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  1. I think I used the Princess Bride for theme in ages past. Who cares? It's a brand new challenge, and I'm coming off a win for a change. Stayed with it for the whole challenge, didn't fizzle out at the end and officially leveled up and earned money for my Motiva-ca-tion Fund (it's a savings account now, not just a jar ). I've been in the Assassin's Guild for ages before the Adventurers became official (SOOO looking forward to the Assassin's Creed movie coming up), so I have an affinity for men in black. If I ever hope to follow in the footsteps of my favorite man in black - The Dread Pirate Roberts aka Westley - I need to continue my training in the proper direction. Goal 1- Scale the Cliffs of Insanity! I have bought and paid for at least five trips to Adventure Rock, and they've opened a second gym that is shiny new and awesome, and much closer to me than the other location. I've had some back issues this summer, but I've been pretty solid for at least the past 6 weeks, so I think I'm ready to start climbing again. I'm nowhere near 'Insanity' level, but i gotta start somewhere, right? - Go climbing four times - BOUNTY = $10 Goal 2 - Defeat the R.O.U.S.'s I know of no Rodents of Unusual Size in my neighborhood, though of course they DO exist. That's why my R.O.U.S.s are Regions of Unusual Shambles. I'm really quite a messy person with a lot of crap that I need to get rid of. This seems like more of a 'life goal' than a diet and fitness goal, but it's really not. Housecleaning burns calories same as any other fitness activity, and it comes with the added bonus of making my home a better place to work on all my other goals. It's hard to do a work-out in the living room when you can barely walk through it. Hard to cook a healthy meal when you can't find the counter, or clean dishes for that matter. Yes, I suck. I go in cycles on the cleanliness of my apartment and right now I'm on the bottom end of the cycle, my nadir. I can't promise that at the end of the month everything will look House Beautiful, but I intend to make the improvements noticeable. I'll post before and after picture of each R.O.U.S. that I'm tackling. Since this goal needs some extra motivation for me to do, I'm upping the bounty, but I also increased the number from four to five so I get extra improvement for my dollar. - Take down five R.O.U.S.s = BOUNTY = $20 Goal 3 - Survive the Pit of Despair I joined a new gym. I went to it quite often for my last challenge but not at all during my week off. The machines at the gym aren't as bad as the machines in the Pit of Despair, but sometimes I feel a bit like Wesley being tortured. Regardless, that's no excuse not to go. The more often I go, the stronger I'll get, torture or not. - Workout at the gym 10 times - Bounty = $10 Goal 4 - Follow advise from Miracle Max and Valerie Miracle Max and his lovely wife Valerie are way older than most people living in Florin. Why? I think it's because they eat right and they enjoy food. Max appreciates a good MLT, when the mutton is nice and lean, and the tomatoes are ripe. And Valerie wisely knows that a little chocolate helps things go down better. Last challenge I was trying to track my food, which is an important strategy on Weight Watchers. But I really really really hate tracking my food. That's why I'm excited to try a different technique that Weight Watchers offers. It's called Simply Filling and it's basic foods are listed here if you're interested. So I'm looking to follow the plan, with a couple of allowances in the chocolate/sweets variety to help it go down better. I have sugar-free pudding to go with the sugar-fee gelatin, fat free Cool whip, and some fat free cream cheese to help expand my dessert options. I hope to make a few low point goodies to keep me on track. And the plan does allow for 7 points worth of food that doesn't fit the plan per day which can be banked over the course of a week for special occasions (49 points per week), so I'm going to work that to allow for treats here and there. Follow the Simply Filling technique at least 16 days - BOUNTY = $10 BONUS Have Fun Storming the Castle! Just like last time around with the Treat Yo Self bonus quests, I've chosen some other activities that can earn me extra bounties along the way, EXPLORE! - $1 for every new place I visit and explore SLEEP! - $1 for 5 nights of at least 7 hours of sleep FLOSS! = $1 for 5 nights of adding flossing to my bedtime routine DRINK! = $1 for 5 days of drinking at least 64 oz of water COOK! = $1 for each new recipe I try CHECK-IN = $1 for 5 times checking in on my progress MINGLE = $1 for 3 times liking or commenting other people's challenge threads. PLANK = $1 for 5 minutes of planking.
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