+, 30-38 B, 25-30 C, 20-25 D, 20< F Running- I might change this one up, as I find running on the treadmill hard on my ankles. The only other cardio activity besides boxing once a week is Zumba and it never really works me out enough- advice would be appreciated on how to get my heart pumping! 1 point every mile = 5 miles a week= 27 miles total. 26-27 A+, 23-25 B, 19-23 C, 16-19 D, <16 F Confidence- every day I want to look in the mirror and tell myself one thing I like about myself today, physical or not, and write it down 2 points for 28 days total= 70-76 A, 65-70 B, 55-65 C, 50-55 D, <50 F Sugar Intake- I EAT TOOOOO Much sugar. I'm going to try and record my eating habit and get my sugar to 25 grams a day. 1 point every day for 25 grams or lower. This scale will be more lenient as sometimes I literally dont have time to record everything I eat. 20-38 A, 15-20 B, 13-15 C, 10-13 D, <10 F Okay, I might add more later...this is going to be a hard challenge because I'll try and make excuses like ~ I dont have time ~ I need support and I love to give support. Pictures will be added later- peace!
  3. Okay, I'm not a total noob to weight loss or exercise. HOWEVER, I simply cannot figure out how to get rid of this stupid glob of crap that is hanging around my navel. There is a physical substance that is impeding my stretching when I sit on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me and I stretch to touch my toes. Full disclosure: I am 46 years old, 208lbs and recently went on a fast that took my weight from 213 to 193. While on the fast I lost four inches on my waist. I've come back to almost the original weight when I started the fast (47 days of nothing but rice and beans) but it is about 75% muscle weight so my waist is still around a two inch loss. The PROBLEM: I still have this crap around my belly which did NOT go away during the fast and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it. I am open to all suggestions both the obscure and the absurd. Thanks.
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