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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome to the National Novel Writing Month (or simply, NaNoWriMo) accountabilibuddy group! A little background for the uninitiated. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words during the month of November. It's a fun, challenging, one of a kind experience. It is also a tool for learning to ignore the editor on your shoulder. You know, the one that tells you to go back and rewrite the same sentence a dozen times. It might help to think of what comes out of this month as a pre-first draft, or zero draft. Yes, it will be a mess. But every novel, short story, play, scri
  2. January… uh… somethingth. So, the zombie apocalypse was happening. Actually, legitimately happening. National news kept going on like the world wasn’t ending but the locals were getting nothing but radio silence. Power was out, resources were scarce, and I just put on my big damned hero pants to save a teenager stuck in a tree. Oh, and did I forget to mention I got bit within the first week or this and my days are numbered and it’s only… uh… six days? Until I turn into some undead monster? Yeah. That sounds about right. “You caved his head in!
  3. 3/30/2016 "Not good," I told my impromptu sidekick. Jessica and I had been together since I plucked her out of a tree a couple months ago. Spring has come and winter walked away without dropping anything particularly fantastic on the ground. Oklahoma had become something of a crapshow to say the least, but it wasn't like this back in January. No, that's an entirely different story, but I guess we've got some time before the door breaks down. "How many of them do you think there are?" the teenager asked with a shaky voice. There is a hard pounding at the do
  4. And so I find myself wandering The Perilous Lands. What are the Perilous Lands, you ask? Lands. Lands that are Perilous. Long stretch of bleak wasteland that can change from one heartbeat to the next. One second you're wandering a desert and the next you're drowning in mud, then the wyverns show up, and the man-eating pheasant, and all in all it isn't the happiest place to be. So what's a young Ranger to do, eh? There are two options: 1. Keep going even though the waterskin is empty, the swords are all dull, we're out of arrows, the wyverns are circling, and the pheasants...we won'
  5. Starting a new log because I feel like my goals have shifted a little bit from when I first created my old one. Starting to feel like the challenges aren't a good format for me anymore, especially now that they're only 4 weeks, instead of 6. On the other hand, I still want to continue writing the story of Jym, the dark elf, whose experiences hold a distorted mirror to my own. I plan to do that here. I'll collect the past story somewhere accessible soon, and flesh this post out with more about my current goals. Starting Measurements: (2/9/2015) Weight (lbs): 220 Estim
  6. This challenge is pretty much just a continuation of my last one; the main difference this time is that I am going to create a checklist to keep up with things, like I used to do. Sleep Rules: melatonin at 11pm; sit in dim light until sleepy (no screens!)bright lights at 9 am. No laying around in bed. Hydration! Keep up the 150 oz/day Exercise: 2x/week of SOMETHING no matter what. Week 2 will be something of a reboot.... Do at least 1 thing on the TO DO list daily. It's really not that long anymore. Just gotta keep pounding. I'm going to continue my rotating schedule of introspective
  7. Jett

    Jym Looks Within

    So, after losing pretty much all progress over the holidays, I spent last challenge slowly trying to get myself back on track. Some things are in maintenance mode: I'm not currently tracking calories, but I have enough of a general sense of how much I'm eating that I seem to be sticking close to 2000 calories a day, most days, which is about right. I'm not weighing myself right now, because I don't want to stress out about it. On the other hand, there are some things that need immediate attention: my wildly fluctuating sleep schedule, staying hydrated, and trying to start working out again.
  8. Well, I'm a week late, but I'm here! I think that, since I'm only going to have 3 weeks in this challenge, I should probably try to focus on one habit per week. The first thing I need to do is fix my sleep schedule. Healthy sleep is always a struggle for me, but it's been particularly bad lately. I recently found out about delayed sleep phase syndrome, which I am preeettyyy sure is the cause of my recurring insomnia. Upon learning about it, and learning about how certain bad habits of mine were making it worse, I promptly... starting doing those habits even more. ._. Not on purpose, but it'
  9. Journal Entry: 1/04/2016 The outbreak was quick. People got sick before they really even knew what happened. Military bases were hit first, all that the governments could figure was that the zombie apocalypse was brought on by biological warfare. It was all very hush-hush; if you weren't in the brass then there was no way that you could know what would happen. Civilians who lived outside of the base were the ones who felt the worst of it. It only took a week before something bit me. --- Hello, lovelies! I'm back from a long, long hiatus and I'm ready to get back into the swing of th
  10. Hello, fellow writers! This accountability group is intended to be for those who include a storytelling portion in their challenges. I won't tell people who like to write that they can't be a member unless they do include a regular storytelling portion, but I would say: Hey, if you like to write, why not?! It's a lot of fun, and a good way to put a creative spin on your challenges. Member Roster - (Current Challenge) JMitch - (Jym Learns Magic) Sovellis - (High and Dry) Noor - (Questing is What Halflings Do) Scrawlcreatelive - (The ABCs of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) Petef
  11. I know a number of Rebels are doing NaNoWriMo this year (myself included)! How's that going to go while trying to maintain a fitness and life balance? I guess we'll find out! Here is a good place for finding each other on nanowrimo.org, commiserating, encouraging, sharing tips for writing and life balance, and asking and answering questions about the writing process. Even if you're not doing NaNo, if you want to ask participants about how it works, this is a good place to do that! Watch out, though, you might get roped in. (Join usssss. You know you want to!) This thread is intended to
  12. *does the secret knock* Hello, everyone! It's me, Jenn. I'm back in the Assassins this time to shift my focus back toward bodyweight training, which I have been neglecting for a few months. I wanna get lean and buff! Can't really do that without some exercise. I've been unemployed for two weeks now, and I have one week to go before my new job starts. My sleep schedule's gone all to hell in the mean time, so I need to get that back under control before my job starts on the 21st. Controlling my schedule will be the goal of Week 1, and Week 2 will be fairly easygoing because of the stress of ad
  13. To break the curse, to shed the stone For actions taken you must atone Free yourself from habits staid Run, walk, jump, dance, Fight with sharpened blade. A body reflects how we dine Whether mutton or breads, Sweet grasses, water, mead Or glowing elven wine. If a Halfling’s body you do seek Then with Halfling’s pride you must eat. "Hafling's pride Halfling's Pride... Do you think it refers to a specific food? my favorite food? A food that Dorashire trades in?" Noor paced the length of her cabin thinking. She knew that she had a fingerhold on some of the strings. Since vanquishing th
  14. **RESPAWN** Several Days had passed but Veski had lost sight of anything resembling a trail and her earlier decision to try and avoid Boss Ur'trag warriors on the road down to Fekror had been revealed as poorly conceived. "I'm so lost." she grunted, sitting underneath a slight rocky overhang and staring at the valley below. It wasn't Fekror, and it wasn't Soar Crag, by the pits it wasn't anywhere she had seen before and she couldn't care less. "It looks reasonably flatter so, that's a destination." she gathered up with few supplies and weapons she had scavenged and looking over it
  15. Personality & Background Primary Motivator: Achievement, to overcome obstacles and succeed Emotional Disposition: Calm Moodiness: Even-Tempered Core Traits Outlook: Trusting Integrity: Pragmatic Impulsiveness: Focused Boldness: Daring Flexibility: Adaptable Affinity: Empathetic Comportment: Charming Interactivity: Listener Disclosure: Reserved Conformity: Free Thinking Secondary Traits Sense of Humor: Cynical Favorite Topics: Humor, Adventure, People Quirks, Habits, & Oddities: Daydreaming, Lip biting, Tree Climbing Hobbies & Enjoyments: Storytelling, Swimming
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