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Found 5 results

  1. STARPUCK JOINS UA ACADEMY This anime is full of wisdom and motivation in all the right areas for me. It's also been a while since I plotted out a challenge where the goals are meshed into a theme, and I am feeling like this could give me an extra boost in getting back into the routine of it. A recurring theme for me (came up in the anime's I've watched, and now our church sermons too) is Endure. If I were to take a moment to be completely honest with myself -in an eye opening, epiphany kind of way- I've been kind of a quitter lately. And by lately, I mean the last coupl
  2. I've decided to weigh in on this challenge but I haven't got my shit together with goals and shtufffff, next post. However, this challenge will include the continuation of my Stronglifts routine. I had thought about including bodyweight exercises but I think that I'll continue with Stronglifts until I hit my max and then I'll consider changing. I just need to put together my other goals. At this rate, my max should be hit by Christmas.
  3. Gimeniux's: Take Six - A new Start Hey, remember me? I'm that girl who was getting back on track, who said she was going to make it, the one who was so close to her goal, who lost almost 13% of fat, almost 20 pounds of pure fat after a two year journey. Yes, that's me, but i'm also that girl who failed not once, not twice, but so many times i don't want to count anymore. And today i'm almost back to where i started, i haven't weight so much ever, 155lb (70kg), that's just 1lb away from being overweight. Although i have 26% of body fat, so i'm more muscle than fat, still, i'm totally
  4. Hi All, My first Recruit 6 week challenge pulled up just short of completing when I injured myself in the final week - a small hernia, which was pretty painful I can tell you! Anyway, I've worked back from there to actually complete my original goals this week! 100kg Deadlift, Squat 80kg, 60kg bench press, 40kg OH press. I'm far more comfortable with those weights and far stronger than I was in Jan/Feb. I'm really, really happy about that. You have no idea. I'm 40 years old, and very very overweight. My plan two years ago was to get under 100kg (220 lbs) and to do that I needed to drop 40k
  5. Have been watching far too many glorified Ancient Civilisation movies and TV programs with the Lads. 300, 300x2, Spartacus, Troy, and reading far too many David Gemmell books, but it got me to thinking about how survival of the fittest was so important to many civilisations in the beginning. The last Challenge ended with a whimper, which was rather a personal disappointment to the nth degree, but hey, I didn't die with a sword in my chest or an arrow in my aortic artery. So I have come back to redo the pitiful excuse that was my last effort. Main goals: Stronglifts 3 times a week which is a g
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