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Found 3 results

  1. We're back! Or maybe we never left, and just took a much needed nap in that corner over there. The Bard's Guild welcomes anyone and everyone with a desire to write. You do not need to have a writing goal! This is a place to learn, share ideas and experiences, complain, critique, laugh, and have fun. There will be resources, prompts, and more. Feel free to post your own! Please introduce yourself! What do you like to write? How do you like to write? What's your favorite story (in any medium)? Additionally, if you have any resources, share and I'll add them to the list. (If you'd like to be a card carrying member of the guild, let me know and I'll add you to the list in the second post. And please tag anyone you think might be interested!) @Wobbegong, @Akira Kurusu, @IAmInfinite, @Plazmotic, @SeekingCassandra, @J3NN, @Dagger, @PollyannaAgain
  2. Hi all I'm Noor, the Halfling Assassin and wielder of arcane forces. If you have followed me for a while you may have read about my various exploits working to remove a curse where I spent time as a stone giant, along with my friend Sovellis. I have a tendency to add fiction into my challenges because it makes it more fun, but life has been so busy lately that I decided to take a break and to reground with some Druids I know. Now, I'm back and I am working to get healthy so I can return to sports I love like climbing and dancing. ACTing Assassin Quest: Main quest: reduce my body size by 4% a loss of 15.12 lbs Goal 1: Log all food using myfitnesspal, remaining under total calorie goal Goal 2: Eat primal consistently, whole 30 style (basically this is a whole 30 with dairy added in) Goal 3: In addition to my daily yoga for my back pain, I will work out on the elliptical machine daily, adding more time each week. I am going really really slow on this because I am so sedentary and my back is so painful if I am not careful, I want to give my muscles enough time to adjust and catch up. This is the planned schedule, which I can slow down by repeating a week if things go awry. 05 minutes - week 1 10 minutes - week 2 15 minutes - week 3 20 minutes - week 4 Lifestyle Goal: Complete the first 4 weeks of ACT bootcamp from The Weight Escape. ACT is the school of therapy that I use in my work as a psychologist. It is really more of a lifestyle and worldview than a series of techniques and I find that the more I focus on my values and on living in the now ( the two main tenets of ACT) the more I ma able to find joy and meaning in my life. The boot camp allows me to mindfully check in with my values and this particular series of exercises are tailored towards those of us who struggle with weight management, so it is ideal for me right now. I am not bothering with grading this time around, since NF is in the middle of implementing the new leveling system and I am not sure what that will look like yet. Expect intermittent fiction and hopefully daily status updates though! --'--,--@
  3. Noor awoke to find herself deep within the earth. She heard the songs of roots and worms, felt the sifting layers of silt and sand under thick pine needles slowly compressing into new top soil. She was at one with the deep crystalline coldness of the rock that lay safe, shrouded in dark earth, the heart of the mountain. Underneath it all there was a feeling of slow movement, the lazy roll of heat and magma and pressure Below. What a funny dream, she thought, and upon thinking, woke. The mountain air was fragrant with pine and felt soothing, almost warm, on her skin. The feystone of the castle’s walls lay crumbled around and on top of her, pinning her within the wreckage of a fallen tower. She shifted her limbs, and to her surprise, lifted the rock as though it were made of cloth. Her armor looked funny, dusted with the same weird purple lines as the grey wreckage around her. She looked down over herself, assessing for damage and froze in shock. Instead of the blackened leather and tightly wrapped sandals she was used to, her body was skinned in the same stone that composed the tower. She stood, brushing at this new skin, stumbling backwards, sending trees tumbling as she crashed into them. She spun, eyes darting about and realized she was looking out over treetops. “I’m… I’m a giant?†Her whispered words were gravelly and foreign sounding in her ears, adding to her fear. How could this be? She entered the fight as her normal self, a Stoutfoot Halfling, small and quick, deadly with spell or blade. If only she could remember… Noor shook her head and began to turn slowly, looking down for signs of battle. Maybe there were clues to this new curse in the crumbling wreckage of this tower. She took a deep breath and began to walk a spiral. She would figure this out. She would find her way back to her proper form. --,--'--@ Starting Statistics: I am 33 years old, a full time graduate student, part time therapist, and part time psychological test administrator. I am 5'10'' 370.2 lbs and my current lifestyle is very sedentary due to all my jobs and school responsibilities. I am very interested in both the Assassin and Druid paths and I plan to dual class over the long term, focusing on one class for each 6 week challenge. Main Quest: I want to lose 200 lbs so that I can resume hobbies like rock climbing and horseback riding. I do not have a finish date for this, because slow steady weight loss is better, but I think 3 years should do it. I would love to be at my goal weight before my 35th birthday. Goal 1:(STA) I will walk 10 minutes a day 7 days a week. (at week 3 re-evaluate, possibly raise to 15) A= >37days B= >33 days C= >29 D= >25 F= <21DaysGoal 2:(CON) I will log my food daily and remain under my calorie goals A= >37days B= >33 days C= >29 D= >25 F= <21DaysGoal 3:(STR) I will complete the Beginner Bodyweight Workout training circuit three times a week.Each completed circuit will constitute 2 points (3 circuits per workout), leaving a possible 108 points in 6 weeks. A=90 – 100 pts B=80 – 89 pts C= 70 – 79 pts D=60 – 69 pts F= 59 pts or less.Life Goal:(WIS) Timeliness. I am late to things all the time. I am late to work, late to supervision, late getting to class. If I’m on time, I have usually had to cheat, like driving to class when I should be taking the train, in order to make up for my lateness. I am late getting to bed and late getting up in the morning. A= 90% or more B= 80-89% C= 70-79% D= 60 - 69% F= 59% or less Motivation: I want to be healthy again. I want to be able to complete tasks without panting. I want to feel comfortable in my body. I want to feel strong and sexy. Campus Tours: weekly mini challenges (one) (two) (three) (four) (five) (six) (week 1) (week 2) (week 3) (week 4) (week 5) (week 6)
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